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Tokyo Disneyland


Tokyo Disneyland Day 2 (June 16th, 2010) – Final Day in TDL

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I’m not going to go into great detail about some of the attractions since they are explained in my previous Trip Report to Disneyland. If you need to catch up please read it here.

June 16th is our last and final day in Tokyo Disneyland. After our first day in Disneyland and it was raining all day we just had to come back on a day when it wasn’t raining. We got lucky and it was sunny all day long!

Found another Easter Egg!

Since it was nice and sunny we took photos of everything we did from the day before. Was a lovely day it was! First stop was Tomorrowland and grabbed fast passes for Space Mountain and went and stood in the Stand-by line for Buzz Lightyear. We checked out Monster’s Inc. Hide and Go Seek but the fast passes were already well into the late afternoon and the line was over 2 hours wait. You really need to be up early to get on that ride quickly. Buzz Lightyear is pretty much identical to Walt Disney World except the guns are not stationary and the targets look slightly different. Also the monsters were all different too. The concept was the same though. While in line we met a lovely British couple there for their Honeymoon. We shared a couple of tips with them and explained the Fast Pass system since they didn’t know how it worked. They were quite lovely. After Buzz we went to Space Mountain and it was still extremely enjoyable and fun!

Buzz Lightyear!

For lunch we ate in Tomorrowland again and I got the Chicken Sandwich on a Chinese Bun, along with the delicious Chocolate Cake!

We checked out It’s A Small World and when we were walking in that direction we found another Easter Egg. Once we were done with that we went and got a front row seat for the Queen of Hearts Easter Bonnet Parade! It was right in front of the castle and we snagged excellent seats. I got a full video of the entire parade. They get guests to participate in the parade. To do so you have to register somewhere in the park ahead of time. If I would have known a head of time I would have registered!

Here it comes!

The Queen! The Queen!

Too cute!

Park Guests get to participate in the Party!

Once we were done we headed to Fantasyland and found some characters enjoying Tea Time and wishing everyone a Merry Unhappy birthday!

Happy Unbirthday to you!

Then we decided to head to Winnie the Pooh’s Honey Hunt since the wait time was only 45mins and the fast passes were into the late evening. It’s still trippy and still super fun! With waiting in line we missed the Jubiliation! Parade but we caught the tail end of it. Thankfully we saw it the other day we were in Disneyland. Of course it was the rainy version but from what I saw they didn’t change too much. I did make sure I got to wave to Chip and Dale (my favorite Disney characters).

Pooh's Honey Trip!

I'd draw on someone's behind too if they were stuck in a window.

Critter Country was next on our hit list and we picked up a Fast Pass for Splash Mountain and headed to Big Thunder Mountain for the 20min wait. We ran into the British couple again and they were enjoying a nice Mickey Bar! Which I got to eat later in the day! I forgot to take a picture of it, it’s a little different than Walt Disney World. The cookie part was brown and oh so delicious.

Once we finished Big Thunder Mountain our Fast Pass was up for Splash Mountain. While you don’t get as wet it was still super fun. We took a photo of us after the drop and we got a little surprise in the background.


We then took a photo of our photo during the drop!

We're camera shy....

By the time we dried off it was time to find a spot for the Easter Celebration Parade! We stood in about the same spot as we did a few days ago. This time we got the full parade, instead of the rainy version. I loved the music so much that I had to go and buy the CD. I got a full video of the parade!

Louie & Dewy! Heuy is there somewhere too!

Very cute outfits!

AHHHHH &_&!!!!

There's Alice again!

Animals wearing other animal's odd but I love it!

The CD purchase was the best purchase that I made that day. It was rather expensive (roughly $30) but it was well worth every yen. For supper we decided on good old Hot Dogs and Fries in the World Bazaar. For some odd reason when we were eating we were surrounded by Japanese Business Men that were wearing Mickey Ears and everything. I can’t explain how weird that was. Really wish I got a photo of it.

