30 Must Buy Easter Merchandise at Tokyo Disney Resort

Disney’s Easter and Mickey & Duffy’s Spring Voyage kicked off this year on April 2nd, 2014. Besides all the incredibly cute decorations, mouth-watering treats, and easter/spring themed shows. There are plenty of opportunities to spend you entire pay cheque on some of the best merchandise Tokyo Disney Resort has to offer. Here are 30 of our “must buy” merchandise, now available at both Disneyland Park and Tokyo DisneySea.

1. Disney’s Easter Top Hat

This is what happens when you put everything easter related onto a hat. Even the carrot on the top, pops out!

Disney's Easter Official Hat

2. Chip ‘N Dale Disney’s Easter Outfits

These are my personal favourite, if you follow my Instagram feed you see how much I adore them. The bunny ears and colours make them irresistibly cute. They even come together as a set.

Chip 'N Dale Easter Bunny Plush

3. Mickey & Minnie Disney’s Easter Plush

These two always look spectacular. These outfits for Disney’s Easter in Tokyo Disneyland keep the trend going.

Mickey & Minnie Disney's Easter Plush

4. Donald and Daisy Easter Egg Straps

Phone straps are insanely popular in Japan. Donald and Daisy as Easter Egg straps, oddly seems rather fitting.

Donald and Daisy Easter Egg Straps

5. Max & Goofy Disney’s Easter Plush

Being able to find any merchandise with Max is a challenge. But finding him with matching outfits with Goofy? Leave it Tokyo to make these awesome Easter outfits for our favourite father and son duo.

Max & Goofy Disney's Easter Plush

6. Goofy & Max Disney’s Easter Visor

To go with the two plush above, you can also buy your very own Goofy Visor. Complete with adjustable bunny ears, and of course Goofy’s ears too.

Goofy & Max Disney's Easter Visor

7. Disney’s Easter Earrings

Don’t let the photo fool you, these earrings are incredibly tiny. Making them a nice subtle addition to your easter wardrobe.

Disney's Easter Earrings

8. Mickey & Minnie Disney’s Easter Hair Pins

Maybe Mickey Ears are not your thing? Then you can pin these to your hair and still be fashionable while in the parks.

Mickey & Minnie Disney's Easter Hair Pins

9. Mickey & Minnie Disney’s Easter Bunny Ears

For the rest of us, that cannot visit a Disney Park without having something strapped to our heads. Here are quite possibly the cutest Mickey Ears you will ever encounter.

Mickey & Minnie Disney's Easter Bunny Ears

10. Mickey & Minnie Disney’s Easter Outfit Plush

If you buy the Mickey Ears above, then you of course need the plush to go with them. You have to make your outfit match, right?

Mickey & Minnie Disney's Easter Outfit Plush

11. Winnie the Pooh Easter Bunny Outfit Plush

There are no words to describe the cute overload.

Winnie the Pooh Easter Bunny Outfit Plush

12. Winnie the Pooh with Bunny Ears Pillow

Or this one too.

Winnie the Pooh with Bunny Ears Pillow

13. Mickey Mouse HAPPY EASTER Bag

For the 12 items you buy above. You’re going to need something to carry it all in. So, why not this?

Mickey Mouse HAPPY EASTER Bag

14. Mickey & Minnie Easter Bunny Postcards

For everything you’ve purchased so far. You’re going to have to write a letter home to ask for more money. Do it with a HAPPY EASTER postcard. You can even mail it right from Tokyo Disneyland.

Mickey & Minnie Easter Bunny Postcards

15. Mickey & Minnie Easter Statue

We’re only half done here. To change it up, here’s a statue of Mickey & Minnie sporting their easter bunny ears. This is about $38US.

Mickey & Minnie Easter Statue

16. Daisy & Donald Disney’s Easter Plush

Nothing is complete without Donald and Daisy, thrown into the mix.

Daisy & Donald Disney's Easter Plush

17. Mickey and Friends Easter Egg Straps

Do you have 6 iPhones or 5 friends? Then these easter egg phone straps are a must. The whole gang is here.

Mickey and Friends Easter Egg Straps

18. Mickey & Minnie Easter Egg Straps

If you only have 2 iPhones, then you can get these two adorable phone straps.

Mickey & Minnie Easter Egg Straps

19. Mickey Mouse HAPPY EASTER T-Shirt

Perhaps you are more the t-shirt type of person. You can’t go wrong with this.

Mickey Mouse HAPPY EASTER T-Shirt

20. Duffy & Shellie May Spring Voyage Plush

There’s no celebration without a new Duffy & Shellie May outfit.

Duffy & Shellie May Spring Voyage Plush

21. Daisy and Donald Spring Voyage Plush

Not a fan of their outfits for Disney’s Easter? Then you may like their outfits for the Spring Voyage in DisneySea.

Daisy and Donald Spring Voyage Plush

22. Duffy the Disney Bear Camera iPhone Case

Make your iPhone look like an old camera, then wear it around your neck. Who wouldn’t love that?

Duffy the Disney Bear Camera iPhone Case

23. Mickey and Minnie Spring Voyage Plush

Our favourite pair are ready for the Spring Voyage.

Mickey and Minnie Spring Voyage Plush

24. Mickey and Duffy’s Spring Voyage Item Bag

Everyone can use an adorable bag to put your random things into.

Mickey and Duffy's Spring Voyage Item Bag

25. Shellie May Mini Suitcase

If a small cloth bag is not stylish enough to carry your items in. Then Shellie May’s tiny suitcase will do the trick.

Shellie May Suitcase Bag

26. Mickey Plastic File Folder

Stationary is serious business in Japan. You can make your files look that much more cute.

Mickey File Folder

27. Mickey and Minnie Spring Voyage Keychain Plush

If the bigger versions of these two are not to your liking. Then you can get the smaller versions to hang off your bag.

Mickey and Minnie Spring Voyage Plush

28. Mickey and Minnie Disney’s Easter Glasses

Pour your favourite beverage, and enjoy the warm weather with these matching glasses.

Mickey and Minnie Disney's Easter Glasses

29. Disney’s Easter Bunny Plush

These adorable guys are found throughout Tokyo Disneyland Park. If you’re a fan, then you can take one of them home.

Disney's Easter Bunny Plush

30. Clarice the Chipmunk Plush

This is our absolute MUST BUY if you’re a Clarice fan. She does not show up very often in the parks. Except for shows with Chip ‘N Dale. It’s very rare that she will even have her own plush. Also, who can resist this cute outfit?

Clarice the Chipmunk Plush

Which of these was your favourite? Let us know in the comments. If you enjoy these posts, then make sure to check out our must buy Christmas, New Years, and Valentines merchandise from Tokyo Disney Resort. Then, make sure to subscribe to never miss the latest in advice.


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  1. Paul

    Me and my wife just returned from Tokyo…Amazing trip! anyways, we both thought that the ears with the rabbit ears were for duffy bear and his girlfriend, since the ears were brown and not black like usual mickey ears. If we had thought they were mickey and minnie we probably would have bought them for ourselves.

  2. Paul

    We really loved Disney Sea. The journey to the center of the earth was probably our favorite ride. Tower of Terror and Indy while being close to the versions in the states, are still awesome!

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