Cappuccino Popcorn Review

A crowd favourite makes its return to Tokyo Disney Resort – the surprisingly tasty Cappuccino Popcorn. For popcorn locations, pick up a guide upon entering the park.

How is it?

Cappuccino Popcorn Tokyo Disney Resort Review

Cappuccino Popcorn can be found near Ariel’s Meet and Greet at Tokyo DisneySea

Fans of coffee will appreciate this flavour. If you ever had cappuccino-flavoured candy, this is rather similar. However, I find the coffee flavour is subtle and not overly sweet.  The aftertaste leaves a little bit of film in your mouth, so best to have a drink with this.

While I am a huge fan of coffee, I’m not typically fond of coffee-flavoured items. With that said, I quite enjoyed the light flavour, and this popcorn made for a nice after meal snack.

Should You Get It?

Cappuccino Popcorn at Tokyo Disney Resort

Huge fan of the Cappuccino Popcorn. Glad they brought it back.

Are you a coffee lover and must try everything coffee-flavoured?  Then you’ll want to give this a try. The subtle flavours and sweetness makes it a nice light snack. If you’re a caramel popcorn fan, the texture (from the syrup) and level of sweetness is rather similar.

Be sure to have this after your meal at any of the fine restaurants at Tokyo Disneyland or DisneySea.

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