The sun was starting to set and we wanted to ride the Mark Twain Riverboat Ride. We went to the top of the boat and I waved to everyone I could that was on the shore. It’s amazing how many people will just wave back. I took a video of the whole thing!

View from atop the Steamboat!

By the time we were done the boat ride we went to get a spot for the Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade Dreamlights. That’s quite the mouthful. We got a spot in Frontierland and only waited about 40mins and by that time it was completely dark and it was only around 7:30pm. It takes some getting used to with the early evenings in Japan. Again, I got full video of the parade for everyone to enjoy! It’s the one show I really wanted to see and I’m extremely happy that I got to see it! Enjoy!


Choo choo!

Such a beautiful sign.

Alice once again and this time she brought a friend!

The smoke looked neat in this photo.

Winnie the Pooh and Eeyore!

Belle and Beast!

The parade ended at around 8pm and we only had an hour left before the park closed. We quickly went from ride to ride that we wanted to go on one last time. Thankfully there were no wait times for anything. We rode Winnie the Pooh, Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain (twice!), Pirates of the Caribbean, and Splash Mountain (Twice). Big Thunder Mountain is 100 times better in the evening. It’s so dark in that part of the park that you have a hard time seeing the track and when you go through the mountain it’s pitch black. I highly recommend it!

Splash Mountain was the last attraction we did twice that evening. The first time we ended up on the ride with an American family, what were the chances? It was hilarious that we ALL did funny poses on the drop. Then we ran up to the ride once more and made sure we got on the ride ourselves. We then did another pose. The last hour in the park was so much fun since we were running from attraction to attraction trying to cram in as much as we can. I’ll never forget how fun that was! By the time we were done with the attractions is was 9:15pm.

We did NOT tell the family behind us to all pose. Hilarious!

One more for good measure. We were the last people to ride it for the night.

We wanted to grab some photos of the castle before we left, it was a nice clear night! We waited around a bit longer and took our time to leave the park. We wanted to wait for the crowds to thin out at the train station so we were crammed into the train. A couple of the stores were still open so we walked through there and bought some last minute gifts.

The castle in the night sky of Tokyo, Japan!

One last one!

Tokyo Disneyland was a great experience and I say it’s a must do for any Disney fan! You’d be crazy not to. I would recommend staying off resort in hostels or cheaper hotels if you are on a budget, and you will also get a feel to how the Japanese live. Make sure you take in Tokyo and area along with Disneyland. Tokyo is a unique city and you will not experience anything like it. Same goes for Tokyo Disneyland. if you want a unique and different vacation or adventure then I highly recommend Tokyo along with Disneyland!

Hope you all enjoyed my trip reports! Sadly I won’t have any more until probably next year when I am planning to head back to Walt Disney World with the family! You can look at more photos on my Facebook Album.

As the Japanese would say ”まったね!”


Tokyo DisneySea Day 2 (June 15th, 2010) – Attack of Chip

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I’m not going to go into great detail about some of the attractions since they are explained in my previous Trip Report to DisneySea. If you need to catch up please read it here.

June 15th 2010 was our 2nd day in Tokyo DisneySea, it wasn’t as busy as the Saturday but it was still pretty packed. It was a nice sunny day without a cloud in the sky! What a difference compared to Disneyland the day before.

Captain Mickey!

Main Habour in DisneySea

Seeing as it wasn’t extremely busy we took out time to walk around the park and decide on what attractions we wanted to go on. We finally decided on grabbing fast passes for Indiana Jones since it had the longest wait time we could see. We then toured around the park looking at all the various theme parks. It’s quite the site to see something so unique to Tokyo.

Loverly photo of the the American Waterfront

I\’m king of the world!

