Report: 4 Attractions Coming to Tokyo Disneyland for the Fantasyland Expansion

Kensetsu news is reporting a number of buildings scheduled for construction at Tokyo Disneyland as part of the Fantasyland expansion. Which include 4 attractions. There is no additional information about the buildings or what the attractions are. This is not yet confirmed by Oriental Land Company.

A simple broken down list uploaded by a Twitter user.

Total of 11 buildings (English Translation):

  1. 2 Story Water Ride (Attached to a Restaurant(?))
  2. 1 Story Attraction with Basement
  3. 2 Story Dark Ride
  4. Single Story Dark Ride (FastPass?)
  5. 3 Story Theatre with Basement
  6. 2 Story Restaurant with Basement
  7. 2 Story Restaurant
  8. 2 Story Shop
  9. Single Story Store
  10. 3 Story Cast Member Cafeteria (Break Room)
  11. Single Story Electrical Building

Which attractions do you think these are?

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