The Best Souvenir from Tokyo Disneyland

One of the biggest struggles you’ll have at Tokyo Disney Resort is deciding what souvenirs to buy friends and family. There’s so much variety to choose from. Once you start buying merchandise, it all begins to take up precious luggage space! That’s space you could use to bring back at least 5 adorable popcorn buckets.

After visiting Tokyo Disneyland for years, I’ve found the perfect souvenir that has always brought a smile to anyone’s face. The best part is it’s cheap, doesn’t take up luggage space, and is super simple to buy.

What is it, you ask? Great question. I’ll explain.

The best souvenir to buy at Tokyo Disneyland

If you’ve done any research or browsed Instagram, you’ve learned by now that Tokyo Disneyland is all about the merchandise. It changes on a regular basis and rotates out with the seasonal events.

Admit it, you plan on spending more money on yourself than anyone else. Don’t worry, I don’t judge because I do the exact same thing. However, you should get something cute and unique for those Explorers back home!

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OK, what is it? Tell me!

Postcard Tokyo DisneySea

Colourful postcard for the Christmas season at Tokyo DisneySea. The design is different at Tokyo Disneyland, too.

Japan is known for its stationery, and postcards are a staple when it comes to souvenirs. It comes with no surprise that Tokyo Disney Resort offers cute, colourful, and seasonal postcards.

Yes, sending a postcard is, in my humble opinion, the best and one of the cheapest souvenirs you can buy! The postcards are made with quality stock paper, gorgeous designs, and comes with a special touch when mailed from the Resort.

What I love to do is after mailing some to family and friends is to send some to myself! It’s a fun way to have a short journal entry about your trip. By the time you get home, you’ll have some waiting for you!

Where to buy a postcard at Tokyo Disneyland

Bon Voyage at Tokyo Disney Resort

Bon Voyage is a great place to buy postcards without having to go into the Park.

While you’re able to find postcards in quite a few of the shops at both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea, the best places to find them are:

  • House of Greetings (Tokyo Disneyland)
  • Il Postino Stationery (Tokyo DisneySea)
  • Bon Voyage (Walkway to Tokyo Disneyland)

There are both regular postcards found year-round and seasonal ones that are themed to the current event at the Park!

One postcard costs you about ¥210 (about $2.00 US).

How to buy postage stamps at Tokyo Disneyland

Postage Stamps Japan Internationally

To mail a postcard or letter internationally, it’ll cost you 70 yen. The postage stamps go on the top left. (Don’t worry, the Cast Member will tell you).

When you buy your postcard, you’ll need to ask for a postage stamp. To send one postcard internationally, it’ll cost 70円 ($0.65 US) with two stamps. The stamps go in the top corner, so make sure you don’t write in this space so you don’t cover it up with the stamp. Ask the Cast Member at the register in the stores I mentioned above.

  • English: May I get a stamp, please?
  • Japanese: kitte o-ne-gai-shimasu
  • 日本語: 切手お願いします。

I’ve simplified what to say above, but the Cast Member will understand you, then simply point out how many postcards you have. The Cast Member will pull out a wet sponge pad for you to stick the postage stamps on your postcards. No licking needed!

It’s always best to learn a few Japanese phrases while travelling to Japan. Here’s a great place to start learning basic Japanese words for your trip!

Where to write on your postcards

Writing Station Tokyo Disneyland
Both “House of Greetings” and “Il Postino Stationery” mentioned above have small desks for you to write your postcards. How convenient is that? You’ll have to have your own pen, though, so I recommend buying a cute one.

You can write the address of the Explorer you’re sending it to in English or Roman characters on the top right corner.

How to mail a postcard from Tokyo Disneyland

Postcard Tokyo Disneyland
Once you’re done writing on your postcards, it’s time to find a post box! Don’t worry, there are ones outside of House of Greetings and Il Postino. You’ll also find them throughout the Resort.

What makes these postcards special?

Commemorative Stamp Tokyo Disney Postcard

Not only are they relatively cheap for souvenirs, but there’s also one important detail I haven’t mentioned yet.

Every month the Resort puts a special red ink stamp on the back of the postcard (where you write your message). This stamp goes OVER your message; it’s applied AFTER you mail it. The stamp is unique for both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea. That means, if you were to send a postcard each month from each Park, you won’t see the same stamp twice.

You’ll see what the special stamps look like at the writing stations I explained above. How awesome is that?

This also applies to letters if you’d like to mail them from the Resort. Ask for stamps the same way you do for postcards.

Save yourself luggage space

We all know you want to save as much time, money, and luggage space as possible while on vacation. Sending a postcard is the best souvenir you can buy someone, seriously.

Or if you know someone that is going, ask them to send you a postcard! It’ll make their life easier without having to scour the shops trying to find you the perfect gift. That’s what friends do, right?

Have you mailed a postcard before from Tokyo Disney Resort? Tell me in the comments!

Best Souvenir from Tokyo Disneyland Pinterest

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    Nice tip. Quick question, do the stamps go on the top right corner or top left? Do you need to address the card in a specific way for the Tokyo resport to read it?

  3. Monica

    Yes, my teen daughter sent postcards to her grandparents and uncles from MiraCosta Hotel when we were there a few months ago. We were unaware of the special handling of postcards to be mailed. Wr expected that the postcards would simply be tossed into a mailbox or maybe a pile to be mailed. However, we were very pleasantly surprised by the process! My daughter still talks about the very meticulous way that the cast member handled her postcards. First he had her choose between 2 colored inks (red vs, green), gave her samples of each on MiraCosta stationarybas souvenirs, then he took his time ensuring that the inkstamp was perfectly centered on the postcard. This created such an impression on my daughter because it was just another instance of the Japanese doing their very best and taking pride in everything they do, even for such a simple task like stamping a postcard. He made her feel like he had all the time in the world for her and she felt so special!

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