11-Hour Wait to Wish Mickey Mouse a Happy Birthday at Tokyo Disneyland

Mickey Mouse is already celebrating his 90th Birthday here in Japan (we also can’t forget our Queen, Minnie Mouse). Tokyo Disney Resort has been celebrating Mickey and Minnie’s 90th anniversary all month with limited-time merchandise, snacks, and even special decorations in Toontown.

Mickey Mouse Happy Birthday Ceremony at Tokyo Disneyland

This morning (November 18, 2018, Japan time) featured a special show to wish Mickey a happy birthday in front of Cinderella Castle at Tokyo Disneyland. You’ll see photos and video below.

Mickey Mouse 90th Anniversary Tokyo Disneyland Ceremony Mickey Mouse 90th Anniversary Tokyo Disneyland Special Ceremony Mickey Mouse 90th Anniversary Tokyo Disneyland Ceremony Confetti

Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse at Tokyo Disneyland

Imagine this: You’re at Tokyo Disneyland (or Tokyo DisneySea) and want to wish Mickey and Minnie a happy birthday. You walk into Toontown to get into the queue for Mickey’s House and are given a return time ticket for 11 hours. Yes, you read that correctly, an 11-hour wait.

Wait times to meet Mickey at both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea got as high as 11 hours today. Minnie Mouse over at Tokyo Disneyland was about 3 hours (200 minutes). However, with such high wait times, guests don’t queue for that long. They’re given a return time to come back, so they are able to go and enjoy the Park. Also, there’s no way to physically accommodate an 11-hour line.

These wait times are from the official Tokyo Disney Resort app (Japanese only). To see wait times in English, visit the official website on your mobile device or use our recommended app TDR Dash (iOS & Android).


You can find special decorations throughout Toontown, and even the construction walls have birthday images!

Happy 90th, Mickey & Minnie Mouse!

The happiest of birthdays to both Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Thank you for bringing joy into everyone’s life every day.


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Would you wait?

Would you wait this long to wish Mickey and Minnie a happy birthday? Let me know in the comments! If I was at the Park early enough, I probably would have a return time ticket.Mickey Mouse 90th Anniversary Tokyo Disneyland

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  1. Alexa Spears

    This is sort of normal for Japan lol. This other thing I like, which is… well, it’s an anime about boy bands, but saying it’s “just another boy band anime” is like saying DisneySea is “just another amusement park”. But yeah, they had a pop-up store, and on characters’ birthdays, you had to enter a lottery in advance for a timeslot that day *and* the next day. The third day, and sometimes the fourth, you had to go at 9am to stand in line for a timeslot. And that’s maybe the…6th? most popular boy band anime. The more popular ones are probably more intense…

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