I remember the Saturday I was in DisneySea and we had to line up to get basically a Fast Pass to go into the official Duffy Store because it was so busy. I was unsure if we still had to do the same thing on a week day. Luckily we did not have to. It was still wall to wall people inside the Duffy store. I absolutely love how enthusiastic the Japanese get over almost anything. If you are living and breathing in Japan there is a really good chance you have a Duffy Bear especially if you’re in the park. You would never see that back in North America. I saw people grabbing Duffy outfits like they were no tomorrow and a Cast Member standing there restocking the shelves as fast as they were being taken. I was debating on purchasing the big stuffed Duffy Bear that was about $45 Canadian. Finally I decided on getting the small keychain sized one. Extremely adorable and possibly the best purchase I made in Tokyo Disneyland!

After that we wanted to catch the Fairies Primavera show around noon, so we strategically planned our next attraction. We waited in line for 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, which was in Mysterious Island. After that we wanted to have lunch at the restaurant where Duffy was. There weren’t very clear signs indicated (that I could see anyway) that there were two lines for the restaurant. One was for the Character Lunch with Duffy and the other line was for those that just wanted to eat. After waiting in line for about 20 mins we finally caught on and asked a lovely cast member before we left the line. As much as I love Duffy I didn’t want to wait for an hour to eat lunch with him.

We missed the starting of Fairies Primavera so we caught the end of it where we couldn’t see anything. Thankfully there was another show happening later in the day. We then headed “Under The Sea” and went to the Little Mermaid Live Show. It was a lot shorter than I thought it was going to be but regardless it was still a great show. The stage is right in the middle and everyone sits around it and there’s a lot of “floating” characters in the show.

Flowers in the American Waterfront

Flowers in the American Waterfront

We then used our fast passes and headed on over to Indiana Jones. One the way there we saw some of Tinkerbell’s friends. There was a huge crowd to get their photos taken with them. I snapped a couple of shots of them.

After that we headed all the way back to the American Waterfront to stand in line for The Tower of Terror. On the way there we took photos of the flower arrangements they had set up in the courtyard in front of The Tower of Terror. We also caught a glimpse of not so common Disney characters.

I can\’t remember who this Character is….very familiar.

Waiting in line for Tower of Terror wasn’t too bad, we waited about an hour. The story behind the ride is completely different than the one Walt Disney World. Just like the Tower of Terror in Florida I screamed by lungs out on this one. I really do not like the falling feeling at all. I think the photo of us on the ride explains it all.

Tower of Terror

Inside the Tower of Terror

I was freaked out on the Tower of Terror. Top left corner.

I looked exactly like Mickey after the drop.

To calm my nerves we went and went on an attraction in Port Discovery. It was relaxing and quite fun. Each cart does a different path so each time you go on the ride it’s a different ride each time. The wait wasn’t that long, maybe 20mins at the most. After we ran into a familiar face…

My friend Don with Max!

Port Discovery – The attraction we went on.

After that we walked to the Arabian Coast to take some photos, since there wasn’t much to do in there. Then we headed back down into Ariel’s Groto. Then it was about 40mins before the next showing of Fairies Primavera. We wanted to grab a good spot so we got a nice spot near the hotel in the Harbor.

Jasmine in the Arabian Coast

Genie in the Arabian Coast

This thing was huge!


Before the show started there were cast members setting up little props all over the the harbor. Instead of me explaining the entire show I can let this full video that I took. It was an altered version because of the wind.

During the performance I had Chip jump onto the rail and poke my chest really hard because I was wearing a passport holder with Chip on it. He then gave me a thumbs up after he did so. It’s not shown in the video since when he pokes me the camera points in an odd direction. Also Pluto jumped onto the rails to hug this girl beside me, you can catch a little bit of it in the video but he was so close that you can’t really see it.

Chip attacking me because I was wearing his passport holder.

Dale following Chip!

Daisy Duck!

Donald Duck in Fairies Primavera!

After the show we came to the decision that we wanted to extend our passports to a three day so we can head back to Disneyland the next day. We weren’t ready to be finished with Disney. Also we said when are we ever going to have another chance to come here again. One thing we did find is that Guest Services is actually called “Guest Relations”. I’m not sure if it’s the same in all Disney parks around the world but it caused some confusion when I asked a cast member where the Guest Services was in Japanese.

