20 Japanese Phrases for Dining at Tokyo Disney Resort

Next in our language lessons for visiting Tokyo Disney Resort is dining. Make sure to check out our previous lesson about basic Japanese phrases. The goal of these lessons is to give you enough phrases and vocabulary to communicate with. While most Cast Members will speak some level of English, that is not always a guarantee. Even saying one Japanese word could make all the difference in getting a Coke Zero or a Beer.

If you’re wanting to continue your Japanese learning, we highly recommend the Genki Textbooks. As they are one of the best textbooks out there for learning Japanese.

Pecos Bill Cafe Menu

Pecos Bill Cafe Menu in Disneyland Park. There’s English on all the menus! So don’t worry.

Ordering at restaurants is fairly simple. There will be English on the menus for you to read, along with printed versions of the menus that the Cast Members will hand you if you need it. Then you can point to what you would like to order. You can read more about the food selection in our article “What to Expect while Dining at Tokyo Disney Resort”. Here’s a basic list of words and phrases you can print off to help you order those delicious flavours of popcorn. We also created a printable PDF for you.

  • To eat – tabemasu(食べます)
  • Food – tabemono  (食べ物)
  • To drink – nomimasu(飲みます)
  • Drink – nomimono (飲み物)
  • Breakfast – asagohan(あさごはん)
  • Lunch – hirugohan(ひるごはん)
  • Dinner – bangohan(ばんごはん)
  • Water – mizu (みず)
  • Fish – sakana(さかな)
  • Tea – ocha(お茶)
  • Rice – gohan(ごはん)

These words you can say in English and the Cast Member should understand you. Make sure to speak clearly.

  • Milk
  • Coke
  • Coke Zero
  • Churro
  • Popcorn
  • Coffee
  • Curry
  • Cheeseburger
  • Burger
  • Chicken Burger
  • Potato (French Fries)

Ordering Quantities

Special Christmas Set at Miguel's El Dorado Cantina

Special Christmas Set at Miguel’s El Dorado Cantina

Saying you would like “X” number of an item is different to English. In English we say “I would like three churros please” but in Japanese you would say, literally translated, “churros three please”. Here is how you would order up to four items.

  • I would like one of “X” –  “X” hitotsu kudasai(。。。ひとつください)
  • I would like two of “X” – “X” futatsu kudasai(。。。ふたつください)
  • I would like three of “X” – “X” mittsu kudasai(。。。みつください)
  • I would like four of “X” – “X” yotsu kudasai(。。。よつください)


Combos that come with a entree, drink, and side are known as “sets” in Japan. You can simply say “setto”.

English: “I would like three cheeseburger sets, please”.
Japanese: “chizubaga seto mittsu kudasai” (チーズバーガーセット三つください)

English: “I would like four coca cola beverages, please”
Japanese: ”koka kora yotsu kudasai”(コカコーラ四つください)

BONUS PHRASE: If you want to order the “Special Set” which most restaurants will have. You simply say “Supeshiaru setto hitotsu kudasai”. Which means “ I would like one special set, please”.

Special Requests / Allergies

Steak dinner at the Blue Bayou.

Steak dinner at the Blue Bayou.

Tokyo Disney Resort goes to great lengths to ensure guests have a magical dining experience. If you have special dietary needs here are some phrases to know.

  • I’m allergic to “X” – “X” ni arerugi ga arimasu(。。。にアレルギーがあります)
  • Does this have fish? –  kore wa sakana ga arimasuka?  (これは魚がありますか?)
  • I cannot eat “X” – watashi wa “X” wo tabemasen (私は。。。を食べません)
  • I do not like “X” – watashi wa “X” ga suki jyanai (私は。。。がすきじゃない)

These are just some of the many words and phrases. Make sure to download our printable PDF. Remember that just like other Disney Resorts, Cast Members will ensure they go the extra magical distance for you. If at all else fails you can simply point at the menu.

We hope you are enjoying our Japanese Language Series for visiting Tokyo Disney Resort. Are there any phrases or words you would like us to include? Or if you have any suggestions on language topics. Let us know in the comments.

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