8 Benefits of Booking a Vacation Package at Tokyo Disney Resort

For anyone planning a multi-day trip, Tokyo Disney Resort has a number of different vacation packages available, with a wide variety of options that allow you to mix and match various perks to suit your interests. A recent post on the official TDR blog broke down the benefits into eight points:

Note that only Residents of Japan are able to book Vacation Packages through the Japanese website (you are required to have a Japanese address). If you are visiting from outside Japan, your only option is the Disney Ambassador Hotel

1. Vacation packages allow you to book your hotel room sooner, specifically, up to 6 months in advance. This gives you the earliest possible access anywhere. The regular hotel reservation system only books rooms up to 5 months in advance.

2. Vacation packages entitle you to special Fastpass tickets with no set return time. Each package is different in terms of the number of tickets and the rides specified for use.

With Type A, you can use your special ticket on any Fastpass attraction, whichever one you choose.

With Type D, the two most popular attractions—Toy Story Mania! and the new Nemo & Friends SeaRider—will be excluded.

But in either case, you can show up any time of day with that nifty VP (Vacation Package, but it certainly feels like a V.I.P.) ticket. And as people in the standby line look on with envy, you can waltz right into the Fastpass attraction of your choice. You do not have to worry about rushing back or planning around a one-hour bracket of time.

3. Some packages come with reserved seating for parades and shows. If you want to be front and center for Big Band Beat, they have got you covered. If you want to access a viewing area like the Harborside Terrace at Tokyo DisneySea, which is off-limits to anyone but guests with vacation packages, they have got you covered for that, too.

4. Certain packages also have an option for an exclusive character greeting. Currently, they are doing one in the Magellan’s Lounge at Tokyo DisneySea, with Mickey and Minnie wearing some rarely seen Romeo and Juliet costumes.

Image via the official Tokyo Disney Resort website.

5. With vacation packages, you also get first dibs on restaurants that require Priority Seating tickets for entry. On a busy day, these tickets can be as precious as Fastpasses. Otherwise, you will have to take your chances with doing a walk-up at the restaurant, or with trying to navigate the restaurant reservation system on the park’s Japanese website. Read our dining guide for more on the Priority Seating system.

6. Brace yourself for it, but even with 2-day vacation packages, you can do park-hopping … from the very first day! At Tokyo Disney Resort, this is usually a luxury that only 3-Day, 4-Day, or Annual Passport holders can enjoy.

Speaking personally, this writer has probably been to the parks 20 times or more, all without ever having the chance to hop between Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea on the same day. So yes, while Floridians might scoff, the potential for park-hopping in Japan is a big deal.

The Tokyo DisneySea Hotel Miracosta

The Tokyo DisneySea Hotel Miracosta. Photo by The Gaijin Ghost.

7. Guests with vacation packages are also privy to a special ticket holder with a Free Drinks Ticket that gets you one complimentary soft drink per visit at participating outlets.

8. There is also a small array of original goods offered to vacation package guests, such as a souvenir photo frame or tote bag.

Finally, if you are interested in staying at one of Japan’s four Disney hotels, or at one of the other official hotels on the TDR monorail loop, booking a vacation package through Disney does appear to offer a better deal than if you just tried to book the hotel alone.

Duffy monorail on the Tokyo Disney Resort Line.

Duffy monorail on the Tokyo Disney Resort Line. Photo by The Gaijin Ghost.

In addition to the perks listed above, your park tickets are, of course, included in the package, as is a free monorail pass. (Because of railway laws in Japan, the monorail here normally levies a charge.) And in many cases, the packages they are offering look to be about the same, if not a little cheaper, than a hotel stay by itself. Prices start at about 45,000 yen for a two-day, one-night package, and move upwards from there, to over 100,000 yen, in some cases.

In the past, TDR’s online reservation system has proven somewhat unreliable with regards to accepting credit cards issued outside Japan. For some reason, the English version of the TDR website only has a bare-bones selection of packages, as well. So if this is something you are interested in, you would probably be better served using Google translate to try and make your way through the Japanese website.

The good thing is, a credit card is not absolutely necessary. You can also pay by way of bank transfer, postal service transfer, or convenience store transfer.

So what are you waiting for? Book a vacation package!

Feature photo and ride gallery photos by The Gaijin Ghost. Follow him on Twitter.

TDR Vacation Package Logo

Image via the official Tokyo Disney Resort website.

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  1. Roz Azak

    I was looking at this while researching my upcoming trip…I was under the impression that you could only stay at the Ambassador hotel?

  2. Ashley Graham-Watanabe

    That was my understanding. This would make my day if packages could be booked at Miracosta or Disneyland Hotel!!

  3. Roz Azak

    well I just had a go at the Japanese booking site and my jaw just dropped! lol….so many options (YES MIRACOSTA!) and programmes! I think I will give them a call tomorrow to see if I can change my booking 😀

  4. Lewdannie

    I struggled with the translation on Chrome, and so gave them a call and eventually got a translator and finally was told that only folk in Japan can book the expanded packages on offer.
    In hunting around the website I did see this statement near the top of this page
    “※ It will be a limited service for residents living in Japan”
    If so, it is pretty disappointing as they look great, but having said that I never got to drill down to the exact price.
    Not giving up just yet.

  5. Roz

    Yes I just got off the phone with 2 operators, the first one said only Ambassador was available while the second explained that only the Ambassador packages was available for foreigners. The other hotel packages can only be booked by Japan residents. I also asked if I could book it myself online and she (they) explained that you need to register a local address. I believe they also have a policy thatthe one booking the package also has to stay? meaning that you can’t ask a friend to book on behalf (I think). Argh! So sad…but glad to have gotten it clarified.

