Apple Tea Soda is the Best Drink at Tokyo Disney Resort

If you’ve watched my videos or flipped through my guidebook, you’ll quickly learn that my favourite soft drink is the magical Apple Tea Soda. This drink has changed my life, arguably for the better. It’s an exclusive drink you’ll only find at Tokyo Disney Resort, and I’ve converted many of you to connoisseurs of this life-changing beverage.

Apple Tea Soda is the perfect beverage, combining the smooth flavour of black tea with apple sweetness (with a hint of sourness) and the mouth-tingling feel of soda. While it’s a bit on the sweet side, I don’t find it anywhere as sweet compared to soft drinks from Canada or the US.

The drink is made by Kirin, one of the sponsors at Tokyo Disney Resort. While the company is known for its beer, it also produces other non-alcoholic beverages. A famous line called “Gogo-no-kocha” has various teas, such as Lemon Tea and Milk Tea, that you’ll find in stores across Japan.

But let’s get back to this exclusive drink at Tokyo Disney Resort. You’re wondering, “Chris, where can I find this magical drink you speak of?” Well, you’re in luck. I’m going to tell you.

Where to buy Apple Tea Soda at Tokyo Disney Resort

Apple Tea Soda from Pan Galactic Pizza Port
Pan Galactic Pizza Port is one restaurant where you can find this drink.

My beloved Apple Tea Soda isn’t available everywhere, so to save you time, I’ve gone through every restaurant menu so you can find out where to enjoy this exquisite elixir!

Tokyo Disneyland

  • Captain Hooks Galley
  • Pan Galactic Pizza Port
  • Huey, Dewey and Louie’s Good Time Cafe
  • Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall
  • Troubadour Tavern
  • Royal Street Veranda

Tokyo DisneySea

  • Zambini Brothers’ Ristorante
  • Casbah Food Court
  • Royal Banquet of Ardenelle
  • Lookout Cookout
  • Tropic Al’s
  • Yucatan Base Camp Grill
  • Horizon Bay Restaurant
  • S.S. Columbia Dining Room

You’ll see the drink written as “Gogo-no-Kotcha Apple Tea Soda” in English or “午後の紅茶 アップルティーソーダ” and starts at 360 yen for a drink (the price varies when it’s at a table service restaurant).

Use your Vacation Package drink ticket

A great way to drink as much Apple Tea Soda as you can stomach is by taking advantage of the unlimited drink ticket included with all Tokyo Disney Resort Vacation Packages. Most of the restaurants that I listed will accept drink tickets. If you’re unsure, you can show the ticket to the Cast Members, and they’ll understand.

Watch my YouTube video above, where I show you how the drink ticket works.

Can you buy Apple Tea Soda outside Tokyo Disney Resort?

The short answer is no. From the winter months of 2014 to 2017, Kirin sold the Tokyo Disney exclusive beverage in stores across Japan. You bet I bought them by the case when I saw them at the grocery store.

Apple Tea Soda sold in stores across Japan from 2014 to 2017 in the winter months
Apple Tea Soda sold in bottles in stores throughout Japan until 2017

Sadly, after 2017, the drinks went away and were locked behind the ticket gates of Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea. Perhaps one day, my beloved soda will be available again to everyone in Japan.

There are Apple Tea, Apple Soda, and Apple Squash drinks throughout Japan, but none are Apple Tea Soda. If you want a similar drink, the Apple Soda from Muji is close. It’s missing the tea flavour but nails the apple soda perfectly. Muji is a famous store across Japan.

Apple Soda is the closest I’ve found outside the parks and is easily found. Most Muji stores in Japan carry it.

Kirin sells “Apple Tea Plus” in stores across Japan (the plus means it contains prebiotics called “Galactooligosaccharide“). While it has the same apple taste, it lacks the tea.

I can talk about my beloved Apple Tea Soda all day, but know it’s one of those quintessential drinks at Tokyo Dinsey Resort you must try. I’m not being dramatic when I say it’s my all-time favourite drink. Pair it with the Green Alien Mochi, and you’ll live your best life.

Give it a try, and thank me in the comments.

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