“Be Magical” Duffy Costume Re-Released on December 1st, 2015

Last year Tokyo Disney Resort held a poll asking guests what their top 3 Duffy costumes were. The top 3 costumes would be re-issued for a limited time for Duffy’s 10th Anniversary. The #1 voted costume by fans has finally been revealed! Check out the costumes which placed second and third.

The “Be Magical” costume is available starting December 1st, 2015 for a limited time at Tokyo DisneySea! This costume had a limited run during the 10th Anniversary of Tokyo DisneySea, simply named “Be Magical”. Two costumes are re-issued, one for Duffy and the other for Shellie May. Along with small character badges (plush keychains).

Be Magical Duffy Costume Be Magical Duffy Plush Keychain

Be Magical Shellie May Costume

All photos and information from the official Tokyo Disney Resort Blog.

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  1. jingorokitty

    To be honest, I’m very disappointed that this was the number 1 costume. There were so many other much more interesting and earlier costumes that I wish I could have had an opportunity to purchase. The only one I got from the top 3 was the pajama set.

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