Guide to Buying Park Tickets for Tokyo Disney Resort

Buying park tickets is a bit confusing, even in English. Follow our updated comprehensive guide to purchasing Park tickets, and find out ways to save money. Once you buy your tickets, don’t forget to start planning the rest of your trip with our Ultimate Guide to Tokyo Disney Resort!

If you want to buy your tickets now, I recommend buying your tickets in advance through Klook. It’s the easiest way to buy them online. They also offer discount tickets for a variety of attractions in Tokyo. Use our discount code KLKTDREX and save off your first order. Additional information is here.


  • You can buy tickets for up to 4 days (consecutive)
  • You cannot Park hop with a 1 or 2-day Park ticket
  • On a 2-day Park ticket, you can choose to visit both Parks (1 each day) or visit the same Park both days
  • On a 3-day or 4-day ticket, you can park hop on the 3rd and 4th day
  • Multi-day passports must be used consecutively
    • If you wish to split your days, you have to buy separate tickets
Ticket TypeAdult (18 years & older)Junior (Ages 12-17)Child (Ages 4-11)
1-Day Passport¥7,400 (~$66 USD)¥6,400 (~$57 USD)¥4,800 (~$43 USD)
Senior Passport (Ages 65 & over)¥6,700 (~$60 USD)
2-Day Passport¥13,200 (~$117 USD)¥11,600 (~$103 USD)¥8,600 (~$76 USD)
3-Day Magic Passport¥17,800 (~$158 USD)¥15,500 (~$138 USD)¥11,500 (~$102 USD)
4-Day Magic Passport¥22,400 (~$199 USD)¥19,400 (~$172 USD)¥14,400 (~$128 USD)
Starlight Passport¥5,400 (~$48 USD)¥4,700 (~$42 USD)¥3,500 (~$31 USD)
After 6 Passport¥4,200 (~$37 USD)
  • Starlight Passports are for Park admission after 15:00 on Saturdays, Sundays, and National Holidays only.
  • After 6 Passports are for Park admission after 18:00 on weekdays (excluding National Holidays).
  • Check the Park operation calendar to see when these two cheaper tickets are offered.

Where to Buy

Tokyo Disneyland Park Tickets Overview

It’s best to buy your tickets in advance (up to 60 days):

You can buy tickets on the same day right at the ticket booths. However, if the Parks are at capacity, they will suspend sales of tickets until a specified time (they post this information outside the parks). If you are staying at the resort, you can buy tickets when you book your hotel. Hotel guests are also guaranteed Park admittance.

Check the crowd calendar to see predicted days the park may reach capacity.

Cast members in both locations are very helpful and give service in English.

Park Tickets from Klook

Klook Tokyo Disney Resort Tickets

One service we recommend is Klook. They offer ticket for both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea. They accept all major credit cards and PayPal, which is perfect if you are unable to buy tickets from the official website. Use our discount code KLKTDREX and save off your first order.

You print off the e-ticket and that is your ticket to get into the Park. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • 1-Day Park Ticket for Tokyo Disneyland OR Tokyo DisneySea
    • You should receive your voucher instantly after purchasing
  • 2-Day Park Ticket
    • You can visit Tokyo Disneyland one day, then Tokyo DisneySea on the other. Or visit the same park two days in a row.
    • It takes 2 business days to receive your tickets. Buy these ahead of time to give yourself time to receive the tickets. If you need a ticket immediately, buy the 1-day Park Ticket and upgrade once at the park.
  • Guests can extend this ticket — while still valid — to a 3-day or 4-day ticket.
    • Days 3 and 4 are park hopper days
  • Guests with this ticket are able to enter the park even when the park is at capacity (suspended ticket sales).
  • Guests can exchange this ticket for a printed ticket at any ticket booth or ticket center for a cost of ¥200.
  • You must present a print out of your ticket. As long as the QR code is readable you can print it on any sized paper.
  • To get FastPasses you fold the paper and have the QR scanner in the machine read it.
  • This ticket is labeled as an “Overseas Limited Passport” (海外限定パスポート).

