4 Snack Reviews from Tanabata Days at Tokyo Disney Resort

Tanabata Days is well underway with limited-time merchandise, entertainment, and food (which is the best part). We sat down and tried a few of the snacks for Tanabata Days. Here are our reviews of four snacks for Tanabata Days!

If you’d like to give any of these a try yourself, we have all the locations (along with information on the other food items we didn’t review here) listed in our Tanabata Days post.

Shaved Ice with Soft Serve Ice Cream ?

These two are without a doubt the more photogenic and Instagram-worthy snacks for Tanabata Days. Both come with shaved ice, colourful puff balls, soft serve and either blue (raspberry) or peach jelly. You can get them both at Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea for ¥500 ($4 USD). There’s an option to get the Stitch plastic cup with it for ¥860 ($8 USD).

In terms of flavour, there isn’t anything special, but rather straightforward. Both are refreshing with the shaved ice and soft serve. If I had to choose over the blue or peach jelly, I’d choose the blue. If you watch our vlog, you’ll see that Mama Explorer prefers the peach jelly.

Tanabata Days 2017 Shaved Ice Blue Tanabata Days 2017 Shaved Ice Peach

Special Tapioca Drink ?

The only good thing about this dessert is the packaging. It has the photogenic factor down, but it’s heavy on the Sprite taste (they use a lemon drink from Japan called Kirin Lemon) and the tapioca balls tend to clump together after a while and you can’t drink them through the straw. It’s fine if you crave a drink that is sugar-filled and pretty, but I am not a fan.

You can get it for ¥310 ($2.50 USD) at both parks.

Tanabata Days 2017 Special Tapioca Drink

Pineapple & White Chocolate Mousse Dessert ⭐️

Not only is the presentation spot on, but the dessert tastes wonderful. The pineapple mousse is delicious and the white chocolate taste is subtle. The silver dots, jelly, and stars add to the Tanabata aesthetic. The souvenir cup (ceramic) is perfect in every way. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

The dessert with the cup is ¥750 (~$7 USD) and is worth it. You can ask for the dessert without the cup if you wish, which reduces the price. You’re given the dessert in a plastic cup that goes into the souvenir cup, which keeps it clean. You’ll also get bubble wrap so you can take your cup home without the worry of breaking it!

Overall, if you had to get one dessert, make it the Pineapple & White Chocolate Mousse Dessert.

Tanabata Days 2017 Pineapple White Chocolote Mousse Cup Front Tanabata Days 2017 Pineapple White Chocolote Mousse Cup Back

What Do You Explorers Think?

Have you tried any of the desserts in the list above? What did you think? Let us know in the comments!

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