Toy Story’s Buttercup the Unicorn Merchandise at Tokyo Disney Resort

Tokyo Disney Resort has unveiled a new range of Toy Story merchandise starring Buttercup the unicorn.

The “not as sweet as you think” character appears on clothing, hair accessories, towels and an adorable pass case. There’s also a pair of purple Minnie ears!

All the items go on sale on March 1, 2019, at Planet M in Tokyo Disneyland, and Steamboat Mickey’s at DisneySea. Some items may be available in Bon Voyage and the Resort Hotel shops as well.

We love it when Tokyo Disney Resort mixes things up with merchandise featuring less prominent Disney characters. Right now guests can find limited-time Scrooge McDuck, Gus Goose and Professor Von Drake plush badges as part of the Duck Family Chocolate competition.

For more merchandise check out our Tokyo Disney Resort Merchandise 2019 List & Prices.

Buttercup Merchandise


Information and images from the Tokyo Disney Resort website.

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