Tokyo DisneySea 15th Anniversary Complete Guide

Tokyo DisneySea opened its gates on September 4, 2001, as the first and only Disney Park themed after the ocean. This year marks its 15th anniversary, and to celebrate Tokyo DisneySea is offering “The Year of Wishes” to all its guests from April 15, 2016, until March 17, 2017. This crystal themed celebration showcases a brand new harbour show, an updated version of Big Band Beat, tons of merchandise, and deliciously cute food to sink your teeth into. Follow our guide to experience the best of what “The Year of Wishes” has to offer!

Updated September 19, 2016: Starting January 13, 2016, until March 17, 2017, Tokyo DisneySea presents “The Year of Wishes Grand Finale”. Which brings a new segment to Crystal Wishes Journey, new costumes, merchandise, and food.

Crystal of Wishes

Donald Duck Crystal Point Tokyo DisneySea 15th Anniversay Daytime

The theme for the anniversary is “wishes,” each of which is represented by different coloured crystals. Different Disney characters have a unique wish associated with them:

  • Mickey Mouse: Clear Crystal (Wishes Come True)
  • Minnie Mouse: Red Crystal (Love)
  • Donald Duck: Blue Crystal (Friends)
  • Goofy: Green Crystal (Energy)
  • Daisy Duck: Purple Crystal (Joy)
  • Chip N Dale: Yellow Crystal (Fun)
  • Pluto: Orange Crystal (Smiles)
  • Duffy, ShellieMay, Gelatoni:Light Green Crystal (Luck)


Tokyo DisneySea 15th Anniversary The Year of Wishes

A celebration is never complete without entertainment, and this anniversary is no different.  With a mixture of new shows and an updated show, there’s more than enough to keep you busy.

Big Band Beat is one of the pinnacles of Disney entertainment, and it has received a significant upgrade just in time for the start of the anniversary. This includes new scenes, costumes, and songs. If you saw the earlier version, then this updated version does not disappoint.

Crystal Wishes Journey is a brand new show in the Mediterranean Harbour, showcasing new costumes for Mickey and friends, along with a brand new song composed just for the anniversary. In typical Tokyo Disney fashion, there are over the top costumes, dancing, boats, and decorations. In addition to all these, expect pyro and jet-skis with kites attached to add a final touch to the show. Remixed versions of classic Disney songs are also thrown into the mix to change it up. Watch our video on YouTube!

  • Location: Mediterranean Harbor
  • Duration: ~ 25mins
  • Performances: 1-3 times daily
  • Show may be altered or canceled due to weather conditions such as rain or heavy winds

A short but sweet greeting called “The Year of Wishes” Greeting takes different characters (which change depending on the time of day) along the streets of the American Waterfront in the Big City Vehicle. The vehicle has been specifically decorated for the anniversary.

  • Location: New York area in the American Waterfront
  • Duration: ~ 10 mins

Debuting July 9 is Out of the Shadowland over at the Hangar Stage in Lost River Delta. This brand new show replaces Mystic Rhythms, which ended its run in 2015.

  • Location: Hangar Stage in Lost River Delta
  • Duration: ~ 25 mins
  • Performances: 3-6 Daily

Lastly is the Sky High Wishes fireworks show which happens over both Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea. Featuring the 15th Anniversary song, this performance is the perfect way to end your day at the parks. Note that there are no fireworks from July 8 to August 31, 2016.


Chip N Dale Tokyo DisneySea 15th Anniversary Decorations

When Tokyo Disney Resort hits a major anniversary they go all out to celebrate, and this anniversary is no exception. They have taken the “crystal wishes” theme and incorporated it throughout the park. Each character has a “crystal point,” which is activated by using the Crystal Compass (which you can buy). These are scattered throughout the different ports in the park. The Crystal Points are best experienced at night, as they are stunningly beautiful. If you do not want to buy a compass, just wait for someone to come by with one to activate it.

