Guide to Buying Park Tickets for Tokyo Disney Resort

Buying your Park Tickets for Tokyo Disney Resort is a bit confusing. I’ve made this comprehensive guide to take the confusion and stress out of the process. I’ll even give you tips on how to save money or whether or not an Annual Passport is worth considering.

If you want to buy your tickets now, I recommend buying your tickets in advance through the Official WebsiteKlook or Voyagin (all tickets are upgradable to multi-day tickets at the Park), see this section for more details. It’s the easiest way to buy them online. See my recommendation for discounted activities in Tokyo to save even more. Use our Klook discount code KLKTDREX and get $4 USD off your first order.

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A quick note to how Park tickets work for Tokyo Disney Resort.

  • You can buy tickets for up to 4 days (consecutive)
  • You cannot Park hop with a 1 or 2-day Park ticket
  • On a 2-day Park ticket, you can choose to visit both Parks (1 each day) or visit the same Park both days
  • On a 3-day or 4-day ticket, you can park hop on the 3rd and 4th day
  • Multi-day passports must be used consecutively
    • If you wish to split your days, you have to buy separate tickets
  • If you’re a Disney Hotel or Official Hotel Guest you’re able to buy the tickets at your hotel (guaranteed admission) during your stay
Ticket TypeAdult (18 years & older)Junior (Ages 12-17)Child (Ages 4-11)
1-Day Passport¥7,400 (~$66 USD)¥6,400 (~$57 USD)¥4,800 (~$43 USD)
Senior Passport (Ages 65 & over)¥6,700 (~$60 USD)
2-Day Passport¥13,200 (~$117 USD)¥11,600 (~$103 USD)¥8,600 (~$76 USD)
3-Day Magic Passport¥17,800 (~$158 USD)¥15,500 (~$138 USD)¥11,500 (~$102 USD)
4-Day Magic Passport¥22,400 (~$199 USD)¥19,400 (~$172 USD)¥14,400 (~$128 USD)
Starlight Passport¥5,400 (~$48 USD)¥4,700 (~$42 USD)¥3,500 (~$31 USD)
After 6 Passport¥4,200 (~$37 USD)
  • Starlight Passports are for Park admission after 15:00 on Saturdays, Sundays, and National Holidays only.
  • After 6 Passports are for Park admission after 18:00 on weekdays (excluding National Holidays).
  • Check the Park operation calendar to see when these two cheaper tickets are offered.

How to Buy

Tokyo Disneyland Park Tickets Overview

Here’s a simple list of how to buy your tickets (available up to 60-days in advance):

You can buy tickets on the same day right at the ticket booths. However, if the Parks are at capacity, they will suspend sales of tickets until a specified time (they post this information outside the parks).

Check the crowd calendar to see predicted days the park may reach capacity. Cast members in both locations are very helpful and give service in English.

Disney & Official Hotel Guests

Amenity Kit Disney Ambassador Hotel Review Tokyo Disney Resort

Disney Ambassador Hotel at Tokyo Disney Resort

One of the best perks of staying at the Disney Hotels or Tokyo Disney Resort Official Hotel is guaranteed park admission (even on capacity days).

If you’re staying at the at a Disney Hotel (Disney Ambassador Hotel, Tokyo Disneyland Hotel, Hotel MiraCosta, & Tokyo Celebration Hotel), you can buy park tickets with your hotel reservation or at their ticket counters (cash or credit cards). Hotel guests at the Official Hotels (Hilton Tokyo Bay, Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel, etc) are able to buy tickets at the ticket counters in the hotels (cash only). 

(Read: Learn all about the Tokyo Disney Resort Hotels in our guide)

Guests staying at the Disney Hotels can buy a “Multi-Day Passport Special.” This allows visitors to Park hop on any day during their ticket, which is not available to regular ticket holders. These tickets are a ¥1,600 ($14 USD) difference to a normal ticket. See the official website for pricing and details.

While it is up to you to decide if the “Multi-Day Passport Special” is worth the extra money, we do not recommend this if it is your first visit. There is much to see and experience at both parks and it takes about 20-30 minutes to Park hop on any given day. If your trip is short or you have visited in the past, then this is an excellent way to get the most out of your journey.

Discount Tickets

Toy Story Mania! Tokyo DisneySea

If you get an “After 6 Passport” you can enjoy either Park in the evening and not pay full price!

If you’re not looking to spend all day in the Parks, there are some options to cut your ticket price. Two discounted passports are available on select days. Check the Parks Operation Calendar to see when they are available.

After 6 Passport: A discounted ticket for ¥4,200 ($37 USD) after 6 pm. It is available only on weekdays, except National Holidays. This is perfect if you wish to simply enjoy the Park and take in an evening show. Do not expect to ride many attractions or get FastPasses, unless the weather is not ideal.

Starlight Passport: Enjoy one Park for ¥5,400 ($48 USD) after 3 pm. This ticket is only available on weekends and National Holidays. While not much of a discount, it is still cheaper than the average adult ticket of 6,900 yen. That’s one other adorable plush to put in your suitcase!

Seasonal Discounted Tickets: Discounted tickets are sometimes available during the slower winter season. This is sometimes limited to residents in Japan. If you have a friend in Japan, ask them to buy tickets for you ahead of time. Discounts are not much and are usually around ¥700-800 (~$6-7 USD).

