Casbah Food Court Review at Tokyo DisneySea

The Casbah Food Court is an Indian Curry quick service restaurant in the Arabian Coast at Tokyo DisneySea. Squeezed between the Magic Lamp Theater and walkway through the courtyard, it’s easy to walk right by without noticing, which speaks to how well-executed the theming is. Here’s our review of one of the most beautiful quick service restaurants at Tokyo DisneySea. Don’t miss our other restaurant reviews for both Parks!

Atmosphere & Decor

Placed at the back of the Arabian Coast is a grand, yet unassuming, building which blends into its surroundings. The first time I entered this area, I didn’t even notice the Casbah Food Court straight away (which either means I am rather daft, the theming is well-executed, or a bit of both.) For the sake of argument, let’s go with both.

You enter the restaurant through an oversized door with smiling Cast Members in their Agrabah best. I expected “The Peddler” from Aladdin to try to sell me his wares, but instead an open space which depicts the marketplace straight out of Agrabah awaits you. It’s made to feel as if you are outside, and it does an excellent job of doing so.

Casbah Food Court Ordering Tokyo DisneySea

After ordering your curry plate, you have an important life decision to make. Do you sit on the “Peasant” or “Royalty” side? Are you a Street Rat or an Arabian Princess? The left side’s theming is “Peasants” of Agrabah as an extension of the marketplace, with tapestries strung from the ceiling, cracks in the walls, and dimly lit corridors. The only thing missing is the Palace Guards chasing Aladdin for stealing a loaf of bread (or a plate of curry).

Casbah Food Court Peasant Interior Tokyo DisneySea

The “Royalty” side is what I would imagine the dining room would look like inside The Sultan’s Palace, with grand pillars and golden tones theoughout. My only complaint here is the lack of real tigers, specifically Rajah. That would have brought it to a new level of detail, but one can dream, right?

Casbah Food Court Royal Side Interior Tokyo DisneySea

It’s clear that Imagineers spared no expense when they designed this flawless restaurant. To think, this is just a counter service restaurant!


Sticking true to the theme of “Agrabah,” their main dish here is Indian Curry. I use that term loosely, which I’ll explain in a moment. Your choices are chicken, beef, and shrimp curry, and the dish comes with naan bread and rice. You can order a set with your choice of meat or there’s a “3 type” curry, which has all three flavours in smaller, sharable portions.

You get to choose your level of spice, which is either “mild” or “spicy.” The “spicy” option is anything but!  Even if you are not one for spicy food, this has a tiny kick, but nothing most people couldn’t handle. They could use adding another level of spice, just to kick it up a notch.

15th Anniversary Special Curry Set Tokyo DisneySea

15th Anniversary Special Curry Set

Now, I describe this as “Indian Curry” loosely. As with most theme park food, I can’t expect authentic ethnic food. While the curry itself isn’t terrible, it’s not the most flavourful. The curry at Hungry Bear Restaurant has more spice and flavour. Overall, I find it bland and unadventurous, which is a bit of a disappointment for a restaurant that put so much effort put into its theming.

With that said, if you’re someone who is not adventurous in your culinary choices, then this is a perfect option. The chicken curry with naan gives just enough variety so you don’t have to eat burgers your entire trip, something that I think is a huge plus.

Limited 15th Anniversary Donald Duck Dessert Casbah Food Court Tokyo DisneySea

Limited 15th Anniversary Donald Duck Dessert (now discontinued.)

The dessert options are unassuming and are cute in their presentation. The coconut pudding has a chocolate lamp, and the mango mousse cake takes the shape of The Sultan’s Palace. For the 15th Anniversary, the Donald Duck Butt — I came up with that name myself — coconut dessert was an excellent option, but it has now been discontinued.


Casbah Food Court Royal Side Tokyo DisneySea

Maximize your experience at Casbah Food Court by following our recommendations:

  • Eat at off-peak hours (before 11AM and after 2PM).
  • The left side is the “Peasant” area and the right is “Royalty.” Both are stunning.
  • Have the seasonal special set, which comes with more food and is sharable. The dessert is always delicious.
  • While the curry is not spicy, there is a tiny kick to the “spicy” option. Get yourself lassi to wash down the spice.
  • During Halloween, characters may roam inside and outside the restaurant.


Casbah Food Court Outside Tokyo DisneySea

While the food is rather disappointing, the theming makes up for those shortcomings. If you want to see what Tokyo DisneySea is all about, then you cannot skip this restaurant. Even if it’s just to stop in for a dessert, you need to visit the Casbah Food Court on the Arabian Coast!

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Photos by Duy Phan Photography.


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