Using a Non-Japanese Credit Card

To use a non-Japanese credit card with the Tokyo Disney Resort reservation system for both tickets & hotels, your card must have the 3-D Secure Authentication (MasterCard SecureCode and Verified by Visa).

There is more information on the official website, which lists which credit cards are accepted. If you can book successfully with your credit card, let us know what type of card you used in the comments. It appears that Amex is not accepted.

What to do if your Credit Card doesn’t work

If your credit card does not work with the Tokyo Disney Resort reservation system? You have a few options:

  • Buy your tickets through Klook.
  • Buy your tickets at select Disney Stores in Japan
  • Buy your tickets right at the resort before or on the day of your visit.
    • Be aware that on days which are at high capacity, they may suspend ticket sales for a certain amount of time. Check the crowd calendar to see if your dates are predicted to reach capacity.
  • Check with your local travel agent.
  • Ask a friend in Japan to buy tickets for you.

Hotel Guest Tickets

Guests staying at the Disney Hotels can buy a “Multi-Day Passport Special.” This allows visitors to Park hop on any day during their ticket, which is not available to regular ticket holders.

  • 2 Day Ticket: ¥14,800 ($131 USD)
  • 3 Day Ticket: ¥19,400 ($172 USD)
  • 4 Day Ticket: ¥24,000 ($212 USD)

All the tickets listed above are a ¥1,600 ($14 USD) difference to a normal ticket.

While it is up to you to decide if this is worth the extra money, we do not recommend this if it is your first visit. There is much to see and experience at the parks, that you can easily spend an entire day there. If your trip is short or you have visited in the past, then this is an excellent way to get the most out of your journey.

It’ll take you about 20 to 30 minutes to get between the parks on any given day, even with using the monorail.

Other Discounted Tickets

Toy Story Midway Mania Tokyo DisneySea

You can enjoy sights like this for much cheaper if you come after 6 pm.

If you’re not looking to spend all day in the Parks, there are some options to cut your ticket price. Two discounted passports are available on select days. Check the Parks Operation Calendar to see when they are available.

After 6 Passport

A discounted ticket for ¥4,200 ($37 USD) after 6 pm. It is available only on weekdays, except National Holidays. Admission is not guaranteed if the Parks are at capacity.

This is perfect if you wish to simply enjoy the Park and take in an evening show. Do not expect to ride many attractions or get FastPasses, unless the weather is not ideal.

Starlight Passport

Enjoy one Park for ¥5,400 ($48 USD) after 3 pm. This ticket is only available on weekends and National Holidays. While not much of a discount, it is still cheaper than the average adult ticket of 6,900 yen. That’s one other adorable plush to put into your suitcase!

Seasonal Discounted Tickets

Tokyo Disney Resort sometimes offers discounted tickets during their slow season (see our When Should You Visit Tokyo Disney Resort to find out when that is.) This is sometimes limited to residents in Japan. If you have a friend in Japan, ask them to buy tickets for you ahead of time. Discounts are not much and are usually around ¥700-800 (~$6-7 USD), but it is better than nothing.

Annual Passport (Annual Pass)

Tokyo Disney Resort 2-Park Annual Passport

2-Park Annual Passport. You get to choose the design you want.

Is it worth buying an annual passport? The short answer is no.

That is unless you plan on going to the parks more than eight days (that’s with buying a 1-Park Annual Passport). You also don’t get any notable perks, such as discounts on merchandise and hotel rooms.  However, you would be allowed into the Parks on high volume days only with the 1-Park Annual Passport.

