10 Survival Tips for Summer at Tokyo Disney Resort

The weather is really heating up as summer 2015 begins! Summers in Japan are no joke so here are our top 10 tips for surviving and enjoying those hot days and nights at Tokyo Disney Resort!

Avoiding the Sun

Here at TDR Explorer we are all about having fun at the parks but it’s also important to consider safety both short and longterm. In this case we are talking about the sun, and while we know the importance of protecting ourselves from those intense rays all year long we feel that in the summer special care should be taken. Luckily at Tokyo Disney Resort there is no end to park related goods that are both practical and fashionable! This year we are loving the Frozen Seasons and Donald Summer Painter goods which feature SPF 50+ protection.

Some other great park goods include TDR parasols, hats, arm covers and jackets that feature UV protection. If you want even more selection don’t forget to check out Ikspiari which is TDR’s version of Downtown Disney. At Ikspiari our favourites for summer protective goods include Disney Store, Plaza and It’s Demo.

Waterproof it!

Plastic Bag ¥700

Plastic Bag ¥700

At Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea, summer special events will cool you down with lots and lots of water! Many guests might not realize exactly how much water. You know those warnings they sometimes have on attractions that say you WILL get wet? Well during the summer shows expect to get soaked and we mean from head to toe. Every year there is always one or two guests in a panic despite the warnings trying to cover cameras or open umbrellas during the middle of a show. Here are some tips to avoid those situations.

To avoid a wardrobe change wear a poncho. You can find a variety of styles at the park ranging from TDR branded to special event designs as well as more budget friendly clear versions with no branding. Ponchos at the parks even come with little bags you can put them inside when you are done! To cover your bags and anything else you don’t want to get wet you could bring your own plastic bags or can purchase park event bags that you can use over and over again. If not everything fits you can also ask a cast member for a shopping bag to put your things in.

For those worried about water washing away makeup don’t forget to pick up some water proof cosmetics. While we haven’t seen any sold at the parks just yet you could always bring your own from home or do some shopping in the city. Tokyo station is just 15 minutes from the resort after all!

Waterproof Cameras

You will want to preserve you memories of all the fun and we have seen no end of creative ways to protect cameras and lenses from wrapping in plastic wrap, ziplock bags and covering then with shopping bags. Don’t risk it though! There are so many great options for waterproof cameras now! For DSLRs there are plastic covers that will cover your camera completely and also give you peace of mind. Also for those of you who just want to use your phones there are cases and plastic covers available as well. While we haven’t seen anything for sale at the resort yet there are highway buses that leave from the resort that will take you to Akihabara, Tokyo’s famous electronics district.

Portable Chargers

When visiting the resort guests often find themselves running low on battery from taking photos, checking attraction times and using social media to share their adventures. Keep everything running with a good portable charger whether it’s Disney branded or a bright summer shade. You will be glad you brought your own because the nearest phone charging stations are at Ikspiari’s Guest Service counters which can feel like a bit of the trek coming from the parks.


New Summer Towels 30th Birthdy at Tokyo DisneySea

We bought some of the new Summer towels to keep the sun off us. They are cute too!

At Tokyo Disney Resort there are so many great park and event branded towels. This year we are loving the new character towels which help you cover up while looking like your favourite character! The small hand towels are also super useful and great for portability. If you want something small that will help you cool down they also sell Disney cooling towels that chill when wet and are great for relieving some of the heat.

Keep Cool

Chip N Dale Cooling Towel

This adorable Chip N Dale Cooling Towel goes with your themed outfit nicely.

At the resort you can find Disney branded cooling towels both in the parks and at the hotels. You can find both scented and unscented and these wet towels are so refreshing. After being out in the hot humid summer weather you will appreciate the portability and ease of use. At convenience stores you can also find cooling sprays and gel ice packs.


Tropical Fruits Shaved Ice Tokyo DisneySea Summer

Tropical Fruits Shaved Ice at Tokyo DisneySea

It should go without saying but please stay hydrated when you are at the parks. There are so many fun and useful products at the resort to help you do this. There are refillable water bottles, covers to keep your drinks cool if you buy bottled beverages at the stands and frozen drinks sold in the hotel convenience stores that will melt as you play during the day.

Don’t forget all the delicious shaved ice at both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea!


It’s a summer festival at the parks and the parks goods help you get into the party spirit with sunglasses, fans, light up goods for the evening and so much more! Visiting the parks is a time where you can stop being self conscious and just have fun! You will see guests of all ages getting into the spirit and just enjoying themselves with all the uniquely fun TDR merchandise.

Clothing and Footwear

Tokyo DisneySea 2015 TShirt

Summer Festival T-Shirt from Tokyo DisneySea

Maybe you got soaked in one of the shows or spotted an awesome TDR shirt or you just have to have those matching Chip and Dale flip flops. There are so many great summer clothes to choose from at the parks from T-shirts (with UV protection no less!), to flip flops, to one piece dresses. If you don’t find what you are looking for at the parks there is also the Disney Store at Ikspiari too! Summer is also the time of summer festivals where women and men wear Japanese summer clothing called yakuza and jinbei. Why don’t you give it a try?

Summer Totes!

Nothing says summer like a good tote bag and at TDR you will need to tote around all your summer must haves. Tokyo Disney Resort totes are always fun and useful and in the summer there is a wide variety to choose from both at the parks for both men and women.

Bonus Tip: At Tokyo Disney Resort it’s popular to get characters to sign your tote bag, especially when it features that character!



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