  • Minnie Mouse (American Waterfront)
  • Goofy (Mysterious Island)
  • Daisy Duck (Mermaid Lagoon)
  • Donald Duck (Arabian Coast)
  • Pluto (Lost River Delta)
  • Chip N Dale (Port Discovery)
  • Duffy, ShellieMay, and Gelatoni (Cape Cod)

The biggest decoration – and the most noticeable when you enter the park – is the “Wing of Wishes” ship right at the entrance of DisneySea. Words do not give this beautifully detailed structure justice, so I will give you pictures and video. The amount of effort that went into this art piece shows just how serious they take these decorations.

Beautiful banners line the entranceway to the Mediterranean Harbor, which gives you plenty of photo opportunities. Take note when you are leaving in the evening, there is a special surprise!

Overall the decorations are spot on, which shows in the detail. This leaves you with plenty of photo opportunities in the evening and during the day.

Wing of Wishes Tokyo DisneySea Nighttime Goofy Crystal Point Tokyo DisneySea Donald Duck Crystal Point Tokyo DisneySea 15th Anniversary


Tokyo DisneySea 15th Anniversary Tomica

Over 200 different items are available for the anniversary ranging from plush characters to intricate figurines. If you’re looking for small, inexpensive (relatively speaking) items, there is plenty to choose from.  This includes stationary, postcards, pins, and keychains.

Chip N Dale Plush Tokyo DisneySea 15th Anniversary Year of Wishes

If you have more expensive taste, the large plushes or countless t-shirts to choose from may tickle your fancy. Check out our full coverage of all the merchandise available for the anniversary and Duffy “Wishing Together” merchandise.

Most notable is the Crystal Compass, which is used to activate the Crystal Points throughout the park. This item also lights up during the performance of Fantasmic.

Duffy Wishing Together Tokyo DisneySea 15th Anniversary


Donald Duck Special Set Tokyo DisneySea 15th Anniversary

A variety of anniversary-themed food items is available throughout the park. Each of the main Disney characters has a dish and/or dessert themed after them. Also, Sailing Day Buffet and Cafe Portofino offer special decorations!

  • Cafe Portofino (Mickey Mouse)
  • New York Deli (Minnie Mouse)
  • Yucatan Base Camp Grill (Pluto)
  • Casbah Food Court (Donald Duck)
  • Vulcania Restaurant (Goofy)
  • Horizon Bay Restaurant (Chip N Dale)
  • Sebastian’s Calypso Kitchen (Daisy Duck)

Recommendations & Tips

Chip N Dale Vanillia Cake Horizon Bay Tokyo DisneySea

With so many options, we have some recommendations for you to make sure you have the best experience when you visit during “The Year of Wishes”. We tried everything, so we can give you the best recommendations possible.

  • Watch Big Band Beat (seriously you won’t be disappointed, and be sure to read up on how the lottery ticketing system works).
  • Enjoy Crystal Journey Wishes in the harbour.
  • Donald Duck Butt Dessert at Casbah Food Court is by far the best “special set” out of them all.
  • Eat Chip N Dale (their desserts) over at Horizon Bay Restaurant.
  • Experience all the Crystal Points in the evening as their lights and music are best viewed during this time.

Donald Duck Butt Dessert Tokyo DisneySea


“The Year of Wishes” is a fantastic event and gives everyone an excellent reason to enjoy Tokyo DisneySea (not that you needed any more reasons to come visit). The decorations and food are the highlight of the anniversary and certainly cannot be missed.

The harbour show “Crystal Wishes Journey” was not as spectacular as I had hoped as it felt like a regular harbour show and not something for an anniversary. This is not to say it is bad, I just wish it was more over the top, considering this is an anniversary.

The “Wing of Wishes” ship is easily the best decoration at the park, seriously you won’t miss it when you enter the park.

Lastly, make sure you head over to Horizon Bay Restaurant and eat the cutest dessert at Tokyo DisneySea, the Chip N Dale vanilla cake! Move over Little Green Men Dumplings, there’s a new king in town!

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