Chandu Tail Snack at Tokyo DisneySea

Update: According to the official website, the Chandu Tail isn’t coming back. It’s being replaced by a chicken curry steamed bun on September 3, 2018. I’ll give my review once it’s available.

Chandu Chicken Curry Steamed Bun Tokyo DisneySea

Chicken Curry Steamed Bun for ¥500 ($4 USD) at Sultan’s Oasis in the Arabian Coast. Available September 3, 2018.

© Disney

The Chandu Tail is a popular steamed-bun snack found at the Sultan’s Oasis in the Arabian Coast at Tokyo DisneySea. The normal version is full of creamed chicken (usually available year-round except for Easter). While the spring version has cheese and curry inside (only available during the Easter event).

Chandu is the cute tiger found in the dark-ride Sindbad’s Storybook Voyage (one of my favourites and I cannot recommend it enough).

As of July 2018, the snack isn’t available at Tokyo DisneySea. We’ve been told it’ll be available for the fall/winter. It’s now replaced with shaved ice and food items for Disney’s Pirate Summer.

The best way to check if any snack is available is to check the official Tokyo Disney Resort website for Tokyo DisneySea and Tokyo Disneyland. While the menus are only in Japanese, there are photos for most items.

Chandu Tail Chicken Curry Cheese Tokyo DisneySea

The spring version of the Chandu tail has chicken, cheese, and curry inside and has pink ribbons.

Chandu Tail Tokyo DisneySea

The normal version of the Chandu Tail

Other popular snacks include the Green Alien Mochi, Stormtrooper Mochi, and the Ukiwa Bun (themed to Donald Duck). Read our dining guide for more details.

Feature photo by DreamSweetsLove.

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