Construction of Soarin’ at Tokyo DisneySea Begins

Construction of the new Soarin’ attraction at Tokyo DisneySea started earlier this month. This new attraction is set to open in Fiscal 2019—no specified date is known—with new original scenes and images for guests!

The entrance is on the right side of the Mediterranean Harbor when you’re walking up to Mysterious Island and go by Zambini Brother’s Ristorante.

Walls have gone up around the “ruins” part of the Mediterranean Harbor which leads to Mysterious Island. Which it looks like the ruins are being removed or altered for the entrance to the attraction area. Photos from earlier in the month (November) showed trees still in place. But, now those trees are removed.

Tokyo DisneySea Soarin' Location

Here’s where the attraction is going.

Concept art images are from the Tokyo Disney Resort Blog. Feel free to use the photos of the construction, provided you give credit to

Concept Photos

Concept Art for Soarin' Tokyo DisneySea

Concept Art for Soarin’ in Tokyo DisneySea

Concept Art for Soarin' Tokyo DisneySea Inside

Concept Art for Soarin’

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