  • 2-Park Annual Passport – ¥93,000 ($825USD)
  • 1-Park Annual Passport – ¥63,000 ($560USD)

Changing or Exchanging Your Ticket

Once you buy your ticket, you can change the following with a ¥200 fee. Take your tickets to Guest Services or the ticket booths.  There, you can:

  • Change the ticket date, type, Park, or expiration date.
  • Exchange your printed e-ticket (from the convenience store or through the official website) to a hard printed ticket. The designs vary. This is perfect if you want to have a ticket for a souvenir.
  • Reduce the number of days on your multi-day passport. This is ¥200 for each day you reduce, with an extra ¥200 per ticket.

Extending Your Passport

If you buy a 1 to a 3-day passport, you can extend it to a maximum of 4 days. To do this, go to the Guest Relations Center in either Park or at the Ticketing Center in Ikispari. Your passport must still be valid to be extended.

Tips & Advice

There’s a lot to take in, so here’s a quick summary of tips and advice:

  • Buy tickets in advance (up to 60 days).
  • Use Klook for your 1-day or 2-day Park tickets.
  • Most Disney Stores in Japan sell tickets (Shibuya and Ikebukuro).
  • If you are staying at a Disney Hotel, you are guaranteed entrance and can buy your tickets during your stay or online through your booking.
  • Save money by buying your ticket at the convenience store (Japanese only) or through the FUNderful Disney Club.
  • Save even more money if you buy a Starlight or After 6 Passport.
  • If ticket sales are suspended and you do NOT have a pre-purchased ticket for that day, you have to wait until they allow ticket sales again, which varies depending on the crowds.
  • An annual passport is only worth it if you plan on visiting more than 8-10 times in a year.
  • FUNderful Disney Club offers discount tickets throughout the year.
  • If you have a group of 25 or more, you can enjoy a discounted 1-Day Park Ticket for ¥6,700 for adults.

Start planning your trip to Tokyo Disneyland with our Ultimate Guide to Tokyo Disney Resort. It covers everything from tickets, hotels, and how to score discounts!

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  • Hello Phoebe. Yes, you can buy a 1-day pass for the same day at Family Mart. I went and checked for you 🙂

  • Hello!

    1. This is a multi-day passport only, so you cannot get it a park hopper for 1-day.
    2. Multi-day tickets MUST be used consecutively. As mentioned above 🙂

    Thank you.

  • Cindy Sutjiadi

    Hi, I’ve been doing extensive research on Disneyland and Disneysea and so far I think your page is the most helpful of all!! Quick question, I am planning to celebrate my birthday in Disneyland (finally I just recently decided after long days of thinking) and found that there is 1-Day Passport (Birthday Design) on the web. Will I get anything for my birthday using that pass?

  • Gwendoline Surget

    Hello, I have a question because we are going to tokyo next year (february) and we would like to go to Disney Sea. I saw that we can buy tickets at disney store like shibuya. Can we buy the ticket and use it the day after or another day ? We want to buy the tickets the day before our visit to disney sea.
    Thanks in advance for your answer.

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  • Chris10ag

    We are visiting Tokyo DisneySea on or around July 11th. We are on the fence wether we should stay in our Airbnb in Shinjuku or double book and stay near Disney the night prior. Should it be an issue getting into the park should we arrive an hour or two after park opening? We are slightly concerned with the long transit getting to the parks as well as the possibility of not being admitted because of the possibility that the park might be to capacity. This possibility also scares us away from wanting to pre-purchase tickets as well. We can still cancel the Shinjuku hotel but must do so by today. We could rebook and do our entire 4 night Tokyo stay near Disney instead. We need to stay in Shinjuku for at least one night because we have a tour leaving at 6:45am from Keio Plaza Hotel one day. So we’d need to double book a hotel over near there one night regardless. We wanted a “home base” to avoid dragging luggage around and moving, etc. Thank you for any advice that can be offered!

  • You don’t receive anything, it’s just a special design on your e-ticket.

  • It’s easy getting to the park from Shinjuku by train (takes about an hour) or you can take the Highway Bus from the Bus Terminal from Shinjuku Station which takes about 40 minutes.

