10 Must Try Popcorn Flavours at Tokyo Disney Resort

Popcorn is a popular snack at the parks with an array of flavours ranging from the familiar to the truly bizarre that might make you ask, “who would eat that?” A combination of regular (aka always available flavours) and limited flavours are on sale in various locations around the parks. Pick up an English park map to find all the locations.

Eating ALL the popcorn might be a bit tough, so let us do the work for you. Here are our “must try” popcorn flavours at Tokyo Disney Resort.

Milk Tea Popcorn Cart

You can find this cart in the American Waterfront in front of the Cape Code Cook-off

Regular Flavours

These are the flavours found at the park on a regular basis. Keep in mind that flavours do switch out from time to time. Check out the chart below for the current flavours.

  • Milk Chocolate
  • Soy Sauce and Butter
  • Curry
  • Honey
  • Black Pepper

Limited Flavours

These flavours come and go, and sometimes they make a return if it proves popular enough. We cannot guarantee when and if they are available in the parks. If they happen to be there when you visit, then you simply must have them.

Full List of Popcorn Flavours

This is a current list of all the popcorn flavours at Tokyo Disneyland & Tokyo DisneySea.

FlavourTokyo DisneySeaTokyo Disneyland
Milk Chocolate
Black Pepper
White Chocolate
Soy Sauce & Butter
Milk Chocolate Popcorn Close

Try this if you make it to Tokyo DisneySea this year!


  • Regular Box: ¥310
  • Souvenir Bucket: Varies on bucket type anywhere from ¥1400 to over ¥2000
  • Souvenir Bucket Refill: ¥520
    • Buckets hold much more popcorn than the smaller box

For an updated list of popcorn flavours and what buckets are available, visit the popcorn website for both Tokyo Disneyland & Tokyo DinseySea. It’s in Japanese, so you’ll have to use Google Translate.

What do you Explorers think?

Which flavour of popcorn have you tried or are wanting to try? Let us know in the comments!



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  1. Keicchan


    I really love your site. I’m visiting DisneySea next week so I’ll make sure I have some of the flavours you guys recommended if I see them 🙂

    One thing, I think there’s a typo there with the price of the normal bucket because I believe it’s 310 yen 🙂

    Thanks for everything!

  2. TDR Explorer

    Thank you for reading! Yes, that was definitely a typo, it has been corrected. Thank you for pointing it out! It would be nice if it was 130yen wouldn’t it? Have fun at DisneySea next week and let us know what your favourite flavour was.

  3. Miss. Fae

    A challenge for me as a vegetarian is trying to find out what the popcorn is popped in. I am wondering if you have any clue? I’m eager to try popcorn on my next trip (missed out on my first TDS trip), but am hitting a brick wall in terms of figuring out who to contact with this question. do you have any ideas?

  4. phxbne

    Loved the caramel – any suggestions on how to get that Stitch bucket if I am in the US and not headed to Japan anytime soon?

  5. Camelia Minarry Citra

    Can you inform the type of popcorn bucket that available at tokyo disney sea and bon voyage? Last year i go to tokyo disneyland, and see so many type of buckey, ie mickey, dumbo, transformer, stitch, mr potato. And now i want buy dumbo, nemo, etc. Is there available at tokyo disney sea or bonvoyage?

  6. cheruchan

    The new (I guess seasonal?!) flavors at the parks are Barbecue and Herb Tomato! 😀 Really curious about the herb tomato one lol. I’ll be going to TDL on Saturday so might get the chance to try the BBQ one :3

  7. sophia simone guerrero

    hiiiii!! loveeeee ur website, just wanted to ask, if u pay for refill, does that allow u to refill ur bucket with different flavours of pop corn around the park or just the one u bought in the first place? thanks for the awesome tips btw:):):)

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