100+ Photos of the Beautiful Camp Woodchuck at Tokyo Disneyland

The newest addition to the park, Camp Woodchuck, officially opened November 22, 2016, in Westernland at Tokyo Disneyland. This brilliantly themed area takes the best elements from Junior Woodchucks and brings them to life.

Camp Woodchuck features a new Meet and Greet with Donald and Daisy in brand new outfits, a new 2-story counter service restaurant, new animatronics, and an abundance of special theming for fans of the Junior Woodchucks.

Let’s take a look at the newest area at Tokyo Disneyland with our photo tour!



The entrance to Camp Woodchuck is near the back of Westernland. When walking towards Big Thunder Mountain, veer right and follow the trail. Once you arrive at the Rivers of America, you take a left. After that, you’re greeted with a gigantic, beautiful log. That’s when you know you’ve arrived.

Camp Woodchuck Kitchen

The interior of Camp Woodchuck Kitchen is where the detail shines. A number of small details keep you wandering around for a good while. Read our full review of this new restaurant to see what we thought of the new Chicken & Waffle Sandwich!

First Floor

Second Floor


Greeting Trail

Along the right side of Camp Woodchuck is the Greeting Trail, where there are two queues to get your photos with Donald or Daisy. They each have their own separate line. There is no shortage of detail to soak in while you wait for your turn at a photo with Donald or Daisy in their fantastic troop leader outfits.


Just outside Camp Woodchuck is Happy Camper Supplies, where you can find most of the new Camp Woodchuck merchandise. The rest is found at the Trading Post in Westernland and the Grand Emporium in the World Bazaar. View our post for more details on these items.



Overall, this small area is packed full of incredible detail. From the restaurant-specific food packaging to the darts stuck in the ceiling to Junior Woodchuck lore, the amount of effort that went into this area is astonishing, and I appreciate all the hard work that went into such a brilliant themed area.

Tips & Advice


A few tips to help you make the most out of your visit!

  • Do the Greeting Trails first thing in the morning. Donald tends to have the longer lineup.
  • The lineup for the Greeting Trails is separate lines for both Donald and Daisy.
  • The animatronic bird is in the lineup for the Greeting Trails.
  • The best place to sit (on a nice day) in the restaurant is on the balcony.
  • Take extra time to appreciate the many details in the restaurant and surrounding area.
  • Camp Woodchuck Merchandise is found at the Happy Camper Supplies (select items), Trading Post, and the Grand Emporium.

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