1-Day Itinerary for Tokyo DisneySea

Tokyo DisneySea is one of the most unusual and magnificent Disney Parks ever built.  If you only have one day to visit it, then this guide is for you.

The goal of this guide is to help you experience the highlights of the park – food, shows, attractions and photo spots.  As we’ve talked about before on the blog, crowd levels at Tokyo Disney Resort are a lot heavier than compared to the US parks, so we kept this in mind in building a schedule you can adjust the schedule if needed.  Also, make sure to read when you should visit Tokyo Disney Resort to help minimize the crowds.

If you don’t plan on having a smartphone or tablet with you in the parks, we’ve even made a printable pdf so you can take this guide with you on paper!

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Early Admission

If you are staying at the Official Disney Hotels, then you are allowed to enter the park 15 minutes earlier than everyone else.  Otherwise, you’ll need to queue outside the park gates.  We highly advise getting to the park before opening time!

Toy Story Midway Mania or Tower of Terror FastPasses

Welcome to Toy Story Midway Mania!

Welcome to Toy Story Midway Mania!

Even if the attraction itself is identical to Walt Disney World and Disneyland, the theming for Toy Story is a must see. Hurry and try to get FastPasses for this as the wait time is often very high.  If FastPasses have run out by the time you get to the ride, head over to the Tower of Terror and grab FastPasses for it instead. Make sure to note your return time and work it into the schedule.

About Those FastPasses…

Tokyo Disney Resort is strict on FastPass return times. You must return within your time window. They will, most likely, not honour your FastPass if you return after the time specified. This is why you will see the use of FastPasses only once in our plan.

Standby For Journey To The Center Of the Earth

Once you have your FastPasses, head on over to Mysterious Island and get into the standby line. The detail in the theming for the queue is worth the wait alone!

Make Dinner Reservations at Magellan’s

After your journey, walk to the nearby Magellan’s table service restaurant, and make a reservation for the evening. Ask for the Wine Cellar.

Dining Room Top View Magellans Review Tokyo DisneySea

Quiet, intimate, and stunning. Just a couple of the words you can use to describe Magellan’s

Single Rider for Indiana Jones

Make your way to Lost River Delta at the back of the park and get into the Single Rider line. If the wait time is less than 30 minutes, then it’s worth standing in the normal standby line. This version is a must if you are a fan of the Disneyland version in California.

Flavoured Popcorn or Gyoza Bun

You probably saw all the different popcorn carts around the park.  It’s a big deal at Tokyo DisneySea!  We recommend the Strawberry flavour in Port Discovery. Or if popcorn is not your thing, head over the Gyoza Bun stand in Mysterious Island – you definitely won’t find this delectable in any other Disney Park in the world!

Meet and Greet with Duffy the Disney Bear

See what the fuss is all about with Duffy in the place that made him famous in Japan! Each season him and ShellieMay wear different costumes. Find him in The American Waterfront beside Cape Cod Cook-off.

A Table is Waiting Show

A musical about food?  Yep.  “A Table is Waiting” is one of the most original entertainment shows at Tokyo DisneySea.  It can be found in front of the S.S. Columbia. Showtimes vary throughout the year. Make sure to check park guide.

Lunch at New York Deli

One of the best counter service restaurants at Tokyo DisneySea — read our full review. Not only are the sandwiches excellent, the theming is spectacular. Make sure to read our 20 Japanese Phrases for Dining to help you with ordering.

Seasonal Afternoon Show

Fashionable Easter Tokyo DisneySea Alternative

Fashionable Easter Tokyo DisneySea is a must-do during your visit!

Each season a limited time show is in the Mediterranean Harbour, check the park map for the latest times in the afternoon. During the summer expect to get soaking wet and during the spring a magical and colourful display of fashion!


Get most of your shopping done at the stores at the entrance to the park. Avoid shopping near closing.  The shops are a zoo during that time.

Little Green Men Dumplings from Mamma Biscotti’s Bakery

Top View Green Alien Mochi Tokyo DisneySea

These little guys are not only delicious but possibly the cutest dessert in Japan.

There’s always room for the Little Green Men dumplings.  They’re squishy, they’re sweet, and they’re oh-so-cute! Get them at Mamma Biscotti’s Bakery, located right beside the Miracosta shops.

