‘Circulating Smiles’ Upcycled Merchandise at Tokyo Disney Resort

Tokyo Disney Resort is expanding its “Circulating Smiles” collection which features environmentally friendly products made using recycled materials collected at the parks.

The upcycling initiative is part of the Oriental Land Company’s commitment to reducing its impact on the environment. The environmentally conscious goods are made with plastic PET bottles, organic cotton, used coffee grounds and even cast member costumes!

The latest additions to the range include shirts and tote bags featuring a Mickey Mouse design made using costume fabric of Tokyo Disneyland’s restaurant “Polynesian Terrace Restaurant”, and a range of bags made using the jacket zipper from the Nautilus Gift shop at Tokyo DisneySea.

The new upcycled merchandise will be available starting June 22, 2023, at Adventureland Bazaar in Tokyo Disneyland and Steamboat Mickey’s at Tokyo DisneySea.

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Images and information from Tokyo Disney Resort

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