99 Photos of Tokyo Disney Resort’s Snowpocalypse 2014

99 Photos of Tokyo Disney Resort’s Snowpocalypse 2014

This was either a brilliant marketing scheme to promote Disney’s Frozen or Tokyo got the most snow it has seen in 45 years on February 8th. My bet is it was all mother natures doing. And if you’re a Disney fan, where do you go on such a snowy day? You head to Tokyo Disneyland of course.

Typically, the only snow you’ll see at Disney Parks in the United States is the fake cinnamon snow they spray out during Christmas and New Year’s, so to see the real deal blanketing Cinderella’s Castle and the rest of the parks was an opportunity that could not be missed.

Saturdays are usually incredibly busy, and we highly recommend you avoid them normally. Since the snow was so heavy, it made the crowds light. All outdoor shows and attractions were cancelled or shutdown. Heck, there were even Monster’s Inc FastPasses still available in the afternoon!

Tokyo Disneyland Park Snowpocalypse

While the snow made for some great photos, the one thing photos do not capture is how cold it was. The wind was strong, and the snow was sticky. Wearing a raincoat in the middle of winter is something you do not get to do often, along with using an umbrella. My umbrella met it’s untimely demise as I tried to snap that perfect photo of Cinderella’s Castle. Here are some of our favourite photos from Disneyland Park during the Snowpocalypse in Tokyo.


Here is a video to give you an idea of how heavily it was snowing.

Tokyo DisneySea Snowpocalypse

This park is a lot more windy than Disneyland Park, which made it very uncomfortable.

It wasn’t long after I showed up in the park that announcements started to play over the loudspeakers that train service was going to stop soon, so I made a quick walk around the park snapping as many photos of a snowy DisneySea as I could.


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