Complete Guide to Tokyo Disney Resort Hotels

One of the biggest costs (aside from airfare) during your travels is accommodations. Tokyo Disney Resort offers a range of hotels for every budget. Follow our guide to help you choose the best hotel for your needs!

Our Tokyo Disney Resort Hotel Reviews & recommendations page is an excellent place to see what hotel works for you. Including Dinsey and non-Disney Hotels.


There are four types of hotels to consider when planning to visit Tokyo Disney Resort :

  • 4 Disney Hotels are owned by the park, and are located on-property.
  • Official Hotels are owned by other companies, and are located on-property.
  • Partner Hotels are not owned by the park and are not on-property, but are located within the Tokyo Disney Resort area.
  • Good Neighbour Hotels are not owned by the park, and are located in various parts of greater Tokyo.

Both the Partner and Good Neighbour hotels – along with the Disney Ambassador Hotel – offer free shuttle service to-and-from the resort. For the full Disney experience staying at any of the three Disney Hotels is a must. However, that does come with a hefty price tag.

If you are wanting to stay on Resort but not pay the premium Disney price, then the Official Hotels are an excellent choice, since they are right on resort and you are able to get to and from the parks easily along the monorail. It’s not as easy to get from the other hotels to the parks, as you’ll have to either take the free shuttle or the train.

We highly recommend staying on resort for your visit. For the rest of your trip to Tokyo, stay at a more centralized location elsewhere in the city. While you are paying a bit more to stay on resort, the fact that you do not have to deal with transportation (other than maybe the monorail) before or after visiting the parks makes all the difference (especially since you want to arrive at the park gates well in advance of park opening)!

Welcome to Tokyo Disneyland Hotel! (Photo Credit : Junichi Hirane)

Welcome to Tokyo Disneyland Hotel! (Photo Credit : Junichi Hirane)


Disney Hotel Benefits

Staying at a Disney Hotel yields the best benefits out of all the hotels.

These include the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel, Disney Ambassador Hotel, and Hotel MiraCosta

  • Guaranteed park admission
  • Park ticket sales
  • If staying over New Years (December 31st to January 1st) guests may buy tickets to the New Years Event
  • Park hopper ticket sales, even on your first day
  • “Happy 15 Entry” for the days you are staying at the hotel. Meaning you are allowed to enter the park 15 minutes before opening. This is the best benefit out of them all. While it may not seem like a lot of time, it is enough to get ahead start on those popular attractions.
  • Complimentary monorail passes (Tokyo Disneyland Hotel & Hotel MiraCosta Only)
  • Disney Character Rooms & Amenities
  • Send your shopping to your hotel from the parks
  • Disney merchandise sales in hotel shops
  • Baggage delivery from JR Maihama Station

A full list of benefits are found on the official website.

Amenity Kit Tokyo Disneyland Hotel

If you forgot anything, it is likely here in this amenity kit. Don’t feel bad if you take it all home with you!

Official Hotel Benefits

If staying at a Disney Hotel gives the best benefits, the Official Hotels come in at a close second.  These include hotels such as Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel, Tokyo Bay Maihama Hotel Club Resort, and the Hilton Tokyo Bay.

  • Guaranteed park admission
  • Park ticket sales
  • Baggage delivery from JR Maihama Station
  • Along the monorail loop
  • Shuttle bus from the hotel to the monorail station (not to the parks)

A full list of benefits and hotels are found on the official website.

Partner and Good Neighbour Hotel Benefits

The benefits for the Partner and Good Neighbour Hotels typically include little else other than a complimentary shuttle service to and from the resort is available to guests.

Booking Your Hotel

Booking any of the Disney Hotels is a bit challenging, as rooms fill up quickly. Guests can book up to 6 months in advance. Reservations open up at around 12am Japan time on their online booking site.

If you find yourself unable to get the dates you want, check back often as guests cancel their reservations and rooms may open up. We recommend doing this as far out as you can. The cut off for cancellations is 2 weeks before (without paying a fee), so you can expect rooms to open up during this time. You can check if rooms are available 2 weeks earlier, but we do not recommend this if you are traveling from overseas.

For all other hotels you do not have to book through Disney. You can book them online:

Tokyo Disneyland Hotel Room Beds

Bed at the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel


Here’s a breakdown of approximate costs for select hotels. Prices do vary, and we suggest checking the hotel websites for the most up-to-date pricing.

All pricing listed here is based on the Standard Room rates for 2 adults unless otherwise stated.

Disney Hotels

All room types with explanation are found on the official Tokyo Disney Resort Hotel booking page.

On Resort

  • Hilton Tokyo Bay starting from ¥22,620 (approx. $180US). Check their site for regular sales.
  • Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay starting from ¥20,000 (approx. $165US)

Partner Hotels

  • Brighton Tokyo Bay Hotel starts at ¥22,000 per night (approx. $180US)
  • Oriental Hotel Tokyo Bay starts at ¥13,000 per night (approx. $107US)

Hotel MiraCosta is the most expensive hotel out of them all, but also offers one of the best theme park experiences since you are staying inside Tokyo DisneySea!  We cannot recommend this hotel enough, if it is within your budget.

Hotel MiraCosta Fountain

Close up of the beautifully stunning water fountain found just outside the Hotel MiraCosta

Hotel Recommendations

Overwhelmed with the hotel choices? Here are our recommendations based on budget:

Disney Hotels (Money is no object)

  • Hotel MiraCosta
  • Tokyo Disneyland Hotel
  • Disney Ambassador Hotel

On Resort (Middle of the road)

Off Resort (One station from Tokyo Disney Resort)

The map below shows how close the Brighton and Oriental Hotel are to the Shin-Urayasu train station and Tokyo Disney Resort. For more reviews and rankings of hotels visit our friends over at the DisneyTouristBlog.
If you’re looking at staying in other places in Tokyo. We recommend checking out Tokyo Cheap and their excellent guide to cheap hotels in Tokyo.


Here are tips to when booking your hotel:

  • You can stay one night at Hotel MiraCosta then switch to another Disney Hotel. They will deliver your bags for you.
  • Reservations for Disney Hotels open up 6 months in advance at around 12am Japan Time.
  • Check if an Official Hotel has any sales before booking. Hilton Tokyo Bay has 50% sales many times throughout the year.
  • Check for credit card deals and you could land yourself a free or discounted stay at the Official Hotels or other hotels in Tokyo.
  • Stay on-site for your time at Disney, then stay at a more centralized hotel for the rest of your trip in Tokyo.

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  1. Linda Setiawati

    How do you reach the hotel (Disney celebration) from Narita Airport? And if you book the hotel through online websites does it includes breakfast? Could you buy the pass to disney sea when booking the room?

  2. nikki oder

    Is there any update with how to book hotels using US credit cards? Are they accepting those again? Thanks!

  3. Matheus Garcia Geremias

    How does it work with our luggages at the check in? Is there possible to leave our belongings early in the morning in the hotel and go to the park?

  4. Mandi

    Hi there. Thanks so much for your blog. We are Disney fans and looking forward to our first visit to Tokyo Disney. We are very undecided between the Ambassador and the Disneyland Hotel. The least expensive room at Ambassador is 90000 yen for three nights. The least expensive room at Disneyland Hotel is 107000 yen. The diff is not much considering.. Another concern is that I will be disappointed with the cheapest room at a hotel. Yes this struggle is indeed a first world problem. But what do you think??? Thanks in advance for any advice.

  5. Catherine

    Which official disney and official hotels in general will have rooms where you can book to guarantee that you can see the fireworks from the hotel? Thank you.

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