  6. Nobu Park

    Just a minor correction on number 7, the Free Drink ticket gets you unlimited drinks throughout your resort stay. You can use and abuse this feature with their specialty drinks. I personally think this is one of the best reasons to get a package. Yes, I am shallow like that. 😉

  7. Lana Dang

    Hi! I’m trying to find more information about the packages, but it’s so limited? Did you get a list of places where you can redeem g and what drinks after booking? Also what you do mean about specialty drinks?


  8. Nobu Park

    Vacation Packages include a guidebook that details the benefits of the type of package you got. The Free Drink benefit is included in most but not all packages. The guidebook has a list of types of drinks you can get and where. Specialty drinks go above your regular sodas because it is either they are themed to the restaurant and/or they have extras in them like ice cream, tapioca, jelly, etc.

  9. D23 Expo Japan 2018 Details & Tickets | TDR Explorer

    […] * Most vacation packages for Tokyo Disney Resort are only available to residents of Japan. There is one package available to residents outside of Japan, but it’s not clear at this time if D23 Tickets are available through this package. We will update once we know more. For more on Tokyo Disney Resort Vacation Packages read our recent post. […]

  10. Lucy

    I’m planning a trip there in January 2018, but I want to spend 4 nights at the resort and apparently there are only packages for 1 or 2 nights. Am I wrong?

  11. Budi Santoso

    Thanks a lot for the useful information. I’m wondering about the multiple fastpasses that come in the vacation package. Are they going to give one fast pass per person (that can be used to reserve 6 fast passes), or is it going to be 6 different tickets per person? That way, a group of 4 persons can just get 2 vacation packages while the other 2 people ordered the room and park tickets the regular way (and save some money while still getting 3 fastpasses each). Thanks a lot!

  12. Elizabeth Ann

    You can now choose between the Ambassador, Disneyland Hotel, and MiraCosta. However, you have to have a minimum of two guests, and it appears the longest stay you can book through the package is 2 nights.

  13. Andy

    When are you allowed to pick up the Vacation Package? Are we allowed to pick it up a day earlier? If not, how would that impact the Day 1 schedule (8am go to welcome center and pick up package/ dropping off luggage, Go to park?)?

  14. Eve

    Thanks for the great review! BTW, what do you mean “first dibs” of getting priority seating ticket in restaurant? I could not find any related information in official website

  15. Drew

    Trying to book a family vacation package for 2 nights (2 adults, 3 kids) for January 2019, and there is absolutely no availability In January or in fact any time between Oct 2018 and Feb 2019. Maybe 5 people just can’t book a vacation package?

  16. Aswin

    I am just finishing a vacation package in October 2018. I read through the article and there seems to be some error. DO NOT BOOK VACATION PACKAGE . ITS NOT WORTH THE EXPENSE .
    The vacation package is costlier than booking the hotel and disneyland and disneysea tickets separately . In my case, the difference was almost 100,000 yen . The additional advantages do not deserve the additional expense. The Fastpass tickets work out to about 2 a person per day which is really not a lot. It might save you about an hour of waiting. The rest like additional drinks – how many drinks can you drink a day?
    They have advertised goodies like ticket holders and original goods. Believe me, they ‘re not worth it. I got a small water flask and a pouch with pen and pad. And guess what, they do not have any disney character. They say Vacation package on the top. If you imagined a disney plush toy or any of the disney goods seen in the store, these are not it.

    The shows are limited to one per package and they are very difficult to get your hands on. I don’t know if the higher priced packages have better deals but my package was definitely not value for money.

    Please don’t think that I did not enjoy the vacation.disneyland and disneysea are awesome and the hotel is worth it . But the additional 100000 yen for 4 people seems like Disney is just out to loot money. With the opening of Disneyland Shanghai and multiple other attractions in Tokyo, I guess the revenue has started decreasing. But cheating customers in a scheme like this seems a bit too underhanded .

  17. Joshua

    I started looking at this and I think that they updated the packages to allow all the hotels now.
    I line int he US and was able to book 2 packages (staying for 5 days) for Hotel Miracosta Venice side in May 2019 for 2 adults.

    My only complaint is the limit/minimal offerings in the plans on the English Site..
    If you look at the 3 Day Standard Package on the English and Japanese Sites they are identical for the most part, 5 Fastpasses, Free Drink, Park Tickets, etc..on the Japan site the package gives the option of either Breakfast or Lunch where the English site only allows Breakfast at the hotel (doesn’t even get the option for room service like the Japan site).

    I did call and explain what I was looking to do and the best answers i got was unfortunately they can’t make changes in the system once you choose a restaurant and they are unable to select the plan on the Japan site for you.

  18. Sri

    Hi I have few questions on the vacation package, kindly help to clarify.In Disney vacation packages they are offering 8 fast pass tickets, I would like to know..

    1) If we are two people staying in for 3 days, how many fast pass tickets per person and per day would be given?.

    2) Are these fast pass tickets onetime use only?. By which, we cannot reuse them?.

    3) The park entry ticket given through vacation packages, when used at fast pass ticket machine, will have no waiting time for another ticket?.

  19. Terrence Knight

    Im interested about the fast passes too. Is it like 5 passes altogether or 5 passes per person? Or is it 5 passes per day?Im not even sure what im talking about but it would be awesome to get a bit of clarity about it.

  20. hkdl

    Hi, and I just confued with some issues after my reservation.
    The package stated that I can only get my tickets and relative documents (e.g. fastpass guide etc) on the day I check in, so , the center opening is 0830-0845, the problem is I can’t use “Happy 15 minutes” to entry the park. Do anyone realize the contradiction ?
    Thanks for answering me

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