Detailed Look at StellaLou Merchandise at Tokyo DisneySea

The first set of StellaLou merchandise was released on March 30, 2017, at Tokyo DisneySea! Which includes her new plush, costume, and coin purse. The second set of her items come out April 10, 2017.

Here’s a quick overview of the three new items with photos and video (including prices in USD) to help you budget your trip. Read our full post on StellaLou to find out what this adorable bunny is all about. If you’re looking to buy your own StellaLou, check our merchandise page as we give tips on how to find it online and personal shopper recommendations.

TDR Explorer StellaLou Tokyo DisneySea

? StellaLou Merchandise Video

To give you a better sense of what the items look like, I took a video to describe all StellaLou goods to you! Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

? StellaLou Plush

Here’s a close look at the StellaLou plush both with and without her costume. The plush is ¥3,900 (~$35USD) and the costume is ¥1,600 (~$15USD). Instead of the Mickey Ears being on her bottom like Duffy, ShellieMay, and Gelatoni, it’s on the back of her right ear. Which you are able to bend to have it show in front. That’s clever! Also, did I mention she is soft?

StellaLou with Costume at Tokyo DisneySea StellaLou Plush at Tokyo DisneySea

StellaLou Costume Tokyo DisneySea

? StellaLou Coin Purse

This adorable coin purse — ¥1,700 (~$15USD) — is perfect if you don’t want to carry your StellaLou plush around all day. Keep small items and coins inside. There’s a spot on the back to put your Park Tickets and FastPasses, how awesome is that?

StellaLou Coin Purse at Tokyo DisneySea StellaLou Coin Purse Back at Tokyo DisneySea StellaLou Coin Purse Back Close at Tokyo DisneySea


She is quite cute and a nice addition the Duffy Friends. While my heart is always with Gelatoni and Duffy, I can see StellaLou growing on me — I enjoy ShellieMay too don’t worry. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next for StellaLou. Perhaps it’s the show that is replacing A Table is Waiting? I have no idea, just speculating.

What do you think of StellaLou? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Yuyu DN

    Are StellaLou items limited edition? Or will they be available permanently? Is there anyway to buy them outside of DisneySea?

  2. TDR Explorer

    StellaLou will be around for a while, the items may change over time. Just like all the Duffy merchandise. It’s only available in side Tokyo DisneySea.

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