Once we got out passes extended for another day (which was about $25) we headed back to Ariel’s Groto to have supper. I found it rather ironic that their main dish at the quick service restaurant was fish. Before eating I said “I’m sorry Flounder!”. I’m sure not many people around me understood what I said (at least I hope).

After a delicious fishy supper we thought it would be fun to head back to the Indiana Jones Attraction again, this time we got a nice photo of our action shot on the ride.

Rode Indian Jones yet again!

Then we headed to Raging Spirits. I find it interesting that rides in Japan are toned down a little bit. It’s a neat cultural difference. There was a poor kid puking his guts out after he got off the ride. If you can handle Expedition Everest in Animal Kingdom in Walt Disney World then this coaster is a walk in the park, even if it goes upside down. It’s still a fun ride none the less. Even those that do not enjoy fast coasters will find it enjoyable.

Once we were done with the attraction it did start to rain. Luckily we had out rain coats and umbrella’s from the day before. The one downside to visiting Japan in June is the rain. But it was nice to cool down after a long hot day. We snapped a few photos at night which turned out pretty good I thought.

Then it was time for the night time show BraviSEAmo! I was happy to see the show once again since it’s going to be replaced with Fantasmic! in the near future. This time I was able to get a full video of the performance!

Once the show was finished we walked around the Park a couple more times to just to look at everything one last time before we left. It was still raining and we stayed in the park until closing time. We did some shopping which was much more enjoyable than the Saturday which was insanely busy. Picked up some nice gifts for people and got my mom a nice Minnie Doll dressed in nice colourful easter colours.

DisneySea is quite the experience, it’s nothing you will see in any other Parks in the world. It’s supposedly more popular with the young adults than Disneyland since the rides are aimed at the older crowd. One of the girls that worked at our hostel said she’s been to DisneySea about fives times and hasn’t been to Disneyland once. Which I found to be pretty interesting. Either way if you are ever in Tokyo and want a break then make sure to check out DisneySea! It’s an amazing and unique experience! Any Disney fan would be absolutely Bonkers! (see what I did there?) if you didn’t go.

If you want to see more photos from today please head over to my Facebook Album to check them all out!

Tomorrow is our final day in Tokyo Disneyland. Where we head back to Disneyland Park and actually get to see the Electrical Parade and the Easter Celebration Parade in full!

Tokyo Disneyland (June 14th, 2010)

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After a wild Saturday in DisneySea I thought that going to Disneyland on a Monday and it wouldn’t be as busy. I was right that it wasn’t *as* busy as Saturday but it was still packed! I found out later from a friend that it was a holiday for most school children in the Chiba area. Also it was raining all day so a lot of the shows were either cancelled or altered. Which I didn’t mind since we got to see the altered part of shows that are only shown when it’s raining!

Entrance just before the park!

When we first arrived in the Park we weren’t expecting to see Fast Passes already gone for attractions. When we arrived at 9:30am the FP for Monster’s Inc. Hide and go Seek were already gone! Which was rather surprising. Upon entering the park you are presented with a street that looks rather familiar to everyone….it’s much shorter than the American counter part and it’s also covered!

Easter Celebration!

The covered street was welcomed!

Such detail

Since it was raining like crazy we were glad that we had our trusty umbrellas with us, but we did notice that a lot of people were sporting the raincoats so we decided to find some before we headed off to the attractions. Ended up purchasing 500 yen raincoats, now we could have bought the really awesome ones that look like Mickey/Minnie and had the ears and everything on the hood. But for the amount we were going to be using them the 2500 yen price tag wasn’t justifiable. Once we were ready for the rain we wanted to get some photos of the castle.

The infamous castle.

We asked a lovely Cast Member (in Japanese!) to take our photo.

Now we were armed and ready for Tokyo Disneyland! First up was grabbing some fast passes, our first stop was Space Mountain. Since we had to wait another hour before we could grab another FP we decided to grab an early lunch/late breakfast in Tomorrowland. When we read the menu outside everything sounded delicious so we went on in.

