29 Must Buy Summer Merchandise at Tokyo Disneyland

Summer has arrived at Tokyo Disneyland. Along with the heat, humidity, and ice cream, comes all the new merchandise! The theme this summer at Tokyo Disneyland Park is once again Nastu Masturi, which means “Summer Festival”. Mickey and friends are dressed in their best, and coolest, Yukatas. If you’re visiting Disneyland Park this summer and desire merchandise that is uniquely Japanese. Then you do not want to miss our 29 must buy Natsu Matsuri merchandise!

Mechanical Pencil

Natsu Matsuri Pencil

Mechanical pencil with a taiko drum that hangs off the end.

Memo Pads

Natsu Matsuri Memo Pads

Use your mechanical pencil with these Natsu Matsuri themed memo pads.


Natsu Matsuri Postcard

Every season there are postcards. This summer is no different. Perfect for your new mechanical pencil.

Natsu Matsuri Pin

Natsu Matsuri Pin

If pin collecting is your thing, you’ll want to add this Natsu Matsuri Pin to your collection.

Adorable Chopsticks

Natsu Matsuri Chopsticks

A hot summer day is not complete without cold udon. What better way to eat them than with these Natsu Matsuri Chopsticks!

Most Unique Mickey Ears Ever

Natsu Matsuri Mickey & Minnie Ears

Not very often Tokyo Disney Resort gets Mickey ears. When they do, they make them pretty unique.

Drinking Glasses

Natsu Matsuri Mickey and Donald Glasses

Drink your favourite beverage with these Natsu Matsuri Mickey and Donald Glasses.

Natsu Matsuri Plush Keychains

Chip N Dale Yukata Natsu Matsuri Plush Keychains

Chip N’ Dale are ready for summer with their adorable Yukatas. One of our favourite plush keychains.

Pluto & Goofy Natsu Matsuri Yukata Plush Keychain

Pluto & Goofy Natsu Matsuri Yukata Plush Keychains.

Mickey & Minnie Natsu Matsuri Yukata Plush Keychains

Mickey and Minnie in their best summer Yukatas. Adorable plush keychains.

Donald & Daisy Natsu Matsuri Yukata Plush Keychains

Even Donald & Daisy are in the summer spirit!

Clarice Natsu Matsuri Yukata Plush Keychain

A rare character outside of Japan is also making a summer appearance in her cute Yukata.

Ankle Socks

Natsu Matsuri Mickey & Donald Socks

Even though it can be hot in the summer, why not have some neat looking socks?

Cloth Bag

Natsu Matsuri Cloth Bag

Carry all your beach necessities with this Natsu Matsuri themed cloth bag. Has all your favourite characters on it.

Mickey Mouse iPhone Case

Mickey Natsu Matsuri iPhone Case

One of our absolute favourite items this summer. Mickey Natsu Matsuri iPhone Case. The texture pops out and you can feel it.

Natsu Matsuri Tshirts

Mickey Natsu Matsuri Tshirt

Looking for a unique t-shirt? You do not have to look any further.

Donal Duck Natsu Matsuri Tshirt

If you prefer Donald Duck, they have you covered too.

Natsu Matsuri Long Towels

Donald & Daisy Nastsu Matsuri Long Towels

Wipe the sweat or water away with these long towels. Perfect for protecting you against the sun too.

Mickey & Minnie Nastsu Matsuri Long Towels

They even have Mickey & Minnie Long Towels.

Rubber Wristbands

Donald & Daisy Natsu Matsuri Wristbands

Wear something stylish that will not get soaked. These adorable wristbands will do the trick.

Mickey & Minnie Nastsu Matsuri Bandanas

They even come in Mickey or Minnie.

Summer at Tokyo Disney Resort is certainly “cool” with all the new merchandise. Make sure you get your hands on these before they are gone. If you enjoy viewing all the unique merchandise then make sure not to miss our other posts. Also, make sure to subscribe to never miss a new post. You may even win a prize.

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