‘Believe! Sea of Dreams’ Nighttime Spectacular Debuts at DisneySea

The highly anticipated new nighttime spectacular “Believe! Sea of Dreams” finally made its triumphant debut at Tokyo DisneySea on November 11, 2022.

Believe! Sea of Dreams

“Believe! Sea of Dreams” transforms Tokyo DisneySea’s Mediterranean Harbor with large boats flanked with high-definition screens gliding dynamically over the water’s surface, bright lasers and searchlights illuminating the night sky and, for the first time, projection mapping on the walls of Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta.

© Disney

The show follows Peter Pan and Wendy as they set sail on a golden pirate ship to visit the “Sea of Dreams” and meet the “wishing stars” that are their Disney friends. The show largely focuses on characters from modern Disney and Pixar films including Moana, Miguel from Coco, Rapunzel from Tangled, and Elsa from Frozen.

© Disney

Disney has shared some photos of this incredible show. Click to enlarge each photo.

© Disney

Show Information

Performance location: Mediterranean Harbor
Performance time: Approximately 30 minutes
Number of performances: Once a day
Characters: Peter Pan, Wendy, Aladdin, Rapunzel, Miguel, Ariel, Moana, Elsa, plus more.
Total investment: Approximately 9.5 billion yen

Viewing Locations

You can find a spot around the Mediterranean Harbor to watch the show. However, some areas are reserved for the following:

This is what the different reserved areas look like © Disney

As for the areas where you don’t have to pay extra or enter a lottery, there are a few spots. You can see the numbered areas below: 3, 4, and 5.

You’ll notice spots 2, 1, and 6 are in the map above for the paid or lottery areas. However, it’s not clear if in these areas you can also watch from if you’re further back without having to pay or enter the lottery.

© Disney

Once the show begins, we’ll see what areas are the best viewing spots.


Japanese singer and songwriter MISIA performs the theme song for the new night-time spectacular. The song, Every Wish Deserves a Dream, marks the first time MISIA has collaborated with Tokyo Disney Resort since the 5th anniversary of Tokyo DisneySea in 2006 which featured the iconic theme song “Sea of Dreams”.

© Disney

Tokyo Disney Resort has announced the release of the soundtrack of “Believe! Sea of Dreams” including music from the new nighttime show. The soundtrack, which is priced at ¥2,750, will be available for presale on November 16, 2022, with a general release on November 30.


© Disney

A large range of Merchandise themed “Believe! Sea of Dreams” is available at Emporio at Mediterranean, along with with a unique popcorn bucket inspired by the show. The collection features Mickey and Minnie sailing on a glittering ship, along with Disney friends featured in the new nighttime show

Behind The Scenes

Tokyo Disney Resort has provided some behind-the-scenes footage showing the development process and rehearsals of the show. The footage gives us a sneak peek at the impressive projection mapping used on Mediterranean Harbor along with a look at the performance barges and the talent which will bring the new nighttime spectacular to life.

Information and Images from Oriental Land Company

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