Best Snacks at Universal Studios Japan (Under $5)

Universal Studios Japan is a must for anyone visiting the Kansai area of Japan (Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Kobe, etc). The park offers seasonal events (Cool Japan and Halloween Horror Nights), one of the best roller coasters I’ve experienced (The Flying Dinosaur), and don’t forget about The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Food plays an important part of your day while you’re bouncing from attraction to attraction. The park has delicious, cute, and downright bizarre food to enjoy. Here’s my list of best snacks at Universal Studios Japan. What’s fantastic is that a lot of these are budget-friendly at a cost under ¥600 ($5 USD).

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Interactive Map

Pro Tip: Use our interactive map to plan your day and make sure you don’t miss your must-try snack! Click or tap the pins to see which item is available at that location (powered by Stroly).


A trip to any theme park is not complete without eating as many empty calories as possible. These snacks not only taste great, but a few of them are pretty to look at, too.

Minions Chocolate Banana Churro

I’m a huge fan of banana and this churro features small candied bananas and is full of chocolate flavour. I’m not afraid to admit that I think the Minions are cute.

  • Minions Chocolate Banana Churro
  • Cost: ¥550 ($5 USD)
  • Where: Food carts in front of Minion Park
Minions Cookie Sandwich

My favourite is the Baked Marshmallow and Mango Mousse. Other flavours include: Fruits & Cream, Tiramisu, Banana-Flavoured Ice Cream & Fruits

  • Minions Cookie Sandwich (various flavours)
  • Cost: ¥500 ($4 USD)
  • Where: Delicious Me! The Cookie Kitchen (left-side inside entrance of Minion Park)
Jaws Cake

Light, fluffy, and not a dessert you’d expect. Who would have thought you could make Jaws into an adorable dessert? Bonus points for actually tasting good, too!

  • Jaws Cake (Cream Soda Swiss Roll)
  • Cost: ¥500 ($4 USD)
  • Where: Amity Landing Restaurant (Amity Village)

You can’t visit Universal Studios Japan without having Butterbeer. In the summer you can get the frozen version, and in the winter you can have it hot.

  • Butterbeer
  • Cost: ¥600 ($5 USD)
  • Where: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
Minion Splash Lemonade

A perfect refreshing lemonade drink.

  • Minion Splash Lemonade
  • Cost: ¥550
  • Where: Fast Louie’s just outside Minion Park in New York


Sometimes you want more than just empty calories. I’ll warn you, some of these are a bit too cute to eat.

Elmo Steamed Bun

Who knew Elmo would taste so good?

  • Elmo Steamed Bun (Chicken Teriyaki)
  • Cost: ¥450 ($3.50 USD)
  • Where: In front of the entrance to Universal Wonderland
Stewed Pork Bun

Just like Elmo, this is almost too cute to eat. This makes for a great snack.

  • Minion Stewed Pork Bun
  • Cost: ¥550 ($4.50 USD)
  • Where: In front of Minion Park and other locations
Turkey Leg Popcorn

Turkey leg popcorn.  Yes, you read that right. It has a bit of a kick to it, too. Best have a drink on hand.

  • Turkey Leg Popcorn
  • Cost: ¥450 ($3.50 USD)
  • Where: Jurassic Park along the pathway (you won’t miss it)

Honourable Mentions

These are snacks I haven’t tried yet (but look delicious) or are only available for a specific event or limited time. For a list of more snacks, check the Japanese website (the English site lacks updated food information).

Hello Kitty Chucky Bun

Another unexpected snack that combines Hello Kitty and Chucky from Child’s Play into a satisfying steamed bun.

  • Hello Kitty Chucky Bun with Tomato Curry Filling (Only during Halloween Horror Nights)
  • Cost: ¥690 ($6.50 USD)
  • Where: New York Area
  • Check out our vlog for Halloween Horror Nights
Cactaur Thousand Needles Churritos

The most flavourful and most extra churro I’ve had. Still not sure if the flavour is either Melon or Green Apple, though. This is from the Final Fantasy video game series.

  • Cactaur “Thousand Needles” Churritos (Only during Cool Japan until June 24)
  • Cost: ¥550 ($5 USD)
  • Where: In front of Final Fantasy XR The Ride in Hollywood
  • Check out our vlog for Cool Japan 2018
Recovery Drink G Hot Matcha with Honey

This was a surprise in terms of how delicious it was. The matcha and honey taste great together. The little container has pop rocks that make your drink bubble like a potion. That’s clever. This is from the Monster Hunter video game series.

  • Recovery Drink G Hot Matcha with Honey (Only during Cool Japan until June 24)
  • Cost: ¥600 ($5 USD)
  • Where: Hollywood

There’s a number of Minion snacks I have to try next time I visit (see what’s available here). You’ll find these items in and around Minion Park:

  • Mini Pizza Steamed Buns (Mozzarella)
  • Sundae
  • Cream Puffs

Explorer Thoughts?

Have you tried anything from the list? Is there anything else you’d like to add? Let us know in the comments! Watch our full video below of everything discussed above.

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