Colour-Changing Sleeping Beauty Dress at Tokyo Disneyland Debunked

A video recently went viral on Facebook showing Princess Aurora’s dress “magically” changing colours in the Happiness is Here Parade at Tokyo Disneyland. We had many people ask us if this was real. While I would love to say this is true, sadly the video showing the changing colours is fake. Here’s the original video posted by The Disney Dude.

Here’s a video we took on July 9, 2016. Showing her dress staying one colour throughout.

David Cobb from Thinkwell Group provided a close-up analysis of the video explaining how the video is fake.

The telltale part is, look at the translucent cape, and how the color sort of “errors” as it folds and sways with the *other* blue dress behind it. If you pause, you can also see the blue tint ‘bleed’ onto her fingers.

Some have tried to explain the dress as being made of “heat changing fabric,” but Cobb dismisses that as well.

Someone suggested heat-changing fabric — like those old Generra Hypercolor shirts from the 90s — but heat would have to emanate from a source, which would create a transition that would ‘bloom’ from those heat sources. The transition is far too even to be achievable in broad daylight with current technology.

The video itself is certainly impressive—whoever created this video displays creativity.  However, we have to say that her dress is not that magical. Watch the full video of “Happiness is Here” below, the parade itself is one of the better shows at Tokyo Disneyland.

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  1. Luna x Mars

    I actually know who edited this video. I can provide you with screen shots where he says it’s edited. 🙂

  2. Dave Cobb

    Disney does do a lot of research about stuff like this ( ), but they publish a lot of their findings. I have a feeling if they perfected something like this to this level of achievement, it wouldn’t be just a “one-off secret test” in a random parade, it would be a larger-scale roll-out to multiple parades or attractions. If it *were* a test, they’d probably do it very small-scale in a more controlled environment (like the way the talking Mickey costume heads were tested at Mickey’s Movie Barn in Disneyland’s Toontown before rollout to other parks). Plus, *most* tests for this stuff happen closer to home at Disneyland, because it’s a more convenient test location.

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