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Here at TDR Explorer, we do our best to cover the most important aspects about travel to Asia ā€” specifically Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Shanghai Disneyland. Our premium e-book travel guides have incredible in-depth information that covers every aspect of planning a trip to Asia:

TDR Explorer Guide to Tokyo Disney Resort Cover

With over 1400 copies sold, our most popular travel guide has become an essential tool for planning a trip to one of the most popular theme parks in Japan.

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TDR Explorer Guide to Universal Studios Japan Cover

Our newest travel guide teaches you everything you need to know to plan a trip to Universal Studios Japan in Osaka. Also includes chapters on traveling to Osaka and Kyoto!

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These two are a must for any Explorer who wants to plan the perfect trip to Japan with some of the most popular theme parks in the world as the main focus.


In addition, we also have free planning guides to help you get started:

Even after all your research, you may still have a few questions. That’s OK, we’re here to help the best we can. After you’ve gone through our resources above, here’s how you can ask us more questions.

While we do appreciate any and all questions, we are unable to respond to any requests asking us to buy any merchandise or make reservations on your behalf.

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As a perk for supporting us on Patreon (among other rewards), I answer all questions. Besides answering questions directly, I also do a monthly 60-minute live stream where you can throw all your questions at me!

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Another great way to get in touch is directly through email. Send us your questions to [email protected]. Due to the volume of questions we receive on a daily basis, we’ll try to get to your questions in a timely manner.

šŸ—£ Personalised Trip Planning Consulting

If you’d prefer a one-on-one trip planning session, then this is an excellent way to do so. You’ll get to sit down with me (TDR Explorer) and I’ll help you plan out your trip and answer questions you may have.

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Over 1500 copies sold!

Stressed about visting Tokyo Disneyland?

Our e-book to take the stress out of planning your trip to Tokyo Disneyland & Tokyo DisneySea. Learn the best tips & advice from years of experience of living in Japan and visiting the Parks.
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The TDR Explorer Guide to Tokyo Disney Resort