Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall Review

The Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall is a quick service restaurant in Tokyo Disneyland Park. Themed after Alice in Wonderland, this restaurant is a dream come true for fans. With a recently updated menu, there are plenty of reasons to visit this restaurant during your visit to Tokyo Disneyland. Not only can you enjoy the wonderful theming but also the decent food selection. Here is our review of the Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall.


Have you ever dreamed of being immersed in the world of Alice in Wonderland? The Queen of Hearts Banquet is the closest you can get (not including the Maze in Disneyland Paris). 

Right as you walk through the glass doors you are engulfed with theming and atmosphere true to the Disney Classic.

Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall Tokyo Disneyland Entry Way

Upon entering the restaurant, after you go through the “Door Knob”, you notice the excellent theming of the restaurant.

Upon entering, you must go through the mouth of the door knob to “enter Wonderland”. Now, if you have seen Alice in Wonderland this needs no explanation as to the significance of this well thought-out detail.

Once you are “in Wonderland,” you are forced into line to order your food. This takes you into the Queen’s Castle and into her kitchen. Once you order, you are seated in various parts of Wonderland, either sitting in the Maze or the courtyard. There is no need to worry about losing your head, just your hunger.

Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall Tokyo Disneyland Buffet Line

Entering the Banquet Hall to get your delicious food!

Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall Tokyo Disneyland Menu

A large menu presents itself while you are waiting in the banquet line.


Decorations inside the hall is where this restaurant stands out. Fans of the Disney Classic will instantly fall in love with every aspect. Even if you are not a huge fan, the theming is so well done you have no choice but to admire it all.

Starting with the outside, before you even enter the restaurant, you notice the hedges being cared for by a Card Soldier by painting the roses red (as by order of the Queen of course). The entrance way is a huge heart shaped hedge that is a little obtuse, but charming.

Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall Tokyo Disneyland Decor Chesire Cat

Cheshire Cat makes an appearance. Which way do you go?

Once inside you truly are in the world of Wonderland. As mentioned earlier, you enter through the mouth of the doorknob and then ushered through to the kitchen of the Queen’s Castle. You choose between two lines, which do not make a difference, simply choose one that looks the shortest. The kitchen is full of oversized pots, pans, and ovens (or maybe they are real sizes, I really do not know anymore). 

After ordering your delicious food (more on the food later), a Cast Member takes you to your table. Depending on how busy and the size of your group you can be seated in the Maze (just outside the kitchen) or over the castle’s court. Both are equally themed and I enjoy sitting in either.

One of the best visual features of the restaurant is the stained glass along the perimeter of the castle (aka the side walls of the restaurant). I believe this adds that extra bit of detail that takes the theming from “this is pretty good” to “they really thought this out!”

Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall Tokyo Disneyland Stained Glass

Beautiful stained glass is the pinnacle of the decor.

From the outside entrance and throughout the restaurant, the theming is top notch and one of the very best at Tokyo Disneyland.


Recently the menu received a small update to their main dishes, notably the Queen of Hearts Cheese Hamburg (Salisbury steak) and a couple of the desserts. If you are celebrating your “Unbirthday” then there is a cake for you to enjoy!

Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall Tokyo Disneyland Food Display

Food displays to help you decide what you would like to eat! We recommend the heart hamburg.

I ordered the Cheese Hamburg since I wanted to try out the updated version of the dish. It includes the following:

  • Hamburg Steak (with heart shaped cheese)
  • Demi glaze and raspberry sauce
  • Mashed potatoes mixed with red and yellow pepper
  • Broccoli
  • One cherry tomato
  • Playing card cracker

Overall the dish was nothing spectacular, but that does not mean it was not good. For a fancy salisbury steak, it is delicious and the addition of the raspberry sauce gives it a nice subtle sweetness to it. My highlight was the mashed potatoes with the peppers mixed in. The playing card cracker is cute and is basically a vegetable cracker, which is delicious dipped into the raspberry sauce. I highly recommend this dish if you are looking for a “cute” themed dish.

Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall Tokyo Disneyland Heart Hamburger Unbirthday Cake

If it is your “Unbirthday! then get yourself a cake to celebrate! Also pictured is the Cheese Hamburg and Seafood Salad.

Other dishes include Rotisserie Chicken, Flank Steak, and Deep Fried Sea Food Platter. The salads are nothing special, but are still good.

As for desserts, two of them come with souvenir dishes. Choose from:

  • Peach Mouse (with souvenir cup)
  • Passion Fruits Roll Cake (with souvenir plate)

Overall the food selection is decent –  far from the best in the park, but is certainly delicious!  One of the better selections for counter service.

Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall Tokyo Disneyland Dessert Cups

Dessert selection includes souvenir cups!


Maximize your experience at this one of a kind restaurant by following our recommendations:

  • Dine at off hours to avoid long waits (11am-1pm & 5-7pm are busy hours)
  • Have the Heart Hamburg for a delicious and cute looking entree
  • If hamburg is not your thing then the Rotisserie Chicken is a good substitute
  • Have the “Unbirthday” Cake, unless it is actually your birthday
  • Get any of the desserts with souvenir cups. These are not cheap plastic, they are porcelain.


The Alice in Wonderland theming is where this restaurant shines the most. The food selection is decent and the desserts are cute, not much more you can ask for out of counter service. If you’re a fan of Alice then add the Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall to your list of “must do” at Tokyo Disneyland.

Have you had the opportunity to eat at the Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall? Let us know in the comments! Read more reviews and decide what to do when visiting Tokyo Disney Resort! Follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

All photos provided by Duy Phan Photography.

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