Caramel Chocolate Cookie Sandwich Review

Every season at Tokyo Disney Resort brings plenty of seasonal food, sweets, and dishes. Christmas at Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea is no exception. For a quick, yet cute, snack at Tokyo Disneyland Park this Christmas is the Caramel Chocolate Cookie. Here is our review of this adorable looking snack. Available until December 25th.

What Is Inside

Caramel Chocolate Cookie Sandwich

Two cookies put together to create a sandwich where the middle is chocolate and caramel frosting!

First, you get to choose between Mickey or Minnie for your cookie. Both cost the same price of ¥350. It is a warm cookie sandwich that comes with caramel and chocolate frosting between the cookies. Pretty simple! We opted for the Mickey Cookie this time around.


Caramel Chocolate Cookie Sandwich

Perfectly themed wrapping for such a simple dessert.


The cookie itself is adorable and plays well with the overall Christmas theme of the resort. It is almost too cute to eat. The packaging is even themed! The colours on the cookie really bring everything together. The colours are so nice, that you almost do not want to eat it.

How is it?

Caramel Chocolate Cookie Sandwich

The colours on the cookie really brings everything together in terms of presentation.

A warm cookie on a cold night is always a delight, pair it with a hot cup of egg nog to keep warm as you wait for the next showing of Once Upon A Time.

The snack is not overly sweet and the chocolate and caramel frosting go well together. The cookie itself is nothing special in terms of flavour but it sure looks cute. The cookie was not soft, which what I was hoping, but rather crunchy.

Should You Get It?

If you are having egg nog to warm up then this cookie is perfect to pair with it. Also, gives you a great excuse to post some photos on Instagram! For ¥350 you cannot go wrong for a delicious and photogenic cookie.

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