Denied Alcohol at Carthay Circle & Carsland – Disneyland Day Two

Fat Hobbit Disneyland Christmas 2012 Trip Report

Our second day in Disneyland began incredibly early, for a vacation, as we lined up for our Radiator Springs Racer FastPass at 7:50am in Disney California Adventure. The wait to get the FastPasses was roughly 40 minutes and the line went from Cathay Circle all the way to the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. They allowed guests to begin lining up inside the park around 7:30am, so we were actually a little late but we eventually obtained FastPasses which were for 11am.

Beautiful Radiator Springs

Beautiful Radiator Springs

With FastPasses in hand for Radiator Springs Racers we made our way to Cars Land to finally see the brand new land that opened in June 2012. When driving down Route 66 it feels as if they took everything right out of the movie. The attention to detail is incredible and there is always something new to see each and every time you visit. Cars Land is one of the more detailed lands in Disneyland. Every shop looks exactly as it does in the movie even down to the “burnt out” lights. Photos do not do justice and you will have to see it for yourself, but that does not mean we didn’t try and capture the detail ourselves. Route 66 was even decorated for Christmas with their very own Air Filter Wreaths!

Beautiful Radiator Springs

Beautiful Radiator Springs

Route 66 Decorated for Christmas

Route 66 Decorated for Christmas

Detail in Radiator Springs

The detail in Radiator Springs is something to see.

Once our jaws were picked up off the beautiful pavement we walked all the way down to the end of Route 66, where Radiator Springs Racer is located. Noticed that the attraction was actually down with a wait time that was already over 120 minutes. I noticed on our FastPass for Radiator Springs Racer that we were actually allowed to get another FastPass for a different attraction. Normally you are only allowed on FastPass and have to wait a certain period of time to get another one. With that new piece of information we quickly got FastPasses for Soarin’ and made our way back to Cars Land for breakfast at Flo’s!

Flo's Cafe

Flo’s Cafe during the day

To ensure we had enough fuel for the day, breakfast was at Flo’s. I am not the type of person to get overly sweet food for breakfast but when in Disneyland you almost have to. With my delicious bacon and eggs we shared a Strawberry Milkshake with Road Gravel. Who thought having gravel for breakfast would be incredibly delicious? The interior of Flo’s is just as detailed as the rest of Route 66 with plenty of seating for cars of all models.

After fueling up we went into second gear and drove all the way to Toy Story Mania for a lovely 80 minute wait time. Since this popular attraction does not have FastPasses it is best to get it done earlier in the day. The wait is most definitely worth it. After winning against John it was time for Soarin’. While on route Minnie was putting on a show called “Minnie and the Fly Girls”.

Minnie Mouse and the Fly Girls

Minnie doing her thing with the girls!

After soaring over California and the fresh smell of oranges still in our noses it was finally time to head on over to Radiator Springs Racers! Once we finally got to Radiator Springs Racer we had about a 20 minute wait in the FastPass line. Which we did not mind as we got to view the detail of the queue, which there was no shortage of detail. Not to spoil anything about the attraction but I can say with confidence that it was incredibly enjoyable and if you or your children are a fan of Cars then you will not be disappointed. There is quite a bit of technology being used and it all comes together resulting in one of their better attractions to date.

More Radiator Springs

More Radiator Springs

Who's going to win!?

Radiator Springs Racer Photo

After exiting the attraction we took a look at the stand-by wait time and it was over three hours! Waking up incredibly early does pay off, take note! With all this driving around we were getting quite hungry, but before eating we noticed that California Screamin’ only had a 15 minute wait, and who can say no to a 15 minute wait? For lunch we headed over to Taste Pilot’s Grill for a good old burger and fries. Now that we were full of delicious food it was time to head back to the Hotel to get in a nap, but before heading back we went to Disneyland Park and picked up a FastPass for Haunted Mansion Holiday.

After a glorious 2 hour nap back and recharging we made our way back to Disney California Adventure just in time to see Cars Land light up for the evening! Quite literally walked in when it started and quickly whipped out the video camera.

After watching Route 66 light up we went and grabbed FastPasses for Tower of Terror and made our way to Disneyland to go ride Haunted Mansion Holiday! Once we entered Disneyland we noticed the parade was about to happen. Instead of fighting the crowds down Main Street we opted for hopping onto the Disneyland Railroad, which got us to New Orleans Square in record time.

Outside Haunted Mansion Holiday

Entering a Haunted Mansion Holiday. The best thing about Christmas.

Haunted Mansion Holiday

Just before entering your Doom Buggy in a Haunted Mansion Holiday.


Jack Skellington in a Haunted Mansion Holiday

Jack Skellington in a Haunted Mansion Holiday

Haunted Mansion Holiday

My absolute favourite part of Christmas and Halloween in Disneyland.

