Camp Woodchuck Opens at Tokyo Disneyland November 22, 2016

The Oriental Land Company has announced that Camp Woodchuck, the new restaurant and character greeting facility under construction in Westernland, opens at Tokyo Disneyland on Tuesday, November 22, 2016. Make sure to check out the new merchandise and food this new facility offers!

Woodchuck Greeting Trail

Woodchuck Greeting Trail


Concept art from September 2016

Both Donald and Daisy are receiving new costumes at a new greeting area with guests at the Camp Woodchuck Greeting Trail.


Camp Woodchuck Kitchen

Camp Woodchuck Kitchen

A new restaurant facility Camp Woodchuck Kitchen (which makes us very happy) located along the Rivers of America is also opening. This exciting new restaurant provides seating for up to 440 guests with indoor and outdoor terrace seating. The menu is inspired by “camping” cuisine. Which includes Waffle Sandwiches and S’mores.

Camp Woodchuck Kitchen Menu

Camp Woodchuck Kitchen Menu

In addition, a new wagon simply named Happy Camper Supply features original goods for guests to buy! We will keep you update as more information becomes available.

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  1. Jade-Elise Newell

    Squeeeee! I am super excited because we will be there Nov 27!!! Hopefully this doesn’t mean extreme business though!

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