6 Best Halloween Themed Food at Tokyo Disney Resort

Snacks are crucial to your Disney diet and Tokyo Disney Resort is no different. Each season brings various snacks for guests to enjoy and takes photos of to post on Instagram. Halloween spices things up with oddly coloured and flavoured snacks. Here are the best snacks you cannot miss if you visit during Halloween at Tokyo Disney Resort. Keep in mind, that offerings change yearly.

Black Tipo Torta (Cream Cheese and Blueberries)

The name describes it all and while the colour is off-putting, the flavour certainly is not. Served warm, this is the perfect snack to warm up that villainous heart!

Available at High Tide Treats in Tokyo DisneySea for ¥360.

Black Tipo Torta Tokyo DisneySea Halloween

White Chocolate Cookie Sandwiches (Pumpkin and Raspberry)

This is not the beloved pumpkin spice, but rather actual pumpkin flavoured! The cookie has the sweet taste of pumpkin and has a nice crunch to it. In addition to being the perfect light snack, it is immensely adorable. Snap a photo of this and get tons of “likes” on Instagram!

Available at the Gazebo and the Events Booth in Tokyo Disneyland for ¥310.

Pumpkin Cookie Tokyo Disneyland Halloween

Green Apple Cocktail

Alcohol counts as a snack doesn’t it? This green apple cocktail inspired by Snow White comes with an apple liqueur. When served the red apple comes in a small shot glass for you to pour into the cup. Which creates a neat looking effect! Also, you never go wrong with alcohol. Watch the video to see it in action.

Available at the Teddy Roosevelt Lounge for ¥980.

Green Apple Cocktail Tokyo DisneySea Halloween

Pumpkin Churro

If there is a way to make it pumpkin flavoured, they will. This churro is no exception. While this is not pumpkin spiced flavoured the light pumpkin flavour makes it a nice light snack.

Available at Open Sesame in Tokyo Disneyland for ¥310.

Black Curry and Spicy Chicken Set

Inspired by the villain Jafar, this curry set may look off-putting with its red and black colours, I can assure you that it is delicious. Essentially it is Japanese Curry that is coloured black with red nan bread. The spicy chicken is not spicy in the slightest. The dessert is a simple mousse that is made to look like Jafar. If you’re looking for a seasonal menu item that is not only cool looking but safe in the flavour department, then this is your ticket!

Available at Casbah Food Court in Tokyo DisneySea for ¥1,580.

Villains Set Black Curry Tokyo DisneySea Halloween Villains Set Dessert Tokyo DisneySea Halloween

Cruella de Vil Gyoza Dog

If you have read the blog for a while, you know that I am a huge fan of the gyoza dog and even the black gyoza dog from last year. This year to match it with the theme of villains at Tokyo DisneySea, they made it themed to Cruella de Vil from 101 Dalmatians. Half black and half white to match her hair, what a brilliant idea! The inside has water chestnut, pork, veggies, and a slight spice to give it a kick. By far my favourite snack this year! You cannot skip this one.

Available at Refreshment Station at Tokyo DisneySea for ¥550.

Cruella de Vil Gyoza Dog Tokyo DisneySea Halloween Cruella de Vil Gyoza Dog Packaging Tokyo DisneySea Halloween Cruella de Vil Gyoza Dog Packing Close Tokyo DisneySea Halloween

Which one of these would you like to try? Let us know in the comments! We have a list of all the halloween menu items available for your viewing pleasure. You have permission to repost these photos, but please give credit to TDRExplorer.com.

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  1. Marie Rossi

    I feel the idea of making a hot dog themed around Cruella De Vil missed it’s mark a bit. Not sure I’d want that lol. I’d Love just about everything else! Any new seasonal popcorns?

  2. TDR Explorer

    It’s not technically a “hot dog” but a steamed bun with pork. I think they call is “dog” cause of the shape. Not entirely sure why. The only seasonal popcorn is the Milk Chocolate which was released at the beginning of Journeys With Duffy. Which is really good!


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