REVIEW: Cream Soda Popcorn at Tokyo Disney Resort

The latest flavour added to the lineup of popcorn at Tokyo Disney Resort is Cream Soda! Available both at Tokyo Disneyland Park and Tokyo DisneySea. Here’s our quick review of this uniquely flavoured snack.

Soda Flavoured Popcorn at Tokyo Disney Resort

One of the carts at in the Lost River Delta in Tokyo DisneySea.

The blue and green tint of the popcorn is rather off-putting at first, yet subtle. But the sweet smell that pours from the cart is enough to make you forget you are about to enjoy blue/green coloured popcorn. For 310yen (about $3.00) you can get a regular sized box. Or if you are adventurous purchase a seasonal popcorn container and fill it.

Don’t worry, you can simply order in English saying “Regular Box”. Or if you want to really impress the Cast Members you can try some Japanese phrases.

If you have ever had cream soda, then you already know how this flavour will already taste. Has a nice sweet and creamy flavour. It’s not overly sweet, but just sweet enough to make you not feel guilty eating the blue/green popcorn. Much like the other popcorn flavours, the flavour is nice and subtle.


Soda Flavoured Popcorn at Tokyo Disney Resort

There’s a tint of blue and green on the popcorn.

If you want a truly unique popcorn flavour that you won’t find anywhere else, then the Cream Soda flavoured popcorn at Tokyo Disney Resort is your ticket. Pick up a park map to locate the carts in the parks (Make sure to grab an English map if you are unable to read Japanese). Make sure to subscribe to not miss any of our articles for Tokyo Disney Resort!

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