21 Exterior Photos of Camp Woodchuck at Tokyo Disneyland

The newest area Camp Woodchuck opens November 22, 2016, in Westernland at Tokyo Disneyland! It’s nearing completion and almost ready to welcome guests in a few weeks.

A lot of the walls are down and much of the outside is viewable from Tom Sawyer Island or the Mark Twain Riverboat. I am quite excited for this newest addition to our beautiful park! So, let’s take a look at some photos. Don’t forget to check out the new merchandise and food.

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Camp Woodchuck Kitchen

The newest restaurant is a two-story building with seats for 440 guests both indoor and out. The beautiful exterior looks comfortable and the perfect spot to enjoy the new waffle sandwich!

More of the sign of the Camp Woodchuck Kitchen have gone up! You can see a portrait of Humphrey too!

Camp Woodchuck Greeting Trail

The walkway to the Greeting Trail—where you meet Donald and Daisy—goes under the restaurant’s balcony, through a gigantic tree stump, and into a boathouse. From what I am able to see, the tree stump has animatronics which was in testing at the time of these photos!

I can’t wait for this to open in a few weeks! Are you going when it opens?

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