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  • Reg

    Hi, i’m going to buy the ticket from klook, but it saya that the tickets cant be use on certain dates (special events), could you explain about the special events other than new year? Thanks

  • It’s special events when the park closes early and it’s invite only. Just pay attention to the park hours, if the park closes early then you’ll know there is a special event happening.

  • Tui

    My husband and I purchased tickets from Klook (lastnight) for Disneysea the night before the day we were expected to go (which was today) but we never made it to Disneysea because we were only sent a summary order and no tickets/etickets or any vouchers. We checked our bank account and the money has been taken out. We have tried to call customer service and email the support email provided and no response. I was hoping to get a response today so we can get the tickets for tomorrow. This is very disappointing hope someone can help.

  • Hello! Was this the 2-day ticket? The website indicates that it takes up to 2 business days to issue the ticket (a one-day ticket is instant).

    “You will receive a confirmation email and voucher email within 2 business days When you order on Friday,you can receive a confirmation email on next Monday afternoon(because of weekend)”

    You can buy a one-day ticket and upgrade it to a 2-day ticket once you are at the park.

    Klook should be able to issue you a refund for the 2-day ticket. I hope this helps.

    Thank you.

  • Kimberly Hartley

    Just want to clarify that if I can upgrade the Klook 2 day ticket to a 3 day once at the park that then the 3rd day would be a park hopper day?
    Thanks! 44 days!

  • Yes, you can upgrade your park ticket at the park and will be a park hopper on the 3rd and 4th days. We answer this question in the article:

    “Guests can extend this ticket — while still valid — to a 3-day or 4-day ticket.”

  • Eva U Monsalud

    Hi! I just purchased 1 day pass ticket this morning using Pay Pal. The website says INSTANT CONFIRMATION but I dint receive anything except for this message bellow after the purchased. Do I need to wait or I start to worry.

    Thank you for traveling with Klook! Your booking confirmation had been placed on hold as our Payment Gateway is carrying out further verification. This extra step is taken to ensure the safety of your account. We will be in touch within 24 hours. For any urgent matters, please contact us: email [email protected] or phone +852-3462-6208.

  • Hi Eva,

    Since we are just an affiliate, you will have to contact Klook directly.

    “In the event that you do not receive an email from us, please check your Spam folder or notify us via email”

    I hope this helps. Thank you!

  • Eva U Monsalud

    thank you. I do send email yesterday but unfortunately they are asking for more information. Klook false advertisement ” INSTANT CONFIRMATION” is not good. Im still waiting fro the confirmation and e-ticket hopefully they will send it today.

  • Amber Lenguyen

    How much does it cost to upgrade from a 2 day pass to a 3 day pass?

  • It’s the difference between the prices of the two tickets.

    1-Day Ticket: 13,200
    2-Day Ticket: 17,800

    Difference: 4,600

    Your third day is a park hopper day.

  • Joan Boiser

    Hi! I would like to ask if you can help me with this. I am planning to buy disney ticket now. My son is 11 years old but will be 12 during the day we will be in disney. What ticket should i buy for him? Thank you.

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  • Matt

    Hello, I’ll be visiting from Canada and found your website super helpful! I’ll be going in the first week of September and noticed during the weekdays that there are no After 6 passports, but “Natsu 5” passports – are these similar and can non-residents buy these as well? Can I buy these in advance or do I have to buy them at the park? Thanks!

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  • Som

    Hi! I wonder if i buy 2 days passport (one for disney sea and the other for Disneyland) , can i use non consecutive separate days . I mean i want to use 2 different day and not consecutive day eg first passport uses on 1/11 and another one use on 5/11) thx

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  • W KK

    Hi, may I know if I can upgrade the 2 day pass purchased from klook to 3 day pass? I have posted this question to klook but they told me they can’t guarantee that.