Captain Hook’s Galley Review at Tokyo Disneyland

Captain Hook’s Galley is a counter service restaurant in Fantasyland at Tokyo Disneyland. The featured dish is their delicious — and sometimes odd — slices of pizza, along with various snacks and drinks. Here’s our review of this tiny and easy-to-overlook outdoor restaurant.

Signage Captain Hook's Galley Tokyo Disneyland

Atmosphere & Decor

Captain Hook’s Galley shares the same building as Troubadour Tavern (Ice Cream), Peter Pan’s Flight, and Snow White’s Adventures in Fantasyland, and is right across from Critter Country and the Haunted Mansion. The seating is outside, which makes for eating outdoors in cold or wet weather, not the best idea — recommend burrowing underground during inclement weather over at Grandma Sara’s Kitchen in Critter Country.

Outside Captain Hook's Galley Tokyo Disneyland

Seating Outside Captain Hook's Galley Tokyo Disneyland Outdoor Seating Area Captain Hook's Galley Tokyo Disneyland

Decor Inside Captain Hook's Galley Tokyo Disneyland

The decor matches the Fantasyland area and is nothing to write home about. You’re here for the delicious snack food!


The main dish here is the pizza slice, which comes in three variations: Seasonal, Seafood, and the Bacon & Pineapple Pizza. My personal favourite is the bacon & pineapple, which is surprisingly decent since Japan is not well-known for its pizza. My favourite seasonal pizza is the BBQ Chicken, which is usually available during Christmas. This does change often, so make sure to check out our seasonal guides to find out what’s available.

Food Display Captain Hook's Galley Tokyo Disneyland

You can order the pizza slices individually or as a set, which comes with a drink of your choice. I recommend pairing this with the Kirin Apple Tea Soda for the best experience for your taste buds. The Apple Tea Soda is my favourite soft drink on the planet. The pizza comes in a convenient cardboard sleeve so you don’t have to get your hands dirty!

In addition to pizza, they offer baked cheese potato balls. They are as delicious as they sound and make the perfect snack to tide you over.

Baked Cheese Potato Captain Hook's Galley Review Tokyo Disneyland

For dessert, the Mickey Sponge Cake with Caramel Cream is one of my favourite snacks at the park — aside from the Green Alien Mochi. It’s light, fluffy, and the caramel cream is not too sweet, which makes for the perfect light dessert. An added bonus is that it looks cute, too.

Mickey's Castella Cake Captain Hook's Galley Tokyo Disneyland Mickey's Castella Cake Inside Captain Hook's Galley Tokyo Disneyland

A large variety of drinks is also available, such as coffee, tea, soft drinks, and the sparkling tapioca (which changes seasonally as well).

This is also one of the locations that sell the souvenir lunch and candy cases. The treasure chest out front shows what is available when you go. Again, these change seasonally.

Recommendations & Tips

Counter Captain Hook's Galley Tokyo Disneyland

While there isn’t much variety, there are a few key items you need to try:

  • Bacon & Pineapple Pizza
  • Seasonal Pizza
  • Apple Tea Soda
  • Mickey Castella Cake
  • Baked Cheese Balls

While the lines tend to get long at peak times — read our guide how to handle the crowds — the queue moves rather fast overall.


Payphone Captain Hook's Galley Tokyo Disneyland

This is a great place if you want pizza, cheese balls, and a drink as a snack. There’s ample seating outside or perfect to take away to eat while you wait for the parade. The only downside is since the seating is outside, it’s not ideal during cold winter weather or rain.

I recommend this spot for a quick & delicious snack.

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