Chandu Chicken Curry Steamed Bun Review

The Chandu chicken curry steamed bun is the replacement of the former Chandu Tail at Tokyo DisneySea. Steamed buns are a popular snack throughout Japan and is a staple at the Disney Parks in Japan. You’ll also find variations at convenience stores such as 7-11, Lawson, and Family Mart in Japan.

These delicious steamed buns are my default snack if I’m in a hurry and want to grab something from 7-11. When I learned that the Chandu Tail was being replaced with a chicken curry version, I was rather delighted. The truth is, I was never a fan of the original Chandu Tail, the creamed chicken had a strange texture and put me off. Oddly enough, I adored the spring version with the creamed chicken, cheese, and curry — go figure.

Alright, let’s see how this new steamed bun tastes!

Chandu Chicken Curry Steamed Bun

Chandu Steamed Bun at Tokyo DisneySea

First, a little back story on Chandu. He’s the painfully adorable sidekick to Sindbad in the fan favourite attraction, Sindbad’s Storybook Voyage, in the Arabian Coast. This cute tiger joins Sindbad on his adventures and makes a few appearances during your voyage. Chandu has become popular and you’ll see merchandise and food with his irresistible face on it.

Pro Tip: For Chandu merchandise browse the Agrabah Market Place in the Arabian Coast

OK, now you know the back story, let’s get on with what you came here for: How good is the Chandu steamed bun?

How does it taste?

To get your own Chandu steamed bun head on over to the Sultan’s Oasis in the Arabian Coast. At a cost of ¥500 ($4 USD), it’s a decently sized snack for the price. The packaging is top-notch and the way it’s designed has the steamed bun create the rest of Chandu’s face. I think that’s awesomely cute.

Chandu Steamed Bun Up Close

The bun is hot, so be careful when you bite into it. However, by the time you’re done taking photos the bun should have cooled down a bit. I speak from experience.

Besides the well-designed packaging, the steamed bun itself looks fantastic. Even without the packaging, you’re able to tell that it’s indeed Chandu. However, that’s where my praise ends.

The chicken and curry inside is rather bland and not overly exciting. I feel as if it’s the same filling as the former spring version but without the cheese. If the cheese had been inside, then I think I would have enjoyed this much more than I did. The bun itself is nothing special, but they never are (even the ones from 7-11), it’s all about the filling.

Note: I’ll take photos of the inside filling next time (I totally forgot)

Chandu Chicken Curry Steamed Bun Closer Look at Tokyo DisneySea

If you’re in the mood for something that is safe in terms of flavour, this does the trick. However, if you’re expecting an explosion of flavour, sadly this doesn’t deliver. The packaging though is some of the best I’ve seen and I’ll definitely get merchandise if it’s ever made with the Chandu steamed bun on it.

Explorer Thoughts?

Have you tried the Chandu chicken curry steamed bun? Let me know in the comments!

Chandu Chicken Curry Steamed Bun at Tokyo DisneySea

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Chandu Chicken Curry Steamed Bun


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  1. Keir Jenkins

    I enjoyed a Chandu steamed bun this week. Chris’ review is spot on. The presentation is amazing, this snack hit the spot, but without big flavour. Flavour is present and enjoyable, but not the reason to get this snack.

  2. Matt

    We had the chicken curry tail last May and was not impressed. I’m guessing the filling was the same as this. Oh how I wish the original was available when we were there.

  3. Jessica

    OMGGGG I have to disagree, I LOVED the Chandu curry bun. I had the previous chicken and corn one in 2016 which was also delicious but tbh I think I like the curry bun better!

  4. treelectric

    I really enjoyed it! You also forgot to mention that there’s a little sausage tucked into his hat.

  5. SweetCaroline74

    My friend and I both liked our Chandu buns. It was fresh and filling. Ok, it coulda had more flavour but I would definitely not define it as “bad”. It had nice curry flavour, just more subtle than it could be.

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