After visiting Jack Skellington and his friends there was still time left before our reservation at Carthay Circle in California Adventure. What’s better than Disney retail therapy? Especially when there are a ton of new Vinylmation and Pins to be buying.

Carthay Circle Outside

Outside the beautiful Carthay Circle in the evening. What a sight!

At the Carthay Circle Restaurant we did the “World of Color Dining Package” which means we receive reserved center stage viewing for World of Color! All you have to do is purchase an entrée and either an appetizer or a dessert. It is that easy! The waiting area also known as the lounge is elegant and you actually feel as if you are back in the 1920s. Makes you feel a bit out of place while wearing your tshirt, jeans, and toting a Mickey shopping bag. You can eat just in the lounge if you wish without reservation, but seating is incredibly limited.

Carthay Circle Outside

Outside the beautiful Carthay Circle in the evening. What a sight!

Carthay Circle Lounge

Not even in the actual restaurant and it’s already incredibly beautiful inside!

Once seated we were in awe of how beautiful the restaurant was and just how elegant the interior was. Both John and I ordered delicious steaks, which were about $40 each. With a dish such as steak having a glass of wine pairs very well. When we ordered wine the Cast Member asked us for our IDs, which is fair enough and we thought nothing of it. We showed our Saskatchewan Driver’s Licenses, which are valid government issued IDs. The Cast Member politely told us that they cannot accept our IDs and we would have to produce our Canadian Passports. I do not know about you but normally when on vacation to a Disney Resort our passports are sitting safely in the safe back at our hotel, as to not lose them or have them stolen. We have used our licenses numerous times while in Disneyland when purchasing alcohol without issue. Needless to say we were a bit taken back, and had to enjoy our $40 steaks with a glass of water and diet coke. Both John and I are well over 21. Normally I would have said something to a manager but I was furious (being incredibly hungry at the time and therefore very irritable) and did not want to cause a scene in such a nice restaurant.

Morale of the story is if you’re not from the US then check with the restaurant a head of time to see if your government issued drivers license is valid to purchase alcohol. Regardless of the set back, dinner was delicious and the dessert was equally as such. After dinner the Cast Member handed us our Fast Passes for World of Color!

John World of Color

John showing off his brand new ears to “Glow with the Show” at World of Color.

John purchased the “Glow with the Show” Mickey Ears to wear during World of Color. The set he bought had dead batteries, he asked a lovely Cast Member for assistance and they gladly replaced the batteries for him. Our spots for World of Color were fantastic and there were not very many people in the reserved dinning area. I love watching World of Color during each visit as they always add something new to it. This time around it was the addition of Disney Pixar’s Brave. John’s ears did “glow with the show” and it is really neat to see other people’s hats glow too.

We tried our luck at the wait time for Radiator Springs Racer once World of Color was finished. Sadly it was down for the rest of the evening we were told by a lovely Cast Member. Instead we headed over to the Tower of Terror to use our FastPasses. No matter how many times I ride this attraction I still scream my head off, I do not deal well with the whole “weightless” feeling. Regardless it is always a fun time and I end up screaming and laughing the entire time. Riding roller coasters in the dark is always an incredible time, so that is why we rode California Screamin’ again! If you have not done that yet, I highly recommend it.

Lightning McQueen driving down Route 66

Lightning McQueen driving down Route 66

It was nearing closing time, time sure does fly, and we only had time to ride Luigi’s Flying Tires. Which was a lot more fun than I thought it would be. By the end of it we were giggling our heads off like two school girls. Once we got off the park was closed for the evening and Cars Land was almost completely empty. What does an almost empty Cars Land mean? Photos, tons and tons of photos!

Flo's Cafe - Chris Flo's Cafe John

Route 66 At Night

Got our photo on an empty Route 66 just before closing!

Flo's Cafe Lit Up

Flo’s Cafe Lit Up

The Oil Pan Route 66

The only place to get your oiled changed on Route 66.

Flo's Cafe Inside

A look at Flo’s Cafe where you can sit and enjoy the beautiful view of Radiator Springs while sipping on an ice cold can of oil.

Cozy Cone Motel on Route 66

The best place to stay while traveling across Route 66!

Despite our small hiccup at Cathay Circle (lesson learned) the day was incredibly magical and Cars Land was everything we imagined it would be and much more. Got to take plenty of photos and eat delicious food and even had Starbucks in California Adventure! Can’t ask for a more perfect day, well maybe a glass of wine with my steak but that’s neither here nor there. There is still one more day left at Disneyland so make sure to come back and see if we’re denied alcohol again!

Entrance to Carsland

Good night Carsland! You were amazing and fantastic. Thank you!

Day Three – “I’m gonna wreck it!”


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