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The online reservation system to book a Tokyo Disney Resort hotel is a frustrating experience (read how to book a hotel here). The biggest issue is your credit card may or may not work. It’s been improving but it’s still not at the level it should be.

It was brought to our attention that a select number of Tokyo Disney Resort hotels are now available to book on I am not sure how long you’ve been able to do this, but it’s new to me!

This is fantastic news and helps eliminate frustration with booking a Disney Hotel at Tokyo Disney Resort.

You’re able to select from a different number of rooms at each hotel (including themed rooms such as Beauty and the Beast at the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel). You may even get a small discount compared to the official website.

Disney Ambassador Hotel Review Tokyo Disney Resort

You may be able to link your reservation with your Tokyo Disney Resort account to make dinner reservations in English online (read our dining guide on how to make dinner reservations). There’s a section of the English reservation system (after you create a user and login) that says the following:

Click here if you booked through the Tokyo Disney Resort Reservations Center, or if you booked online without registering as a user.

The link wasn’t working properly (see what I mean about it being frustrating), so I wasn’t able to confirm if a reservation made with can be linked to your Tokyo Disney Resort account. If anyone knows if you’re able to do this, please let us know.

I always advocate booking Disney Hotels through official sources if possible. But, the reservation system for Tokyo Disney Resort is infuriating and makes booking easy and is a well-known company (I haven’t used them yet but plan to make a reservation next time).

A few things to note:

  • Not all dates are available on (they only get so many rooms)
    • Tokyo Disney Resort opens reservations 5 months in advance on their site so don’t expect rooms any further out than that
  • offer free cancellation on the Tokyo Disney Resort Hotels
  • Always read the fine print on to avoid any surprises
  • Since you’re Guest at a Tokyo Disney Resort Hotel you’ll be able to buy your tickets at the hotel with cash or credit card (guaranteed entry into the parks even on capacity days)

Check out our Tokyo Disney Resort Hotels page for reviews, video room tours, and non-Disney hotel recommendations. Don’t forget to read our full guide to learn everything about these wonderful hotels.

If you have booked a stay with and already went on your trip, let us know how the experience was!

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  1. Mark Oldfield

    We like the peace of mind of booking directly. One suggestion is to call your credit card company in advance of making the reservation to alert them of when you plan to book and the approximate amount of the deposit. Also use a credit card with no transaction fees for international purchases. This worked seamlessly for us. Also note reservations now go live five months out at 9:00 EST (at least for Miracosta, assume same for the other resorts).

  2. FlynnWriter

    Booking hotel rooms at TDL is more complicated and frustrating than staging a moon launch! When will they just copy the rest of the Disney sites and join the 21st century?

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