Can you spot the spelling error?

Fried Chicken on a Chinese Bun

My dessert was the best cake in the world!

Has to be the cutest sandwich I've seen.

I've never had cake that tasted this good! Also the Mickey head is a strawberry waffer!

Rarely do I get this excited about food but ... I had to make an exception.


I highly recommend the chocolate cake if you haven’t already guessed. Also the Mickey Hand bun is the cutest bun I’ve ever seen. After our fantastic lunch (I’m really easy to please) we walked around through the different Theme parks planning out our next Fast Pass. We were going to grab a FP for Pooh’s Honey Hunt but the time was already passed 6pm on them, so we decided to give it a pass and just stand in line for it later.

Splash Mountain

Critter Country

The line up to get in was extremely long!

By the time we walked around the entire park once getting familiar where everything was it was time for the first parade of the day! Tokyo Disneyland’s Easter Wonderland Parade. We parked ourselves in the middle of the park and waited for the parade. Since it was raining we didn’t have to sit down on the ground. Also the parade was much shorter than normal because of the rain. It was still a fantastic parade and the music is great! So great in fact that I had to go buy the CD before I left. Luckily for everyone reading I got full video of the parade!

I got goosebumps watching the parade and I’m not sure why. It was just so much fun watching it and waving to all the characters that waved to me (I like to tell myself that they are waving to me and not the other 20 people around me ha!). You can see at the beginning of the video the Mickey/Minnie raincoats I was talking about. In retro-spec I should have just bought one.

After the fantastic parade we headed on over to Space Mountain for our first attraction of the day. It’s pretty much the same as WDW but there is only one line for everyone. The FP and Standby people eventually meet up into the same line once you get inside.

Space Mountain

On our way to Splash Mountain for our next FP we passed very familiar characters that I was not expecting to see in the park, but none the less there they were and their thousands of balloons.


Splash Mountain was just as fun as the WDW version! The ending of the ride (after the drop) was much shorter but it was made much longer after something happened and we got stuck right at the end. We must have heard Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah at least 10 times over while we were in there. We were stuck for a good 10-15 minutes. It was neat how it would switch between Japanese and English.

A sign apologizing that you may get wet.

After sitting for a long period of time I decided that it was a good idea to skip through down the street…..

During my short skipping through the park I noticed something on the ground. My goodness I found a Hidden Mickey! Not hidden very well but I was happy none the less to find one!

Now it was time for the Jubiliation! Parade. This too was altered a bit due to the rain but it was still pretty long. It’s about 17mins long and in two parts. Enjoy!

After the lovely Parade we decided to go Egg Hunting! They had easter eggs hidden all over the park of various characters. These are the ones that we found. They weren’t exactly hard to find.

It's a Small World

Once we found some eggs we thought it’d be a good idea to go Canoeing! That was a lot of fun and I got my work out for the day too! Too bad the guy in front of me couldn’t keep a rhythm very well and kept hitting my oar, or maybe it was me that was out of sync? Either way it was a lot of fun. Since we were in the area we took a small raft to Tom Sawyer’s Island! There was a tree house, pump house, a cave (which was actually pretty scary), and a barrel bridge! While we were on the island you could see the Mark Twain Riverboat passing by. I decided to wave to everyone on the boat and I got about half the boat waving back, that was too fun!

Canoeing the Canadian way...

Rules for Big Thunder Mountain

This is the PUMP HOUSE!

The tree house was much more interesting.

I can see Mickey from here!

Yes we went down into the daaaaaaaaaaaaark caaaaave

I love canoeing in the rain!

This is my I'm in the rain and wet pose.

Posing with the Mark Twain Boat

Into the Injun Cave we go!

