5 Awesome Summer Snacks at Tokyo Disney Resort

Keep cool during the summer months with our favourite summer snacks at Tokyo Disney Resort. Guaranteed to keep you cool and hydrated during the intense (and humid) summer heat in Japan. These are in no particular order, except maybe the Scrumplings because you need to eat them regardless. We purposely left out ice cream since that is too easy of an answer, so instead we focused on snacks you may not have thought of!

To find these delicious snacks, ask for a Japanese Park Map, which has all the summer treats listed along with their locations. It will be in Japanese, but if you simply ask a CM they will help you locate the items on the map!


Scrumplings at Tokyo Disneyland

These are possibly one of the cutest desserts in Japan!

These do not keep you cool or hydrated, but since they are possibly the cutest dessert you will encounter at the resort, we had to include it in the list!

Similar to the Green Alien Dumplings, but in the shape of Scrump from Lilo and Stitch, you get three dumplings, each with a different flavour of cream inside:

  • Sweet Potato
  • Mango
  • Banana

My favourite is the Sweet Potato, oddly enough, as the other two flavours are pretty standard and do not throw any curve balls at you. These are limited for the summer to celebrate the opening of Stitch Encounter at Tokyo Disneyland

Tropical Fruits Shaved Ice

Tropical Fruit Shaved Ice Tokyo DisneySea Summer Close

My favourite out of the bunch. The perfect refreshing drink on a hot day at the parks.

Nothing says summer like shaved ice and the Tropical Fruits version over at Tokyo DisneySea is my favourite. Filled with fruits and a huge slice of pineapple, you cannot go wrong with this. It hits the spot in terms of refreshment and flavour!

Coconut Shaved Ice with Soft Serve

Coconut Shaved Ice Tokyo Disneyland Summer

Coconut Shaved Ice in Tomorrowland at Tokyo Disneyland

Over at Tokyo Disneyland is the coconut shaved ice in Tomorrowland. We recommend getting soft serve on top of and the Stitch Encounter souvenir cup. It is Coconut, ice cream, and pineapple pieces, what is not to love about this?

Cold Udon

Cold Udon Tokyo Disneyland Summer 2015

The cold udon comes with the infamous egg with the Mickey yolk!

You may be thinking “Cold Udon, really?”. Yes, so please hear me out on this one. Having cold udon in the summer months in Japan is deliciously refreshing. Not only is it refreshing, the boiled egg that is in the dish has yolk in the shape of Mickey Ears! That in itself is worth the price of the dish. While more of a meal than a snack, it still keeps you cool and the egg is just too awesome to pass up. Try this over at Plaza Restaurant in Tokyo Disneyland.

Kiwi Mojito Cocktail

Kiwi Mojito  ¥680

Kiwi Mojito ¥680

Tokyo DisneySea always has seasonal cocktails for guests to enjoy and cool down with. Out of the bunch the Kiwi Mojito Cocktail is best. Ice cold alcoholic beverage is never a bad idea. Available at the Yucatan Base Camp Grill.

Have you tried any of these from the list? For more summer fun check out our full Summer Guide for Tokyo Disney Resort.

Select photos are from the Official Tokyo Disney Resort website.


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