Complete Guide to Halloween Costume Days at Tokyo Disney Resort

Much like the other Disney Parks, Tokyo Disney Resort allows guests of all ages to wear costumes on select days during the Halloween season. Everyone from families to groups of friends flock to the parks in their best costumes to express their fandom of everything Disney.

Japan is well-known for their dedication to dressing up as characters from Anime to Disney. If you have visited Harajuku or visited any of the major costuming events like the Tokyo Game Show, you already know how talented and dedicated customers are here!  Now, take that level of dedicated, detail, and fandom and apply it to Disney costumes. It makes Halloween at Tokyo Disney Resort an incredible event – even if you’re not dressed up!

Custom Made Costumes

Halloween Costumes Tokyo Disney Resort

You never know who you will run into! @Jongsuwat_a

Before anything, let’s discuss the costumes. The sheer amount of detail guests put into their costumes is breathtaking. Many of these costumes were not purchased at a store, but rather handcrafted. Not only do you see the Princesses, Princes, Olaf, etc, but also more obscure Disney characters.  Some groups get together and work to create costumes for a full cast from a show or franchise.  Other guests with a love of the parks have created homemade versions of costumes from seasonal shows at Tokyo Disney Resort!

Here’s a quick sample of costumes:

  • The Lost Boys
  • Playing Cards from Alice in Wonderland
  • Indian Chief from Peter Pan
  • The entire cast from Peter Pan
  • Duffy and Shellie May
  • Mickey and Minnie from various Park Anniversaries
  • Cast of Inside Out (Known as Inside Head in Japan)
  • Cast of Big Hero 6
  • Various Monsters from Monsters University

I think you get the idea, if it was in a Disney movie, then the possibility someone made a costume out of it. You can spend an entire morning taking photos of all the beautiful costumes, or having your photo taken if you are participating!


Monsters Inc Costumes Tokyo Disneyland

Tons of work goes into creating costumes for this yearly event. Here we see fans of Monsters Inc dressed as characters from Monsters University.

We urge you to take part in the costume days if you happen to visit during the Halloween season! See below for rules and dates.  Also, because the weather can vary during the season, check the forecast before you go and adjust accordingly – you do not want to wear a full fursuit while it is pouring or multiple layers on hot days.

At Tokyo Disneyland Park, guests usually congregate at the castle forecourt. Expect tons of people there. If the weather is not ideal then under the covered World Bazaar is where guests go to show off their amazingly detailed costumes.

If bringing a costume all the way over from Japan is not in the cards, there are a few places you can buy Disney costumes to wear.


Many guests come to the park to show off their hard work and dedication for others to enjoy. While many of these costume wielding guests do not mind having their photos taken, you should always ask for permission before doing so.

  • 写真を撮ってもいいですか?
  • sha-sheen o totte mow ii de-sue ka?
  • Is it OK to take your photo?

You can also make the hand motion for taking a photo if you prefer to do that. Either way, ask before you take any photos. Before sharing photos on social media (or anywhere public) ask the guests if it is OK to upload the photo.

  • ツイッタに写真をウップロードしてもいいですか?
  • Twitter knee sha-sheen o upload shi-te mow ii de-sue ka?
  • Is it OK to upload the photo to Twitter?
  • You can replace Twitter with “website” (it is the same in Japanese) to ask if you can post it on your blog.


Tokyo Disney Resort ensures the safety of their guests by enforcing a set number of rules for those wishing to take part in the Halloween Costume Days. Failing to adhere to the rules may result in being denied entry. Please follow them carefully. All rules are listed on the official website (in Japanese).

  • Costumes are Disney character related only
  • No masks or makeup which covers or obscures your face
  • Accessories such as swords, staves, or rollerblades are not allowed
  • No overly exposed skin such as the shoulders and stomach
  • Avoid long dresses, garments, or hair extensions
  • No spandex body suits
  • Change only in the designated areas. Check the park map or with a cast member. Guests are not allowed to change in restrooms.


Check our complete guide to Halloween at Tokyo Disney Resort for up-to-date days for costume days.

Enjoy a Unique Experience

At the end of the day, you are there to have fun! So sew (or buy) your Halloween costume and head on over to Tokyo Disney Resort! Have you participated in the costume days before? If you have please share them in the comments! For more on Halloween at Tokyo Disney Resort read our complete guide!

All photos shown here are with permission by the guest(s). 

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  1. Agent 86

    I was in Tokyo Disneyland for the costume days recently and they were incredibly detailed and well made. It made identifying the “real” characters pretty difficult.
    If the parks hadn’t been mind-boggling busy and crowded, I would have relished the opportunity to meet some of the cosplayers and to get photos. Still, it was a treat to go on rides like Star Tours with genuine Jedi!

  2. TDR Explorer

    I am happy to hear you got to see them! Everyone really goes all out and it is inspiring to see such magnificent and well crafted costumes. That is so cool you got to ride with a Jedi! I saw quite a few this year.

  3. Rachel

    I know this article is old… but in case anyone is still checking. Do you know if we’d be able to do costumes from Guardians of the Galaxy or is that not Disney enough?

  4. TDR Explorer

    That is a good question, you should be OK as they do allow Star Wars characters. You may be questioned as to what the costume is, since Marvel isn’t that popular in Japan as it is in other countries.

    Let us know how it goes. Thank you!

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