Credit Card Issues

Before making a reservation or booking tickets through the official Tokyo Disney Resort website, make sure your card has the 3-D Secure Authentication (MasterCard SecureCode and Verified by Visa). This helps avoid any potential issues. According to the Japanese FAQ (the English site doesn’t specify), the following credit cards are accepted **:

  • JCB
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • AMEX (American Express)
  • Diners Club
  • Discover Card

** Your card may or may not work so it’s best to have a backup credit card. This applies for both the reservation site and for using inside the Parks.

If your credit card doesn’t work with the Tokyo Disney Resort Reservation system, here are a few options:

  • Buy tickets through a 3rd Party (see next section)
  • Call your credit card provider to see if your transaction was blocked
  • Buy tickets at select Disney Stores in Japan
  • Buy tickets at the resort before or on the day of your visit
    • Be aware that on days which are at high-capacity, they may suspend ticket sales for a certain amount of time
    • Check the crowd calendar to see if your dates are predicted to reach capacity
  • Ask a friend in Japan to buy tickets for you

3rd Party Tickets (Klook & Voyagin)

Cinderella Castle Tokyo Disneyland Background

If you’re unable to buy tickets through the official website then I recommend buying tickets through our trusted affiliates Klook or Voyagin. While these tickets aren’t discounted, both services accept all major credit cards and PayPal. For tickets through Klook and Voyagin, these are advance tickets only. They don’t offer same-day tickets (you’ll hvae to go to the Park ticket booths).

You’re able to upgrade your Park tickets bought through these 3rd parties. This means you can extend a 1 or 2-day ticket into a 3 or 4-Day. Simply go to Guest Services extend your passport. These tickets are also valid to use to get your FastPass tickets while in the Park (see our guides for both Tokyo Disneyland & Tokyo DisneySea).

We are affiliates of both Klook and Voyagin. That means any tickets bought through links on our site gives us a small commission. This helps us keep the website running and to continue bringing you the best content possible. Read our full disclosure for details.

Any information given here is subject to change without notice. It’s always best to check directly on Klook and Voyagin’s websites. 


These tickets are the same price as those bought through the official website. Use our discount code KLKTDREX and save $4 USD off your first order. Klook offers only physical tickets, which means you have to pick them up before your visit (then no need to wait at the ticket booths).

If you plan on using the Maihama Station Pickup, note that the pickup location opens up at 08:30. This is not ideal for our most recommended tip of being at the Park at least an hour early. I recommend the Shinjuku or Narita Airport pickup. Directions to pickup your tickets are outlined on each tickets respective page.


If you want to print your tickets then Voyagin is the way to go with the “Direct Entry Ticket”. You must print the tickets in advance. Using your phone or device with the ticket on it is not accepted.

Keep in mind is that the “Direct Entry Tickets” are ¥300 more than the tickets bought from Tokyo Disney Resort or Klook. While there are coupon codes, they aren’t valid for Tokyo Disney Resort, unfortunately.

This is ideal if you want to print your tickets ahead of time for peace of mind.

Annual Passport (Annual Pass)

Tokyo Disney Resort 2-Park Annual Passport

2-Park Annual Passport. You get to choose the design you want.

Is it worth buying an annual passport? The short answer is no unless you plan on going to the parks more than eight days. You also don’t get any notable perks, such as discounts on merchandise and hotel rooms.

Anyone is able to buy an Annual Pass, regardless if you live in Japan or not. If you live outside Japan bring your Passport to complete the application (there’s English don’t worry). If you’re a resident of Japan then your Resident Card is valid to use. Keep in mind that all Annual Passports now have black-out dates.

See the Official Tokyo Disney Resort website for full details on Annual Passports.

Tips & Advice

There’s a lot to take in, so here’s a quick summary of tips and advice:

  • Buy tickets in advance (up to 60 days)
  • Printed tickets come with special designs (you don’t choose)
  • Use Klook for your 1-day or 2-day Park tickets (Physical tickets)
  • Use Voyagin for your 1-day Park Tickets (Direct Entry)
  • Most Disney Stores in Japan sell tickets (Shibuya and Ikebukuro)
  • If you are staying at a Disney Hotel, you are guaranteed entrance and can buy your tickets during your stay or online through your booking
  • FUNderful Disney Club offers discount tickets throughout the year (Japanese Residents Only)
  • Save money by buying your ticket at the convenience store (Japanese Language Only)
  • Save even more money if you buy a Starlight or After 6 Passport
  • If ticket sales are suspended and you do not have a pre-purchased ticket for that day, you have to wait until they allow ticket sales again
  • An annual passport is only worth it if you plan on visiting more than 8-10 times in a year
  • If you have a group of 25 or more, you can enjoy a discounted 1-Day Park Ticket for ¥6,700 for adults

Changing or Exchanging Your Ticket

Once you buy your ticket, you can change the following with a ¥200 fee (visit Guest Relations Center or the ticket booths):

  • Change the ticket date, type, Park, or expiration date
  • Exchange your printed e-ticket (from the convenience store or through the official website) to a hard printed ticket (designs vary)
  • Reduce the number of days on your multi-day passport. This is ¥200 for each day you reduce, with an extra ¥200 per ticket.

Extending Your Passport

If you buy a 1 to a 3-day passport, you can extend it to a maximum of 4 days. To do this, go to the Guest Relations Center in either Park or at the Ticketing Center in Ikispari. Your passport must still be valid to be extended.

Tokyo Disney Resort has a lot of options when it comes to buying Park tickets. I hope that this guide has helped you take some of the stress and frustration out of deciding how to buy them.

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