Black Sausage Hot Dog Review

No, this hot dog is not mouldy. It is Halloween time at Tokyo DisneySea! You can find this interesting looking hot dog for ¥410 at the Delectably Catering cart in New York for a limited time.

What Is Inside

You get a black sausage hot dog dyed with squid ink, and a ghost white bun. You can add ketchup and/or mustard with packets they provide.

Black Sausage Hot Dog at Tokyo DisneySea

Black hot dog, white bun, and ketchup & mustard to top it all off.


You get two ends of the colour spectrum with this snack. A black sausage hot dog and a white bun. The contrast between the two is quite photogenic. The packaging is quite detailed and adds a needed detail to the very “plain” looking hot dog and bun.

Black Sausage Hot Dog at Tokyo DisneySea

The contrast in colours is quite nice.

Black Sausage Hot Dog at Tokyo DisneySea Packaging

The packaging is nicely detailed. Made it difficult to throw away.

How is it?

The taste is that of a sausage hot dog in a bun. The colouring does not add any different flavours to it. It is just for show. So, if you’re wanting a hot dog than you’re good to have this. Just expect a lot of weird looks from your friends.

Should You Get It?

If you’re not a fan of the Black Gyoza we reviewed earlier, then this is a safer bet in terms of flavour. Or if you have a picky eater in your party. The colours alone make it worth the wait.

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