Cherry Blossom Pink Merchandise at Tokyo Disney Resort 2019

Spring is almost here, and in Japan that means the cherry blossoms are on the way! To celebrate, Tokyo Disney Resort is releasing a range of pink cherry blossom-themed merchandise.

The limited-time items include Mickey and Friends plush badges, and stationery and kitchenware featuring artwork of Minnie and Daisy in a traditional Japanese kimono.

All the items are on sale now at Party Gras Gifts in Tokyo Disneyland, and Nautilus Gifts at DisneySea. Some items may be available in Bon Voyage and the Resort Hotel shops as well.

Japan’s world-famous cherry blossoms or “sakura” are an annual highlight for tourists and locals alike. This year, Tokyo’s cherry blossoms are forecast to start on March 22 and be in full bloom on March 29. Check out our guide for more information, where to see the blossoms at Tokyo Disney Resort, and the forecast for locations across Japan.

Cherry Blossom Pink Merchandise 2019

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Information and images from the Tokyo Disney Resort website.


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