35 Interesting Facts About Me (TDR Explorer)

On any given day, I’m sharing stories from my travels within Asia and its theme parks. It’s not often that I divulge much about myself. The most personal story I’ve shared has been what happened to me last year when my partner, John, of 10-years suddenly passed.

Over the years, many Explorers (that’s you!) have joined our ranks and shared your stories with me in some form or another. Be it through email, in a DM on Instagram, or even on Patreon.

With the current state of the world at the moment, it’s tough creating travel-based content. Today, I wanted to get personal with you, fellow Explorers. Sharing 35 random facts about me. Since I’ll turn 35 this year, it felt fitting.

I’m sitting here smirking at what I wrote below. A few points I thought “should I really share this? Bah, let’s do it!” I’m a bit nervous, but we’re doing it anyway.

Let’s begin and don’t laugh too hard, OK?

  1. My first theme park visit wasn’t a Disney Park, it was Universal Studios Japan in 2003!
  2. My first overseas trip was to Europe in 2003 with my travel club. We visited Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and France. This trip ignited my desire to experience the world. I didn’t know until then that a prairie boy from Canada could explore the world.
  3. Before riding any thrilling roller coaster, I get so nervous that I almost make myself sick. Even if I’ve done it a thousand times. I’m looking at you Flying Dinosaur.
  4. I fell out of my restraints on the “Zipper” ride at my local fair when I was about 8-years-old. Luckily, the cage was enclosed so I didn’t fall out. But, I did vomit all over the place and it flew onto another cage with people in it. This memory reminds me of the scene from Problem Child 2.
  5. I’m a born and raised Canadian from Prince Albert in Northern Saskatchewan.
  6. I’m half Denésoliné (Chipewyan), which is one of the many First Nations of Canada.
  7. My other half is Ukrainian and British descent.
  8. I know how to ask for money and to say “I don’t have any money” in Denésoliné. My Father taught me that when I was a kid. It came in handy with my Granny who didn’t speak English!
  9. I’m related to everyone who shares our family name.
  10. I was considered fluent in French until Grade 3 as I was in French Immersion. We moved to an area where French wasn’t offered, so I lost everything I had learned because I never used it.
  11. I can read, write, and speak Japanese but reading is my strongest point.
  12. I once threw up while watching The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Disney) in the movie theatre. I suddenly got sick and dashed to the washroom. I didn’t quite make it. To whoever had to clean up my mess, I’m so so sorry! (I know, I have a lot of upchuck stories).
  13. Christmas Dinner is my favourite meal. So much so, my Mom made it for me when I missed Christmas one year.
  14. I can make a mean Taco Rice dish. It’s one of those meals I create at least once a week when I’m not travelling.
  15. I can eat an entire pumpkin pie if left to my own devices.
  16. Pumpkin Spice flavouring makes me break out into hives.
  17. I prefer hojicha (roasted green tea) over normal green tea.
  18. My first gaming console was in 1990 for my 5th birthday. It was the Nintendo Entertainment System.
  19. In 2003, I took the summer off after graduating from High School to do nothing. Well, I played The Sims Online for 16 hours a day for a few weeks. We did that so our house was one of the top houses on the server. No regrets.
  20. From 2007 to 2011, I lead a raid group in The Lord of the Rings Online. Our group was made up of people we met on the Brandywine Server. Some of which, I still speak with today! My character was a fat hobbit named “Burnie Fareburrow” who was a Minstrel (healer).
  21. When Dance Dance Revolution was a phenomenon, I memorized the routines of songs so I could dance to them backwards. My bother and I knew the routine for “Do It All Night” so well that we did it backwards together and switched dance pads midway through.
  22. As children, my brothers, cousins, and I would play “rent.” Not the musical mind you, we pretended we worked in a movie rental store. We’d have to “rent” a movie or game if we wanted to watch or play it. Thinking about it now, it was a way to trick my younger brothers to organize all our games and movies, ha!
  23. After graduating from High School, I moved to Japan as an exchange student in fall 2003. I almost came home after a month because I had a hard time with culture shock. But, I stuck out the 6 months!
  24. In a video created for my Grade 9 class, I played the school mascot. I had to wear a full fursuit and do my own stunts. (I could have been friends with a Disney character if I really wanted to).
  25. When Titanic the movie was all the rage, I created a science fair experiment showing how the “unsinkable” ship sank. It was made all out of cardboard and about 6 feet long. I ended up winning first place. When it came time to throw it out, I broke it in half. Yes, I know.
  26. It took me 5 years to complete my 4 year Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. I struggled through a lot of my classes but I made it through in the end. The lifelong friends I made help me through it all.
  27. My first job out of University was with a First Nations Casino as a web developer.
  28. I worked at McDonald’s for a total of 6 years. Over those years I did various jobs from working the drive-thru to being an overnight manager. Oh, the book I could write on what I saw and experienced over those 6 years.
  29. My name is in the extended version of Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. Seriously, watch the end credits!
  30. I watched Titanic over 11 times at the movie theatre when it came out. I loved it that much and have a fascination with everything related to the RMS Titanic.
  31. When the Spice Girls has their reunion tour in 2007, I was front row for their opening performance in Vancouver, Canada. I cried.
  32. I know about 20 different ParaPara dance routines.
  33. Eurobeat is my favourite genre of music.
  34. I once called the local radio station to request “Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!!” by the Vengaboys in 1998. The radio host told me they didn’t have the song and it shattered my 13-year-old self. I think they lied to me, but whatever.
  35. Dance Mix ’95 is the best CD from the 90s and don’t tell me otherwise! I bought it twice after my first copy was destroyed because I dropped an entire dresser on it. Don’t ask.

There you have it, a long unnecessary list of random (and hopefully interesting) facts about me. Do you have a favourite one? Let me know in the comments! I had a ton of fun writing this. Man, I have some strange things about my personality, ha!

High School

Bonus: I had orange hair and rocked the JNCO jeans throughout High School.

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  1. Nancy

    Yes! I am listed as Nancy Acton (early in the sort order! ?) which was my name before I remarried. One of my prized possessions is an autograph from Richard Taylor of WETA on the LOTR Fan Club’s member gift FotR poster. I met him by chance outside the convention hall at SDCC. It’s nice to meet a fellow LOTR fan, Chris! ?

  2. Rebecca M

    I am also fascinated by all things Titanic (it’s my all time favorite movie)! Every year my best friend, who is also real life and movie Titanic obsessed, get a group of people together around April 14 to watch the movie and have a super fancy dinner. This year we will all have to celebrate at our respective homes. 🙁

  3. Jazmin

    Hahaha! This was the most fun and VERY interesting version of “facts about me”. Some of them left me with more questions ??. Thanks for sharing. ??

  4. William Hayes

    Taco Rice is the best! I had it for the first time when I visited Okinawa in 2018. I’d love to taste yours!

  5. Mel

    Interesting post about your life from a fellow former Saskatchewanian from Regina. I was wondering where in SK you were from too. I used your site and ebook to extensively research Tokyo Disney for my trip in early March and appreciated all the information you have collected. I was so sad the park was closed, but at least when I eventually go the park expansions will be open.

    I think I’m going to try making taco rice now.

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