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Cape Cod Cook-Off is a counter service and lunch show restaurant in Cape Cod (aka Duffyland) at Tokyo DisneySea. Guests can either choose to enjoy a quick meal or watch “My Friend Duffy” stage show while eating. Here’s our review of, what I like to call, the Duffy Restaurant at Tokyo DisneySea.

Atmosphere & Decor

Cape Cod is themed to feel like New England in the United States, and the restaurant fits this decor perfectly.  The atmosphere is pleasantly inviting and the Duffy theming fits nicely throughout the restaurant. Sometimes the decorations are not so subtle and are over the top, but it’s clearly playing to the Duffy fans (which is never a bad thing). The love for Duffy at Tokyo DisneySea is clear and hard to miss.

While the decor is not the most elaborate compared to other parts of Tokyo DisneySea, such as the Arabian Coast or American Waterfront, it’s good enough since the main purpose of Cape Cod (at least to me) is to sell you the latest Duffy merchandise.

Chair decorations for Sweet Duffy featuring Shellie May

Chair decorations for Sweet Duffy featuring Shellie May

Chair decorations for Sweet Duffy

Chair decorations for Sweet Duffy


The standard fare offered is burgers and fries, topped off with limited time Duffy themed desserts. The burgers are bland at best and pale in comparison to other options in the park. Japan is not well-known for burgers, so this does not come to much surprise. With that said, if you are looking for something to fill you up and you’re not feeling up for trying places such as New York Deli, then this is a safe option.  (Although, the Mickey Shaped chicken nuggets are rather delicious and are worth mentioning!)

Cheeseburger Set

Cheeseburger Set

Chicken Sandwich Set

Chicken Sandwich Set

During my multiple visits to the restaurant I’ve had the cheeseburger, chicken burger, and tried one of their seasonal burgers (which changes quite often). Both the cheeseburger and chicken burger were nothing special in terms of flavour, just safe.

The adorably delicious desserts make up for the lacklustre entrees. Every season, they offer a variety of desserts which come with a souvenir plate.  It’s the perfect takeaway for fans of Duffy. Such as the cup sleeve pictured above!

My Friend Duffy Show

My Friend Duffy Cape Cod Cook-Off

Opposite to the normal dining area is a large seating area with a stage, which runs the show “My Friend Duffy.”

The show is a 10 minute live-action performance featuring Duffy, Shellie May, Mickey, Minnie, and Friends. While the show is nothing spectacular compared to other entertainment options in the park, it is still worth watching at least once if you or someone in your group is a fan. It offers a simple story (you can still follow along relatively easily even when it is only in Japanese) and an adorable soundtrack, which you can of course buy.

The line for this will get long during weekends (an hour to over two hours). You are best to visit during non-peak dining hours to cut your wait. Be mindful that you must buy food to watch the show. You do not have to buy a meal however, you can order the Mickey Chicken Nuggets and still watch the show.

Cape Cod Cook-Off Table

Place card you receive when you are seated for the show

You’re assigned your seat along with how long you have to enjoy your meal. You are given plenty of time to eat your meal and watch the show without feeling rushed. Check the park map for show times during your visit. Typically the show runs continuously from 09:30 until 17:00.


Maximize your experience at Cape Cod by following our recommendations:

  • Try the Mickey Chicken Nuggets, they are adorable, tasty, and the least expensive option if you’re not really wanting a full meal but do want to see the “Your Friend Duffy” show.
  • Early morning or late afternoon is the best time to catch “Your Friend Duffy” if you don’t wish to wait a long period.
  • Take time to appreciate the decorations outside and inside the restaurant
  • Try at least one of the seasonal desserts. Grab a Japanese park map to see what is being offered when you get into the park.


While the food is nothing spectacular compared to other excellent dining options at the park, the theming to the restaurant is spot on and fits Cape Cod perfectly. Those looking for familiar options for food can certainly find an entrée you can enjoy. In addition, this is the only restaurant in Tokyo DisneySea that offers a show while you enjoy your meal, if you opt to wait in line for it. Fans of Duffy will certainly want to try the desserts not only for the souvenir plates but for the different seasonal flavours as well.

Cheeseburger Set Cape Cod Cook-Off

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