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Head back to Mysterious Island and go under the sea. While this is not a thrilling ride, the effects are well executed and make you question your reality numerous times.

Photowalk through Mysterious Island, Mermaid Lagoon, and Arabian Coast

Mermaid Lagoon Tokyo DisneySea TDRExplorer

Tokyo DisneySea has some of the most stunning scenery at any Disney Park. It is hard to imagine that you are inside a Theme Park. The photo is from our always beautiful @DreamSweetsLove.

Tokyo DisneySea is quite the spectacle — no expense has been spared in making it one of the most beautiful Disney Parks.  Take a break from eating and shopping and riding, and whip out your phone to snap some great scenery pix!  (Also, be sure to flood your Instagram feed so you can make your friends back home just a little jealous!)

Caravan Carousel

This is no ordinary Carousel.  It’s elegant and opulent – and two stories tall!  And when it’s all lit up, it’s phenomenal at night. Located in the Arabian Coast.

Eat a Chandu Tail

You simply cannot pass up this delicious snack. Find it at Sultan’s Oasis, which is in front of Sinbad’s.

Sinbad’s Storybook Voyage

It’s easy to miss this attraction in the Arabian Coast. Give your feet a rest and enjoy this hidden gem of Tokyo DisneySea. It is Disney Tourist Blog approved.

Photowalk from Arabian Coast to American Waterfront

Arabian Coast decorated for Christmas

The underrated and stunning Arabian Coast decorated for Christmas

Walk from the Arabian Coast to the American Waterfront cutting through Lost River Delta and Port Discovery along the way.  You’ll see more great detailed theming which makes for great pictures!

Enjoy a Snack and Beverage in the Teddy Roosevelt Lounge

Table View Teddy Roosevelt Lounge Tokyo DisneySea

You will feel as if you are in First Class aboard the Titanic.

Aside from deep inside the corridors of Magellan’s, it’s unlikely you’ll find another spot in Tokyo DisneySea that is as far away from the buzz and bustle of a theme park as the Teddy Roosevelt Lounge.  You’ll find it on the second floor of the S.S. Columbia.  Enjoy a light snack or a beverage (both alcoholic and not) in a classy turn-of-the-century atmosphere!

Photos from the Bow of the S.S. Columbia

Head to the bow of the ship, which you can access from the 2nd floor, and take some incredibly beautiful photos of the park. You are able to see Tokyo Bay on the other side.


Take a ride on these trackless cars in Port Discovery after the sun sets.


This is the popular show from the US Parks, displayed on a much bigger canvas in the Mediterranean Harbour. This nighttime show is not to be missed. Grab a spot in the same place you did for The Legend of Mythica.

Dinner at Magellan’s

Depending on your reservation time, you may have a return time before or after Fantasmic. Enjoy one of the best restaurants in the Park.

Souvenir Cup Magellans Review Tokyo DisneySea

If you’re looking for a keep sake then the souvenir cup is perfect.

Go to Your Favourite Spot in the Park

If you are staying at one of the Disney or Neighbour Hotels, then there is no rush. Go back to your favourite spot in Tokyo DisneySea and enjoy the rest of your evening. Most nights, the park will close at 10pm (unless there is a special event.). We highly recommend exploring Fortress Explorations in the Mediterranean Harbor.

Relaxing in American Waterfront.

Relaxing in American Waterfront.

Congratulations!  You conquered Tokyo DisneySea in just one day! Make sure to download our printable PDF.

What do you think of the guide? Leave us your comments. We will be constantly updating this guide with your advice and current event information – because nothing ever stays the same in a Disney park!  (Well, that’s progress for you!…)

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Feature photo by @VelcroWallet and some photos by Duy Phan Photography



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    Thank you so much for the information it did help us as we traveled to Tokyo Disney Sea. After going and working hard to make the most of it, I must say I don’t see how anyone could spend so many days there. We enjoyed our time but to me Tokyo Disneysea is form over function. The rides are beautiful, well prepared, thoughtfully presented but then the ride itself is, meh. We thoroughly enjoyed Tower of Terror, but all the other rides were either a bore or just ok. We were very thankful for the fastpasses because if we had to watch the posted 70 minutes for some of the rides we might have cried ?

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