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Hey, are you looking to get in touch? Fantastic! We love to get emails from fellow Explorers.

However, as we’ve grown over the years, so has the volume of emails we receive daily. Before sending an email, please read the guidelines below. It was a tough decision, but for me to bring the best possible planning content to you, the less time I’m in front of a screen, the more time I have to continue crafting the content you know and love!

Before sending an email, please read the following:

  • Please refer to our free travel guides for travel tips and questions regarding Tokyo Disney Resort, Universal Studios Japan, Hong Kong Disneyland, and Shanghai Disneyland. For even more detailed information, our premium travel guides are also available.
  • For general questions about Tokyo Disney Resort, please contact Tokyo Disney Resort directly and read their comprehensive FAQ.
  • If you still need additional help with your travel planning, please check our Patreon.
  • Tokyo Disney Resort Park ticket questions are covered in our comprehensive guide and on the official Tokyo Disney Resort website.
  • I am not a personal shopper, and we will not respond to inquiries asking to purchase merchandise. If you’re looking for Tokyo Disney Resort merch or other items, please refer to our merchandise guide (including information on buying online).
  • If you work in PR, please do not add me to your mailing list.
  • Keep your emails brief.

If you’re emailing about something specific, email me

If you’re looking to work with us, please check our Work With Us page and email us directly, I’m happy to discuss potential partnerships and sponsored social media content.

I know these are many “rules,” but I want to continue bringing you the best content possible. That means I have to protect my time.

Thank you for your understanding,

Chris Explorer aka TDR Explorer


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