Being in the rain all day can take a lot out of you especially if you’re constantly wet. To get out of the rain we lined up a good hour before the next showing of “One Man’s Dream”. We wanted to see it earlier but when we got there half an hour before show time they were telling us that it was already full. Usually this show requires you to enter a “lottery” where you see if you can win tickets to see it. Being the tourist we were we thought that we had to go enter this lottery. While trying to figure out why the lottery ticket dispensers were closed a lovely Cast Member comes up to us and gestures us to follow her. I spoke to her in Japanese but for some reason she didn’t want to respond to me. Guess cause they see so many foreign people going through that it’s just assumed that you can’t speak Japanese. Either way she pointed us to a sign that said we didn’t need to enter the lottery to view the show just line up. So that’s exactly what we did.

The show was outstanding! It’s similar to Fantasmic in that they throw every possible Disney Character at you in a 30min show. It was a live performance in an amphitheater. It was well worth the wait that’s for sure!

We then checked out a bunch more attractions such as Big Thunder Mountain, The Haunted Mansion, Star Tours, and Pirates. We wanted to check out Monster’s Inc. and Pooh’s Honey Hunt but they both had over 2 hour wait times. We took our chances and said we’d check them out an hour before the park closes and hopefully the crowds would have thinned out.

Had supper and then wandered the gift shops a little bit. The one we checked out was in Cinderella’s Castle. It has the very expensive crystal replicas of various Disney characters. I felt really poor after going in there….be nice to own something like that.

It was something around $50k for it.

Actually not that expensive. It'll only fit on your thumb though.

In Japan the sun goes down relatively early. At around 7pm it was completely dark. It was the perfect time to start taking photos of the Castle again!

Castle at night.

When we were taking photos of the castle a voice came on the speakers and informed us that due to weather conditions tonight’s performance of Tokyo Disneyland’s Electrical Parade Dreamlights was cancelled, BUT there was going to be a special appearance by Mickey and Friends! They sure know how to keep you happy! After getting over the disappointment of not seeing the Electrical Parade we went and watch Mickey and his friends!

Once we were finished visiting with Mickey and friends we figured the fireworks were going to be cancelled too since it was pretty windy and rainy. We stood in line for Monster’s Inc. Hide and Go Seek. The wait was about an hour, so we had a lot of time to take pictures while we were waiting.

They had posters everywhere.

Wish you could buy these

Too cute

Monster's Inc has a lot of inquiries at night.


I had to make it Japanese somehow...

The ride was extremely enjoyable. It is similar to the Buzz Lightyear and Toy Story attractions. You are in a cart and you have flash lights and you have to find all the monsters while you are going through the factory by shining the light on helms that are scattered around. Very enjoyable ride and I can see why it’s so popular (besides being relatively new). While we were waiting for the attraction they decided that they were going to have Fireworks and we missed them by about 10mins! We were kicking ourselves because we really wanted to see them and figured they were going to be cancelled. Goes to show that you should never assume. Ah well.

Next up was Winnie the Pooh’s Honey Hunt! The wait time was ….. ready for it …. 10mins! By now it was about half an hour to closing time and the park was almost empty. All I have to say about the attraction is that it’s probably the trippiest ride you will ever ride on that is related to Disney. What do they put in the honey? Or better yet what does Pooh put in his honey?

The entrance to Pooh's Honey Hunt. You go into the storybook!

Map of 100 Acre Wood

The line up inside the book!

Then for those of you that wish to see what the ride looks like on the inside, I got you covered! It’s a rather interesting ride in how it works. I’ll let you see for yourself. We rode it a total of three times!

Once we were done with Pooh it was time to leave, the park was closed for the evening and we were dead tired. So much fun crammed into one day. Yes it did rain all day but we made the best out of it and still had a blast! We still have two more days in the park. The next day we are back in DisneySea then coming back to Disneyland for round 2! Plenty of photos and videos to share.

For more photos that aren’t on here visit my public album on Facebook here and here. I now leave you with some poses that we did throughout the day and some more Easter Celebration photos.

@donmah posing with Mickey

Copying Mickey


Easter Celebration Display

Goofy as a Bunny!