Crystal Palace Restaurant Review at Tokyo Disneyland

The Crystal Palace Restaurant is a buffet at Tokyo Disneyland, in Adventureland. It’s the only buffet in the park and offers a character breakfast (Winnie the Pooh characters). You’ll need to make a reservation either same day starting at 10:00 at the restaurant or in advance online. For the character breakfast, it’s by advance reservations only. My dining guide explains how to make a reservation.

This review lets you know if I think if the Crystal Palace Restaurant is worth the money.

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Crystal Palace Restaurant Tokyo Disneyland

Here’s a quick overview of the restaurant. My video below gives an excellent glimpse of the food and desserts. Keep in mind that since this is a buffet, some of the food may differ during your visit, but generally in the same vein.

  • Location: Adventureland
  • Cost:
    • Adult: ¥3,090 ($27USD)
    • Child (7-12): ¥1950 ($18USD)
    • Child (4-6): ¥1230 ($11USD)
  • Menu: Around 50 food items including Western and Japanese cuisine
  • Character Dining (Breakfast Only):
    • Tigger
    • Eeyore
    • Winnie the Pooh
    • Piglet
    • Rabbit


If you’ve been to the Crystal Palace in Walt Disney World, then you’ll notice immediately that the inside is almost identical (if not identical) to the version in the US. Victorian design, a staple of Disney theming, is prominently featured throughout the restaurant, showcasing white trim, high ceilings, and a spacious dining area.

Crystal Palace Decor Tokyo Disneyland

As you walk in, you’ll see the buffet area is in the middle of the restaurant, with serving areas along the back wall area. There is ample space to get around.

As mentioned, the ceilings are high and the dining area is spacious. This translates into a loud dining experience during busy times (lunch and dinner typically). For myself personally, it’s not a problem.

Crystal Palace Buffet Tokyo Disneyland

The best spot to sit is along the windows so you have a view of the parade route. If you time it right, you’ll have a good view of either the daytime or nighttime parade. My preference is the Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade Dreamlights of course.

Parade View Crystal Palace Tokyo Disneyland

Catch a parade by getting a seat by the window!

Overall, the decor is aesthetically pleasing but a bit tired.


The dishes are heavy on the seafood but have a variety of chicken, pork, and beef dishes. My favourites were the yuzu potato salad and roasted pork. The kid’s buffet is playful with a few Mickey-shaped dishes (chicken nuggets and bologna).

Crystal Palace Food Plate Tokyo Disneyland

The desserts are where this buffet shines. There are a number of desserts to choose from and you’ll have enough to keep your Instagram feed full for days. I am a sucker for anything with matcha green tea and the cupcake at the time was right up my alley.

The drink bar (aka unlimited) offer soft drinks, hot and cold teas, and coffee. Take full advantage of this.

Crystal Palace Buffet Spread Tokyo Disneyland

Overall, the food isn’t the best but the unlimited drinks, children’s buffet, and desserts make up for that. I recommend leaving more room for dessert, but that’s just me. You’re on vacation: remember that calories don’t count!

Crystal Palace Dessert Plate Tokyo Disneyland

There is also a breakfast buffet that includes Winnie the Pooh characters, which I have not done yet, so I am unable to speak to the quality of the breakfast. I do know that the breakfast is popular, so you’re best to get a reservation as soon as the reservations open (30 days in advance).


Crystal Palace Mickey Dessert Tokyo Disneyland

Maximize your experience at Crystal Palace Restaurant by following my recommendations and tips:

  • Yuzu potato salad & roasted pork are delicious
  • Children’s Buffet is perfect for less adventurous Explorers
  • Mickey-shaped nuggets
  • Take advantage of the unlimited refills
  • Green tea matcha cupcake
  • Ask for a seat by the window, you might catch a parade


For the price, the food is average but the delicious desserts and unlimited drinks balance it out. This is the only buffet inside the park. If you want to pay a bit more for better food, I recommend the Sherwood Garden Restaurant in the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel.

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  1. ジオビンゴ ジェイコブ

    We just did the breakfast and it was well worth it with two small kids. The food was, well, not good but at 1850 yen for adults, having Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, Rabbit and Eeyore come to our table to take pictures and sign autographs made it a bargain. The park opened at 8am that day, so even though our reservation said 9am, we could enter the Crystal Palace restaurant immediately. The staff was inviting, friendly and helpful. We were the first there, but others soon arrived. Pooh and friends started to make the rounds at about 8:20am. The breakfast is NOT buffet. It is a set meal consisting of juice or milk, 2 mickey emblazoned pancakes with a little cup of fake maple syrup, one long sausage, a runny substance sometimes known as japanese style scrambled eggs, 3 or 4 waffle style french fries, a sad looking salad, and a few bits of fruit. Coffee was also available as self service at no extra charge. The characters spent plenty of time with us and were willing to take lots of photos and sign autographs. My kids at 3 and 1 were both scared of Eeyore. He put his ears over his eyes and sulked as he walked away. Poor Eeyore, but so cute. Overall, I think the Crystal Palace breakfast is a must for Pooh fans. Despite the lackluster menu, given the price I think it was a good value. Hey, they had coffee and they entertained my kids while I ate. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

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