Cinderella Suite Tour & Photos at Hong Kong Disneyland

The Kingdom Club Cinderella Suite is the newest themed room at the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel. While it’s not as extravagant as the Cinderella Castle Suite inside Cinderella Castle at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom in Orlando, it’s an excellent — and much more affordable and attainable — option for those wanting to pamper and immerse themselves while enjoying Hong Kong Disneyland.

The wonderful Cast at Hong Kong Disneyland invited me to experience their newest (and gorgeous) room. While I didn’t get to stay in the room for the night, I did get a chance to snap photos to share with my fellow Explorers. Was probably a good thing I didn’t stay overnight; I would have spent the entire time trying on the glass slipper while sitting on the pumpkin carriage couch.

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Suite Entrance

The Kingdom Club Cinderella Suite is on the top floor of the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel

Cinderella Suite

The Kingdom Club Cinderella Suite is one of many different types of Kingdom Club rooms available at the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel. These rooms are on the top floor, where you’ll get the royal treatment. My favourites are the lounge access and the Meet and Greet with a random Disney character in their exclusive pajamas before bed. Read more about what’s included when you book a Kingdom Club room.

Kingdom Club Cinderella Suite Bedroom

A look into the bathroom from the bed. It’s huge!

The Cinderella Suite has two toilets, a walk-in bathroom, jacuzzi bathtub, a king or 2 double beds, and a beautiful pumpkin coach couch! Here’s a list of the amenities that are included with your suite:

    • Beautiful Cinderella Amenities Pouch
    • Room Slippers
    • Cinderella-themed Room Keys
    • Door Signage
    • Special Drinks at the Kingdom Club Lounge
    • Special Platter (2 people)
Kingdom Club Pajama Duffy Greeting Hong Kong Disneyland

You can meet Duffy in his Pajamas in the Kingdom Club Lounge!

You’ll also get food and drink when you first check-in and also before bedtime. It doesn’t get any more elegant than that. My favourite is the amenities pouch that you won’t get anywhere else. You don’t get to keep the robes, unfortunately, but if you love them you’re able to get them at an additional cost. For the record, they are super soft.

Let’s get on with the tour of the Cinderella Suite!

Living Room

A large and lavish living room with an iconic pumpkin carriage couch. You can’t get any more elegant than that. Well, unless you add a glass slipper on a pedestal, which is exactly what Hong Kong Disneyland did. There’s a ton of space here and with the balcony view. You’ll almost never want to leave.

Kingdom Club Cinderella Suite Pumpkin Carriage Couch

The best part of the room is the pumpkin carriage.

Kingdom Club Cinderella Suite Corner

A perfect spot to have a photo shoot.


With a King Bed (or Two Double Beds) and pull-out bed, there’s ample room for yourself and 3 other people (the room holds 4). It’s great to see USB plugs in the walls because we all know Cinderella needs her smartphone fully charged at all times to know when it’s midnight.

Kingdom Club Cinderella Suite King Bed

A huge King Bed with a pull-out bed on the side, too. I love the gorgeous portraits above the bed and the subtle “C” emblem on the headboard.

Hong Kong Disneyland Poolside View

View of the pool

Once Upon a Time Portrait


This is my second favourite part of the suite, the bathroom. None of this worrying about sharing the bathroom in the morning while you’re all trying to get ready. There’s so much room here, you won’t know what to do with yourself. The second toilet is at the entrance to the suite.

Full Bathroom

Kingdom Club Cinderella Suite Bathrobe

Walk-in shower and the softest bathrobe I’ve ever seen (If you want one, it’s an extra cost).

Tap here for a full rundown of the amenities of the Cinderella Suite.

How to Book the Cinderella Suite

The best way to book is through the official Hong Kong Disneyland website. Keep an eye out for hotel deals on the Kingdom Club Suites, as these happen quite often. You’ll see discounts of 15 to 20% more often than not. The standard rate for the Cinderella Suite is HKD $9,950 (about US $1,270) per night.

For those Explorers who want to save some money but still splurge, I recommend spending one night at the beginning or end of your trip. For the other nights, I highly suggest the Disney Explorers Lodge — my all-time favourite Disney Hotel — or the normal rooms at the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel. You’re able to transfer your luggage between all of the Disney Hotels with ease.

If Cinderella isn’t your preference, then perhaps you’d like the Kingdom Club Frozen Suite or one of the regular suites (those are a bit cheaper).

You may use our photos for non-commercial purposes and with credit to TDR Explorer.

Kingdom Club Cinderella Suite Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel


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