Cool Japan 2018 – Sailor Moon Merchandise

Universal Studios Japan has released a huge line of Sailor Moon merchandise to welcome the new 4D Sailor Moon movie to the park’s Cool Japan 2018 event.

The annual celebration of Japanese pop culture started in January with Final FantasyMonster Hunter, Detective Conan attractions, and now Sailor Moon has joined them.

Items include clothing, jewelry, a popcorn bucket, a wand which interacts with the 4D movie, and even Sailor Moon teabags!

Be sure to check out our vlog of Cool Japan 2018 at Universal Studios Japan, and the full selection of Final Fantasy, Detective Conan, and Monster Hunter merchandise.

All merchandise the items are available now, but only inside Universal Studios Japan until the Cool Japan event ends on June 24, 2018.

Information and images from the Universal Studios Japan website.

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  1. javiiochoa

    Hi Chris! Question: Do you know if this merch are solo all year at universal? I wanna go this year in November, but i reeeeally Santoyo to buy some salior moon stuff 😀 thnks!

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